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6 Sales Letter Templates For New Products

A seamless flow of information in business transactions is central to making successful sales. This is even more critical when launching new products. You must raise awareness regarding the new product and inform the customers of the product type, its utility, and its benefits. This is because customers cannot buy what they do not know exists.

Most businesses use a sales letter whenever they want to introduce new products to their customers. This initiates interest from potential customers. 

The letter should leave a positive first impression of the product. Therefore, it must be informative, objective, and professionally written. The letter can discuss details such as discounts and offers associated with the new product.

This article discusses how to write a compelling sales letter for a new product by including the fundamental elements. It also provides examples of sales letters for a new product for reference.

Sales Letter Templates

You can download the following sales letter templates for free:

What is a Sales Letter for a New Product?

A sales letter for a new product is a form of sales correspondence written to customers regarding a newly developed product they would be interested in.

Fundamentally, it is a pitch to market new ideas and solutions to potential customers. The letter can focus on a specific product or general goods or services. Also, it can be directed towards a specific category of customers or generic clientele. Sales letters are a direct marketing strategy used to increase your business’s sales.

Businesses utilize sales letters for different goals and advantages when introducing new products to customers. Here are different objectives you should aim to achieve by using sales letters.

  • The letter is used to introduce and market new products or services to customers
  • Fundamentally, the objective of sending the letter is to persuade the customers to buy the advertised products
  • You can use sales letters to expand your market or customer base
  • Sales letters are also practical tools for reaching prospective clients

The advantages of using sales letters include the following:

  • Sales letters can reach clients who salespeople cannot
  • The letters are more convenient and efficient as they make a personal connection with customers
  • Sales letters are affordable marketing tools compared to billboard ads, TV ads, and such marketing tools
  • Through sales letters, you can reach multiple clients at the same time
  • Sales letters are easy to understand for most customers as they can be written to align with the customer’s knowledge level and needs

Considerations Before Writing a Sales Letter for a New Product

A sales letter is meant to be informative and educate your customers on the value the product will bring them. Therefore, you must be thorough and pay attention to the information you include in the letter. Here are things you need to consider before writing sales letters to introduce a new product to your customers:

Perform market research

Market research is the first step in writing a good and effective sales letter for a new product. The research is meant to understand how the product will be perceived, its reception, its ability to meet customers’ needs or wants, and how to introduce the new product to your customers successfully. So, gather customer feedback on different properties of the product from design to packaging.

Select a marketing strategy

Your marketing strategy should appeal to your target market. Your marketing strategy’s goal should be to initiate interest in your customers about the product as much as possible. You should consider factors such as age, gender, cultural demographics, etc., before settling on a specific marketing strategy.

Prepare a rough draft of the letter 

Lastly, you should prepare a draft of the letter you wish to send. You should identify all the key information you want to highlight in the letter. Outline this information in the rough draft so you can have a guide when writing the final sales letter you send to your customers.

6 Essential Elements of a Sales Letter for a New Product

The details you include in a sales letter can influence how persuasive it will be to the recipients. Customers want to know what you are selling, when, and how they can access the product(s).

Below are six elements that should appear in a sales letter marketing a new product:

Letter’s headline

A headline is an effective way of capturing the recipient’s attention. Headlines are used to convey key details in a few words (one sentence or 2-3 sentences). The headline should be in bold to get the customer’s attention. 

For example, a sales letter headline can be written as follows:

New Baby Oil That Maintains Up To 80% of Natural Skin Moisture

Description of the product/service

Secondly, the letter should describe the product being marketed through the letter. This section of the letter ought to be as detailed as possible. You can discuss the following details of the product:

  • Purpose
  • Functionality
  • Material composition
  • Quality
  • Cost/pricing
  • Appearance
  • Durability
  • Accessories and features
  • Portability
  • Availability

This section forms the body of the letter. You can thus include other details such as release date, target audience, and company’s credibility.

This section can be structured as follows:

After extensive dermatology research on baby skin that lasted 5 years, we have developed a product that protects babies’ skin and preserves their natural moisture. Babies’ skin needs to be moisturized at all times to prevent cracking, which can lead to bruises and poor sleeping habits and make them susceptible to other skin conditions like skin cancer. The new baby oil is organic and produced from aloe vera, coconut oil, and onion seeds. The oil is suitable for children aged up to 10 years.  

Pro tip: Include information in bullet points. Bullet points are an excellent way to highlight key details and make your letter legible. They also break the monotony of prose information. 

Benefits of the product/service

Customers want to know what value your product(s) bring them. So, you need to outline all the benefits your customers should expect to gain from the new product. In this section, you should thus focus on what the new product does for the customer rather than the product itself. It can also be helpful to mention how your product is superior or more beneficial than other similar products in the market. 

For example, you can discuss the benefits of the product/service in the sales letter as follows:

We are selling you a skin protection solution for your newborn and young children. The Vortex baby oil is a way to ensure you and your baby sleep peacefully without the stress of dealing with all the skin conditions that are caused by dry skin.  

Pro tip: Identify your selling point. Each product should have one or several selling points that make the product an ideal purchase for your customers. Examples of selling points include fuel-cost saving of electric cars, compatibility of the software with multiple devices, laptop battery life, packaged milk shelf life, etc. Your marketing strategy can be centered around your selling point.

