Christmas Letter to Employees (Samples & Examples)

Christmas is a time portrayed by highlighting the real and best feelings we have in our hearts, so it’s the perfect time to get closer to the people associated with your business and to you. A Christmas greeting letter from a boss to his employees is a letter created to formally express the season’s greetings to somebody who is a subordinate or a junior. A Christmas greeting letter is a very occasional letter that wishes the person well, ask about his wellbeing, about his family and their health along with the desires of a very delightful, prosperous, and Merry Christmas. Still, a Christmas letter to employees has to be a little polite, concise, and formal.

You can write a Christmas letter to your employees to address their hard work and achievements which the company has accomplished during the last year because of their dedication and hard work. They will get motivation and inspiration to achieve the next year’s resolutions and accomplishing their targets with some true passion.

Before the employees go on vacation, the company sends them a Christmas letter for Christmas and a happy new year. This creates a spirit of comradeship and keeps the employees high-spirited and motivated to exceed their zone of doing best and continue to contribute to their own and company’s target both at both individual and professional levels.

A pattern of Christmas message to employees mostly used by businesses is given below. These are proposed to help motivate your creativity and true message this year. They are arranged into categories by messages to a group or messages to particular employees. For example, checkout this letter;

Sample Letters

Sample 1:


Company name

Date (Date on which the letter was written)


Mr./Miss. XYZ

Subject Merry Christmas/ Wishing you a very happy Christmas

Dear All,

I, as a CEO of Company name, wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. I feel extremely proud to have such devoted staff in my organization. It’s a privilege for me to share that our company has shown up incredible growth over the year and it all happened because of your dedication and teamwork. Your hard work and efforts have made our company captivated most of the market share.

I truly admire and appreciate the way you people coordinate with each other and put your best efforts to achieve our company’s targets.

I once again would like to thank you all for your sheer dedication and hard work and hope that our collaboration as a team will continue for years to come by.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a prosperous year.

Yours truly,

Name of the CEO


Sample 2:

Dear Tom,

I’m very delighted to greet you in the midst of these year-end vacations with the purpose of portraying my appreciation, and best wished to you and your dear ones.

Thousands of thanks for always doing your best and putting efforts for our company to accomplish our targets in the best possible ways. We are very happy with your performance, and we want you to keep grooming, pushing your limits and turning into the best version of yourself.

Our company is fortunate to have passionate and dedicated employees. Your hard work makes us stand out of the crowd. May this Christmas season bring you and your family enough joy and laughter to last a lifetime.

I’m wishing to express my true wishes so that you and your family can celebrate a very merry Christmas, remembering the birth of baby Jesus and have the wonderful blessings of God in this new year of your life.

Take care, and have a fantastic one!

Yours sincerely,

Your name and designation

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Christmas Letter Sample 03

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Christmas letter written to employees recognizes the work done by them passionately and diligently all over the year. Most successful CEOs are mindful of the importance of human interaction, and this way, they write letters that are of a friendly and casual tone. As it’s a Christmas letter, you should write it in a friendly manner and leave behind your official tone. Your letter can be a reason of joy for them, especially for those who are abroad and living far from their families. Your letter can also give them empowerment, encouragement, and hope.

Christmas Letter to employees writing tips

The happy season is upon us and it’s the perfect time to express your gratitude towards your colleagues and staff. Christmas is the best time to express your wishes and best feelings to all the important people in your life. Here are some writing tips for writing a Christmas letter to your employees;

  • Appreciate and admire their efforts by saying thank you to them. It’s a golden opportunity to thank the people who helped to create your success and to express your gratitude. This should be the main idea of your letter. That does not mean it should be the only idea, though.
  • Sound casual. No one likes a generic message. Use a personal means of delivery like a handwritten note to show a personal relationship with your readers.
  • Try to add your handwritten signature at the end rather than using the typed signature.
  • Try to talk in the home language. If any of your staff members don’t know English as his native language, why not go an extra mile and write to them in their familiar language for the lovely personal touch?
  • Humor works phenomenally on events and occasions, and you can add that in your letter. For example, you can write it as; Thanks for scheduling your Christmas vacations to March so you could work this holiday. Merry St. Patrick’s day!”.

The tone of your letter should be lovely and warm, but consistent with the type of relationship.


What do you write in a Christmas card to your employees?

Best wishes and lovely thoughts for a nice holiday and Happy New Year. You share thoughts of happiness, love, peace and prosperity.

How should you begin a Christmas letter example?

While writing a traditional letter format, you should begin with a short and glad greeting type of paragraph like Merry Christmas, hoping that this letter finds you happy and healthy. Keep your focus on positive things and use a cheerful tone.

How should you write an appreciation?

You can use these writing tips to write your letter;
1) Write your letter in your first leisure time.
2) Explain the purpose of writing your letter.
3) Keep it casual, focused, and short.
4) Edit the things again and again.
5) Use a nice but formal format.

What greetings can be used in the Christmas letter?

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!
Have a jolly and holly Christmas!
Unwrap yourself a holly and jolly Christmas!
Happy Christmas with lots of love!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

How do you wish a Merry Christmas staff?

May your vacations be filled with warm & cheerful memories and happiness. Thanks for serving our business so devotedly. Merry Christmas on behalf of management. Earnest thank you for your dedication and commitment. We wish you and your loved ones’s heartwarming fantastic Christmas vacation.

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