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7 Free Auto Repair Invoice Templates

Offering an excellent auto repair service required the perfect combination of great customer care experience and automotive know-how. Ensuring that your invoices are clear and organized so that the client can easily understand what they are being charged for while ensuring it captures the specialized automotive services you offered to get your clients’ vehicle back on the road, is one of the biggest challenges every auto servicing industry faces today.

The easiest way to mitigate this challenge is by using a professional, well-designed auto repair invoice template. An auto repair invoice will not only make your work easier when billing the clients but also create confidence and credibility, which can lead to repeat and valuable referrals.

What is an Auto Repair Invoice Used for?

Everyone providing auto repair services, for example, solo mechanics and auto repair shop owners, will have to send an invoice to their clients every time they provide their services to them. Many auto repair businesses use complicated and expensive accounting software for invoicing their clients, which is not only expensive but also time-consuming.

By simply creating an auto repair invoice for your business, you reduce the time and need for relying on hard-to-use invoicing tools. With our free auto repair invoice templates, you will be able to make professional invoices that suit your needs in just a short period, without having to dig deep into your pocket. An auto repair invoice can be used for a wide range of services, including:

  • Oil changes
  • Window repair and replacements
  • Accident repair
  • Truck or car repair
  • Exhaust testing and repair
  • Tire replacement
  • Brake pad replacement
  • AC installation and repair
  • Fuel system and engine repair
  • Towing
  • Etc.

Creating an Auto Repair Invoice

Your clients trust you to maintain their vehicles and keep them running safely and efficiently on the roads- so make sure that your invoices reflect how efficient you are by following these quick invoicing steps:

Step 1: Download an auto invoicing template from our wide range of specialized auto repair invoice templates. Choose from the different designs and colors the one you like in your preferred format- word, Excel, Google Docs, Google Sheets, or PDF.

Step 2: After selecting the one, you like, the next step is to add your contact information and your company name. If you offer other services such as 24-hour roadside assistance, add it here too

Step 3: Insert your logo, website URL, and any other professionally-looking auto repair graphics that you may have.

Step 4: Add your clients’ details,i.e., name, phone number, address, email address, and billing address

Step 5: Generate a unique invoice number

Step 6: Add the invoice date, the date the services were rendered, and the payment due date

Step 7: List all the auto repair services provided, along with a brief description and their corresponding prices

Step 8: Calculate the total price of the repair service you offered. Also, if you are including any discounts, add a line explaining the discount so that your clients understand that you are offering them a great deal

Step 9: Calculate the total price of all the parts and repair costs including any relevant tax and list the total amount payable at the bottom of the invoice

Step 10: Add your terms and mode of payment and add a line to thank the customer for doing the business with you.

Free Auto Repair Invoice Templates

Download and use our professionally designed auto repair invoice template to help you bill your clients for all the services you offer so that you get paid the right way, every time. Our auto repair invoice templates are easy to customize and use and can be tailored to fit both you and your clients’ needs and expectations. Spend less time invoicing your clients and more time doing what matters most in your auto repair business.

Auto Repair Invoice Template 01

Auto Repair Invoice Template 02

Auto Repair Invoice Template 03

Auto Repair Invoice Template 04

Vehicle Maintenance Work Order Sheet in Microsoft Word

Auto Repair Invoice Template 05

Auto Repair Invoice Template 06

    When should I send an Auto Repair Invoice?

    The right time to send an auto repair invoice varies with the situation. If, for instance, you offered a small job such as a tune-up or an oil change, you can send the invoice upon completing the job.

    But if it is an expensive job that required many hours of work and several part changes, you could ask for a percentage of the total cost upfront, with the remainder after completing the job.


    After drafting your auto repair invoice, make sure to include a few lines to describe any future auto maintenance services that you recommend to keep your clients’ vehicles running in top shape. Between labor and parts and operating expenses, running, and maintaining an auto repair business can be quite expensive. Make sure to use an auto repair invoice to ensure that you get paid on time and the right way for your services.

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