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20 Free Christmas Gift Tag Templates

Away from the hustle and stress of the 25th December holiday, I believe that merry-making, food, cheer, family reunions, and parties are the definite highlights of this beautiful season. These little joys along the way help remind us all about the reason for the season and allow us to slow down and celebrate. With all the parties, gift-giving is a culture that tends to stand out during this period. Every year, I try to remind myself that every step of gift-giving is essential. It is not just about the gift, but it is also about the presentation.

This involves wrapping and adding a little note on that cute printable Christmas gift tag template. It is impolite to show up without a gift, but I believe giving out a non-personalized gift is way worse.

With the stress of the holiday, most of us are ready to buy a peel-and-stick gift tag with an eye-sore bow to stick on the gift. I completely understand! However, we can prepare personalized gift wrappings and gift tags by accessing some cute and printable Christmas gift tags online.

The best thing about this experience is that I get these cute free tags, and my gift wrapping is always personalized. So whether I prepare my gifts early, do it at the last minute or find myself short, I am assured that I can easily access and print some beautiful Christmas gift tags. Therefore, I believe that we should all take a minute to consider our gift-giving culture using these unique Christmas gift tags.

Make Personalized Gift Tags with Templates

To ensure my gift tags are personalized, I always try to find a way to make the whole process easier and faster. The idea is to access and print a Christmas gift tag template that will suit my needs. Several gift tag templates are available online, suitable for the Christmas holiday. Once I access a website that offers various Christmas gift tag templates, I take my time to find the most appropriate one(s), click on the image to access the link, download it, and then print it for use.

These free templates come in different designs and are simple enough to use, especially during this crazy holiday season. The most enjoyable part is that these printable Christmas gift tag templates are customizable. These templates are colorful, have cute pictures for kids, are stylish, and have a modern-festive feel. From someone who uses these life-saving gift tag templates every Christmas season, I can assure you that you will save money, make your work more accessible, and spare that extra time to spend with family and friends.











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    How to Print and Cut Gift Tags at Home

    There are four steps that I usually follow when I want to customize my printable gift tags while at home; that is printing and cutting them.

    Choose the right paper

    It is crucial to choose the right paper. Like me, you might hurriedly download your gift tag template and print it out without focusing on this vital step. However, I discovered that having the right paper means that my gift tag template will be of good quality and maintain its perfect design.

    Pro tip: The best paper to use is white card stock, colored card stock, or Kraft paper. These types of paper don’t get stuck in the printer. Therefore, I usually have non-wrinkled gift tags.

    Modify printer settings

    This second step is essential as we always need to check and modify the printer settings, which may include Good, Better, and Best. After fitting my papers, I ensure that I have set my printer settings to the higher quality print job. Based on my settings, I usually get the ‘Best’ settings.

    Use a paper trimmer to cut the gift tags

    Once I have printed my Christmas gift tags, I usually use a paper trimmer to cut them. With a paper trimmer, the lines are more straight and neat, making the gift tags look professional. Another benefit I have received from using a paper trimmer is that it makes my work easier and faster.

    Use ribbon instead of tape to attach the tags to the gift

    The final part of preparing my gift tags for Christmas gift-giving is usually to use a ribbon to attach it to the gift. The idea is to ensure that the gift looks neat, the wrapping is personalized, and the presentation is appealing. The easiest way is to wrap the ribbon around the gift and then thread it on the gift tag.


    The Christmas holiday comes with merriness, laughter, cheer, and good food. I am not a shy person to avoid being at a good party at the office or a family reunion. I have learned the importance of this season and always remember to have a gift with me. It is not only polite but very thoughtful. Gift-giving reminds each other to slow down and celebrate the season and what it brings.

    Over the years, I have learned that the best way to gift a present is by personalizing it. I usually avoid this by doing my gift wrapping alongside attaching those super cute gift tags. You do not have to buy your Christmas gift tags. Instead, do it as I do! Access a website with fantastic printable Christmas gift tag templates, download what you like, and print them. With the steps in this article, you can easily prepare high-quality and cute gift tags for those Christmas gifts.

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