Write a Killing Sales Letter to Promote a New Product (With Examples)

First impressions are everything in both personal and career matters. When introducing a new product to a company, the time given for a first impression is nearly non-existent as companies receive hundreds of letters a day. While thousands of templates exist online to assist in writing the perfect announcement letter, thousands of sellers are also or already have used the same template. Instead, to design a well-written letter for announcing a new product that gives a lasting first impression, consider these suggestions below.

Before writing a sales letter, know the company to whom the letter is being written as in-depth as possible. In the recipient line, try to specify the letter to the exact person who handles the purchasing of products. Underneath his/her name, including their title. When writing the salutation, be sure to use the formal address of the person.

Aside from knowing the exact recipient, the first paragraph of the letter should state clearly that the seller is aware of what the company does, what the company needs or lacks, and how the new product will assist. To create an immediate impression and grab attention from the reader, the seller should state clearly that they are aware that the company specializes in [X] products after reading about it in [X] news/magazine or hearing about it on [X]. The seller can then state clearly that because of this information, the company will be interested in the new product he/she is selling because of [X].

The second paragraph can be more devoted to the product but should still be framed in a way that makes the company feel it is all about them and what they need. A brief explanation of the seller’s organization is appropriate before describing the product.

The final paragraph should be an invitation for the seller to meet with the representative with phrasing such as, “At your convenience, we would like to meet with you to demonstrate/speak more…” To end the letter, thank the client for the time and use a neutral closing.

Sample Letters & Examples

Sample Sales Letter for Announcing a New Product



[Name of Recipient]

[Title of Recipient]

[Company Name]

[Mailing Address]

[City, State, Zip Code]

Dear [Recipient’s Name with Title]:

As your company specializes in [specialty]/is in the [type] industry, there is a general need for [general type of product you are offering]. With thousands of options to choose from [your company’s title] can offer you [product] that is more catered to your company’s needs. Our new product, [product name], is designed to [briefly describe the project and why the product is going to be relevant to the needs of the business. Do not go into too many details, which will be reserved for later on in the letter].

Our company has been in the [X] industry for nearly [X] years. [In the rest of this paragraph, you will want to describe briefly about your company, the company’s values, experience, and if it is possible, how those values and experience relate to the company to whom you are writing the letter].

The product our company can provide you will exceed your expectations. [In this paragraph, describe the product, briefly how it was designed and why, and make sure to tie the product back into why the product is important to the business].

It would be my pleasure to meet with you in person at your convenience and discuss [product name] more in detail. We would like to schedule a meeting with you where we can demonstrate/discuss the benefits of working with our company and using our product. We can be reached via email or over the phone at the information listed under our company logo. Thank you for your time, and we look forward to speaking more with you.


[Your Full Name], [Your job title]

[Your Email]

[Your Company Phone Number]

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Hint: Companies receive hundreds of these letters a day. What makes these letters stand out is that they frame everything in regard to the company, what the company needs, and why you and your product can help them. It is, therefore, advisable to keep a sample of such letters as these can come in handy when you need to draft such a letter on the spur.

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