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8 Best Authorization Letter Sample Templates

At some times, it may never really be that you are in the position to attend to the chore or responsibility you are faced with. This requires that you defer the matter to another person to act on your behalf.

To make that possible, you have to draft an authorization letter format and hand it to the one you delegate it to. Drafting this letter in and of itself is not sufficient. You have to go beyond that to format it appropriately in such a way as to respond precisely to the specific needs that be. We are to help you out with this.

Our discussions here below endeavor to take you through the necessary steps and procedures that will help you understand the authorization letter format.

Authorization Letter Format Guide

The steps below will help you to format your authorization letter:

Step I: Place the names and unique identifiers at the top-left hand corner

The top left-hand corner of the page on which you draft your letter has to bear the name of the addressee, his address, and the date on which the letter is drafted. Start with the date first, then skip a line and then finish off with the address of the addressee.


Saturday, July 25, 2020,
CCRH Central Campus Residence Hall,
170 Carrigan Drive,
Burlington, VT 05405,

Step II: Salute the addressee

Get on now to salute the addressee. Use kind words that show respect like Mr., Mrs., Dr., and Prof., etc. Needless to say, the salutation you pick has to be relevant to the stature and the character of the addressee. Do not, for instance, refer to a male as a Mrs. or an illiterate as a Dr. If unsure, use the general salutation “To whom it may concern.”


Dear Ms. Joanne Hamilton,

Step III: State the objectives of the letter

Having set the stage, you now have to state the object of the letter. This is a one-line statement that is preceded by the word, ‘RE:’ See the example below for inspiration:


RE: Authorization Letter

Step IV: Format the paragraphs accordingly

The paragraphs are the main body of the letter. It is in the paragraphs that you now state explicitly that you are authorizing the addressee to transact some business or businesses on your behalf. For clear readability, it is necessary that you format your paragraphs accordingly.

We recommend that you either use the block style or indent your paragraphs. In the case of the indentation, we opine that you maintain a consistent amount of space from the margin to the first word of each paragraph. That will make your letter easily legible and pleasing to the eyes.

On the same note, you should also maintain a single spacing in between two paragraphs to similarly maintain a greater sense of legibility. Use a font style that is breathtaking to behold and easily follow through. Most importantly, the font has to be official in character and recognition.


I hereby authorize you to take full charge of our stand at the upcoming trade fair. This shall take place on Saturday, August 4th, 2020, from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM.
The venue of the fair shall be the Burlington Convention Center in downtown Burlington, Vermont. You are advised to call to confirm your attendance and set everything in motion.

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Step V: Round up the letter professionally

Upon concluding drafting the letter, you have to round it up professionally. A standard procedure is to conclude the letter with a respectful term like ‘Sincerely’ and then follow it up with a signature and your official name. These will give the letter the official character it requires to be trusted.


Jamila Muhammad – Senior Marketing Officer

Step VI: Use a formal writing style

Being an official and confidential letter, you have to use a formal writing style to convey your writings and contents. Avoid using slang or substandard language that is more likely to be misconstrued to be joking or naïve. Instead, use only standard English that is recognized by all entities.

Authorization Letter Samples

Following are free editable authorization letter templates and samples for you:



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    We have sincerely belabored on how to format an authorized letter to its logical end. Have you not received the head start you desperately need to now format your authorization letter well? We are now truly confident that you have the necessary expertise to forge forward.

    Having been armed with the right skill, is it too much for you now to proceed and implement the same? Start it out by reading the explanations we have laid bare a second or probably a third time. Then, go ahead now and find ways of incorporating the same into your letter-writing undertakings.

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