A call to action

You must encourage customers to take the next step in a consumer’s journey. Remember, this is a new product, and if it interests the customer, they will want to know how they can access it. In your call to action, you should include some sense of urgency to prompt the customers to react quickly. Your call to action can urge customers to sign up, call, visit your stores, or contact you for further discussions. You can direct them to a link or advise them to take advantage of an offer or discount. 

For example, this section of a sales letter for a new product can be structured as follows:

We invite you to sign-up for the launching event through our website. The event will be held at Naples Business Center on February 10th from 11:00 AM. There will be live demonstrations of its use and discounts for first-time buyers. 

Timeline for a deal

You can offer your customers a time-bound deal to prompt them to make timely purchases. This initiates urgency and appeals to the customer’s need to feel valued. Different ways to structure your deal include offering discounts, extended warranties, or free packages for purchases made within a specific timeline. 

For example, this section of the sales letter can be formatted as follows:

Any purchase made within the next 30 days will warrant you a $100 discount redeemable at any of our retail stores.


Lastly, your sales letter introducing a new product can include a postscript (P.S) to provide additional information and encourage customers to purchase from you. The postscript should be brief and to the point. 

For example, the postscript section of a sales letter can be structured as follows:

P.S. We are committed to continually providing you with high-quality products and hope this new product will serve your needs as our previous products have. Your continued support is highly appreciated. 

Sample Sales Letter for a New Product 

Given below are two samples of sales letter:

Sample 1

2023 USHA TV with Added Features That Save You Money

Dear Miles,

Our 2023 USHA Smart TV will be launched on January 30th, 2023, at all our stores. The TV has been designed to meet your home entertainment needs. The TV has the following features:

Android 12

8K resolution

In-built YouTube, app store, browser, Netflix, Prime

Inclusive of a TV guard and remote control

Compatible with SMART-HOME systems

The product will sell at $600 at retail. At this cost, it has been made affordable to most homes looking for a high-quality TV set for their entertainment needs. You can pre-order the product. To do so, go to our app or website, sign up, and place the order. A discount of 10% will be offered for orders made in the next 14 days.


James Hammond

Sales Executive

USHA Technologies Co.

P.S. Take advantage of the offer made for deals made before January 30th. It is a chance to secure a high-quality TV that sets your home apart.

Sample 2

New Everest Resort Branch near You

Dear Mr. Mannington,

Everest Group of Resorts would like to introduce our new resort branch in Richmond County, Mississippi. The resort has been built with our known exquisite taste and commitment to service delivery. The new resort is equipped with the following services:

An indoor tennis court, basketball court

An outdoor golf course

Presidential suites


Bar and restaurant

Amenities such as gym, heated pool, children’s playground

This resort has enabled you to access our products and services within your location. We invite you to take advantage of discounts and gifts awarded during the first 30 days of launching.


Clare Rugger

Marketing Director

Everest Group of Resorts

P.S. We are dedicated to providing accommodation, dining, and recreation at our resorts for family, friends, and corporate groups.

Best Practices to Consider

You can utilize multiple marketing techniques and writing practices when using a sales letter to introduce a new product to your customers. Here are examples of best practices you can adopt to increase the efficiency of your letter:

  • Formatting is essential for a professional sales letter. It is advisable to type your letter on company letterhead. However, if you are not using letterhead, simply place your company address at the top right side, followed by the date and the recipient’s information.
  • A sales letter is an official correspondence. So keep the language simple, and use clear sentences and a natural tone to ensure you establish a personal connection with customers.  
  • Ensure that your letter has a proper format, which includes an introduction, body, and closing. This ensures a continuous rational flow of ideas and effectively communicates the message to the customer. 
  • Visuals are effective marketing tools. A sales letter for a new product should thus combine text and visuals to make it interesting for readers to read.
  • Show enthusiasm to your customers, as it indicates that you believe in the product and thus reassures the customer to support the product. 
  • Ensure to double-check the target. Not all target audiences are suitable for every product you launch. While typically, most people would want to market to the largest audience; it may not be suitable for the specific product. So, it would be sensible to consider smaller target audiences or a balance between high-volume and low-volume customers.
  • Quantify the benefits, as they are persuasive when included in a sales letter for a new product. So, use numbers/figures to demonstrate the product’s value to your customers.
  • Ensure to edit and proofread the sales letter. Sending a letter full of errors can lower the professionalism of your business. This can translate to poor conversion of sales.
  • The letter’s choice of words should align with the target audience level. Customers have different levels of knowledge or familiarity with terms used in the industry. So, ensure the target audience can understand the terminology used.
  • The sales letter should be compelling to the readers, such that it gains their attention, creates interest in the product/service, and prompts them to take positive action.
  • Use professional font styles and font sizes. This is because these elements dictate the format, which should display professionalism.
  • Avoid ambiguity or uncertainty throughout the sales letter. This is especially when describing the product and stating your offer.

Wrapping Up

A sales letter as a marketing tool can be used to pitch a new product to your customers. It is deemed a convenient, fast, and comprehensive way to relay information about the product. For example, the sales letter can be issued in print or digitally through emails.

Sales letters can be sent before or after a product is launched. They are meant to create interest in new products, boosting sales. The letters are not limited to a particular industry; they can be used in goods and service-based industries. The fundamental elements you should include in a sales letter for a new product are the headline, introduction, body, and CTA. This guide provides examples of sales letters for a new product to help you guide when writing on your own.

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