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25 Free Price List Templates [Word | Excel]

When it comes to prices, every customer tends to be very meticulous. Think about it, when you are in the market, you always try to look at the best deals. The first thing that every customer looks at when they are attracted to a product is not the quality of the product but the price tag. Today, ever more people are becoming more conscientious when it comes to spending their money.

In which case, a price list template is exceptionally helpful. Having a price list template while grocery shopping can prevent you from impulse buying. You can create a list of the items you are looking to purchase and only invest in what you need.

A price list is also an essential tool for business owners. For example, business owners may use the pricelist in supermarkets to display the names and the prices of the different items at their stores. In a service business, the list may be used to show all the types of services being offered and the prices.

Importance and Benefits of Price Lists

Pricelists perform a great task for both shoppers and business owners alike. For the shoppers, a pricelist allows them to compare the prices of various items quickly and much easily, while for the business owners, a price list is a logical way to compile and display their products and/or services to their customers. Pricelists contain different data depending on the type of business it is used for. Some of the basics contained in a price list include:

  • Type of product/service
  • The price of the product and or service
  • The size/quantity of the product

Types of Price List

Price lists are flexible in that they can be tailored to fit any business that produces goods and/or services. More importantly, one can use a price list to inform the customers of new prices, discounted prices, and those that are on offer. There are various types of pricelists today, each tailored for a specific business. Some of the common types of templates you can create include:

The Different Uses of Price Lists

To make your price list template effective, it is important to think about your price sheet design as well as its contents. Different templates have different uses, and knowing these uses will most certainly help you create a well-made template. It is, therefore, focal to have a better understanding of how to use such lists to better utilize them after creating them.

For customer use

Most of the time, your customers would want to compare the prices of different goods and/or services before making a purchase. Having a price list will help them in going through your prices and comparing them with the list of your competitors. In doing this, they’ll be able to make better decisions in terms of buying what they need.

For inventory

When creating your price list, you need to use your inventory list as a basis. In doing this, you will be able to determine whether you have enough inventory or not. For businesses that have a huge selection of goods and services, using a price list will allow your customers to see all the items or services you have to offer.

Selling remotely

Having a template that has all the products and/or services you are offering can really come in handy when selling your products and services remotely. Today, most people are busy with their lives that most of them prefer to shop online. You can send your price list to interested customers to help them make their purchases remotely.

How to Create a Price List

You can download and use a standard price list template, or you can create one that is unique to your business. Either way, creating a pricelist doesn’t require too much heavy lifting.

Perform Market Research: The first thing you must do when making your price list is to develop a marketing strategy. This requires one to conduct some serious market research to determine the competitor prices, product-market fit, and customer willingness to pay.

Calculate Profit Margins: You must do some calculations before making the actual price list. This is so you can be able to determine how much it will cost you to produce and/or acquire the products. These costs must be considered when developing the price list.

Create a column for products and/or services: After determining the prices of all the items that you will be offering, the next step is to draft the price list. Create a column and list down all the products you have in your store.

Create a column for Prices: Insert the prices corresponding to the products and/or services you are offering. Note that each item must be on its line to factor in things like the price, customer ID, discount, products, and the total.

Download Free Price List Templates

Take advantage of our fast, easy-to-use, and free price list templates for your business or personal use. All the price lists are professionally designed and customizable, making it easy for anyone to use them—download price list templates for Microsoft Excel and Word, PDF, and Google Sheets. Downloading our printable ready-to-use price list templates means that you will not have to spend your valuable time designing your own price list templates, or buy and learn any expensive template creation tools. For anyone looking to attract and maintain loyal customers as well as assistance in keeping records, our printable templates are most certainly for you.

Price List Word Template 01

Price List Word Template 02

Price List Word Template 03

Price List Word Template 04

Price List Word Template 05

Price List Template for Excel

Service Price List Template for Excel

Product Price List Template

Company Product Price List Template

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Price List word Template 06

Price List word Template 07

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Price List word Template 12

Price List Excel Template 01

Price List Excel Template 02

Price List Excel Template 03

Price List Excel Template 04

Price List Excel Template 05

Price List Excel Template 06

Price List Excel Template 07

Price List Excel Template 08

Price List Excel Template 09

Price List Excel Template 10

    Tips for Creating an Effective Price List

    Creating a price list sounds like an easy task, but there are a few things you can do to be strategic with your price list and use it to boost your sales. Here are a few things to consider:

    Use your inventory list: use your inventory list as a reference to determine the items to include in the price list.

    Keep it Simple: The price list should be easy for your customers to read and understand. You should focus only on the product prices so as not to overwhelm them with other information.

    Promote products: if you have offers and promotions, or simply want a direct sale, draw attention to those items on your list.

    Summerizing All

    A price list is basically a list of products and or services that are offered by an establishment. Price lists are an essential part of any business that sells products and/or services. The data on these lists include the name of the products and or services along with their accompanying prices.  They can be used in coffee houses, beauty salons, and restaurants just to list but a few. Certainly, any business that offers a variety of goods and or/services will always find a pricelist not only helpful but an essential part of running their business smoothly.

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