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Sample Appeal Letter for Scholarship Fund (How to Format)

Sometimes it might seem unfair for young people to lose a chance for studying a chosen course or program because of the scholarship fund’s decision. Still, there is a chance to start your dream study; and a clue to that is to write a good appeal letter.

If you are convinced that you, among all other students, deserve the scholarship – you are halfway to success. Now, you only have to convince others.

How to Write? (Pro Tips)

Here are some tips to help you write your winning appeal letter.

1. Think about what was wrong initially.

Of course, if the scholarship fund denied your inquiry, they must have had a reason. Look through your motivation letter and CV and find the weak points. Have you mentioned your award-winning essay at school or your active social life at university? These could be the points to add to your value as a student. After all, maybe you should use a service like EssayPro and delegate it to professionals. This will ease your burden immediately.

2. Keep cool and stick to the facts.

Yes, it is possible that your request was turned down by mistake but you should respect the decision made. Try to convince the fund to change it with additional facts and details about you. First of all, don’t complain or beg to give you aid. It’s best to impress the commission with your maturity and communication skills.

Although it can be tough considering that you have already failed to do so once, but there is no other way. You can only keep trying.

3. Write about your goals.

Demonstrate that you know exactly what you are going to study in the course. Give examples of possible fields you would like to work in, what would your research be about. State what subjects of the program are the most interesting to you.

Also, it is a great idea to mention that you have previously worked on a similar project and aim to finish it now. Apart from that, it wouldn’t go amiss to briefly describe any social project you would like to implement during studying. It can be anything from workshops to eco-education or charity. 

4. Emphasize your strengths.

In order to make the commission believe that you are the one to receive the scholarship, you need to make a list of all your achievements. Then, pick the most significant and life-changing ones for you. Describe how you managed to solve all the issues to reach the result and what it taught you. This will show that you became a better person. That you are willing to develop and grow in the future.

5. Express particular interest in the program you applied for.

In this part, you have to explain why you chose this program. Discuss what attracts you the most and what is so special about it. Show that you know the main topics of the course and tell why you find them important.

Don’t underestimate the role of this part. It is here that you have to demonstrate that you have no other equal alternative and you are ready to do everything to get the chance to join the program. 

6. State the reason for applying for the scholarship.

Be honest. Simply saying that you kindly ask the fund to cover your expenses as you are unable to pay for your living or studying is enough. Mind there is no need to explain why you lost your job or why your parents don’t want to provide you with a sufficient amount of money. 

7. Do your homework.

It is not a crime to get inspired by examples of appeal letters on the internet. Surely, you can’t copy them. Still, you can borrow some phrases and get a general idea of what the letter should look like. Don’t get too excited, though – everybody’s case is unique, so you won’t be able to find the example that suits you completely. You will have to come up with your own words.

8. Format it.

If you want to give a decent impression, you should take care of the structure of the appeal letter. You can find the requirements of the business letter on plenty of websites. The key points are as follows. Start writing properly – with greeting, date, and address, move on to the main part of a few paragraphs, and finish with gratitude for the time spent on reading your letter.

Sample Appeal Letter Format

Your Name

Mailing Address City, State Zip Code Phone Number


Scholarship Organization Name Mailing Address
City, State Zip Code

Dear ________________________ Scholarship Committee:

First Paragraph:
State the specific scholarship for which you’re applying for. Mention what degree program/school you will be attending and when.

Second Paragraph:
Briefly explain why you deserve this scholarship – if possible, highlight activities, awards, community service activities, and/or work experience that sets you apart from other applicants. Be careful not to repeat all of the information on your résumé.

Third Paragraph:
 Mention the references to your application, CV, and transcript. Describe your financial need if applicable. Thank them for reviewing your application.

Your typed name Enclosure

Sample Letter (Word Format)

Sample appeal letter format for scholarship

A good structure will make any letter more presentable. 


It is not every day that people write an appeal letter. Still, it is not that difficult to express your will to study and develop. If it is truly what you want, it will be noticed and you will be given an opportunity to do it. We hope that our article will come in handy and you will receive the scholarship to enter a new step of education that will change your life.  

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