Periodic Service Follow-up Email Samples

If you are a workshop Manager, it is also your responsibility to ensure that not only do your customers get satisfaction but also that they come back to your workshop when the next service date is due or is almost falling due. Email writing is a skill that needs to be honed into you. You need constant practice to ensure that the customer does not think that you are either being abrasive or that you lack finesse when addressing them.

There is a strict format when you are writing a follow-up email to a customer who’s periodic service is due. The email must be written in a business formal format. Do not use any slang language, even if the customer you are addressing the letter is your friend or a long-term customer with who you think you can dispense formalities.

Ensure that you send the service reminder as an email or delivered hard copies. Send the email and a letter a month in advance before the service date falls due. Set a reminder for yourself to be sending the service email on the same date each month. As a follow-up, call them after 10 days of sending the email. This adds a tinge of customer value. It tells the customer that the email you sent or had delivered is not a random spam email that comes periodically to them.

Last but not least, ensure that you include the type of service that is due. For example, if you run a workshop that repairs cars, ensure that you include the name of the owner, the make of the car and its engine number, and the type of automotive service that is due.

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    Sample Letter: Periodic Service Follow-up Email

    Top left: Your workshop address and your official position

    Subject/ Reference: Unresolved issue on your car, Nissan Micra, Engine number ah56

    Body: Dear [Mr. Philip Man]

    We wish to remind you of the few issues that were not resolved in your car during your visit on January 20th, 2018. Here are the notes we have:

    -Engine oil and gearbox due for service

    We understand that you might have a busy schedule and we would like to kindly set a reminder for you. and we have would like to remind you that the above service falls due on February 20th, 20xx.

    Kindly call us or visit our workshop with any questions.

    Thank you,

    Our service Team

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