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16 Free Hourly Invoice Templates – Editable – Excel | Word

Preparing invoices for clients for services or products offered is necessary for making sure that you get paid. As a business owner who bills hourly, you may be wondering how to go about billing your customers and keeping all your pending payments in check.

In this article, we have provided a how-to-create guide along with professionally crafted hourly invoice templates. Below are some benefits of using the hourly invoice templates:

There are several benefits to using an hourly invoice template:

  • Keeping track of the number of hours you’ve worked
  • Recording important transaction details
  • Organizing client payments
  • Staying ahead of your payment due dates
  • Preventing late or missed payments from clients
  • Making notes of outstanding debts and debtors
  • Keeping your bookkeeping fast and simple

An hourly invoice lists down all the services, hours worked, the final cost, due dates, deadlines, payment information, and more. All this information ensures that your client has everything they need to avoid missing payments.

Hourly Invoice Templates

 hourly invoice generator-01

 hourly invoice template excel-02

 hourly invoice template free-03

 employee invoice-04

 hourly invoice template free-05

 hourly invoice template excel-06

 hourly invoice template word -07

 hourly invoice template free-08

 hourly invoice template word-09

 hourly invoice template word-10

 hourly invoice generator-11

Hourly invoice template -12

    What Should be Included in an Hourly Invoice Template

    The specifics of what should be included in an hourly invoice depend on the type of work being done. However, for all invoices, there are basic things that must be included for one to get paid. They include:

    • Your name, phone number, and address
    • Your clients’ name, phone number, and address
    • The current date
    • The date you are expecting to be paid
    • The mode of payment
    • Your hourly rate, the total number of hours you have worked and the total amount due
    • The total inclusive of all sales taxes if necessary

    Download Free Hourly Invoice Templates

    Regardless of the business, you are operating, by using an hourly service template, you will be able to bill more professionally and conveniently. Using a ready-made hourly invoice template will not only save you time when billing your clients but also ensure that all your invoices are accurate, consistent, and professionally done. Select and download the invoice templates provided and customize them with your editor. Upload your company logo, change the given text, add your terms and conditions, and rearrange the template layout to fit your needs.

    Hourly Service Invoice Template for Excel 01

    Product Invoice Template with Hourly Service Charges

    Hourly Service Invoice Template for Excel 02

    Hourly Service Invoice Template for Microsoft Word 01

    Hourly Service Invoice Template for Microsoft Word 02

    Hourly Consulting Services Invoice Template

    Hourly Service Invoice Template for Microsoft Word 03

    Hourly Service Invoice Template for Microsoft Word 04

    Hourly Service Invoice Template for Microsoft Word 05

    Hourly Service Invoice Template PDF 01

    Hourly Service Invoice Template PDF 02

    Hourly Service Invoice Template PDF 03

      How to Fill an Hourly Invoice Template

      As a business owner, choosing the perfect hourly invoice template for your business can make all the difference. After downloading or creating your template, there are some important items that you must include on your hourly invoice to guarantee that your client pays all dues on time.

      • Your Business Information: Make sure that you include your business name, logo and contact information
      • Invoice Number: To make sure that you can track the invoices you send easily; it is important to use a unique invoice number for every single invoice you create.
      • Client Information: Include your clients’ name, billing address and the business name
      • Due date and Terms of payment: Add all terms and modes of payment in the invoice. Make sure to include the due dates.
      • Services provided: List down all the services that you provided to the client. Make sure to provide a brief description of all the services listed to help the client in understanding them much easier.
      • Hourly rate: State clearly the rates that you charge per hour for each service rendered as per the service pricing list.
      • Quantity purchased: Include how many hours you spent doing the listed service(s)
      • Total cost: After listing the services and their corresponding charges, make sure to include the total to let the client know how much they owe you.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Who needs to use an hourly invoice?

      Anyone working as a freelancer or contract capacity and they are being paid by the hour, can use an hourly invoice in order to get paid. However, one must always confirm with the client before deciding on the type or mode of payment.

      When should I submit an hourly invoice?

      It is recommended that you send your client an invoice as soon as you complete the work; this way, it will be easy for them to arrange and pay you as soon as possible.

      What happens after I submit the invoice?

      After submitting the invoice, you should receive your payment by the specified date. If you don’t receive your payment by the date specified, check with your client to confirm that they received the invoice.

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