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Rental Application Approval Letter Templates

A rental application approval letter is a document used by the landlord to notify the tenant that his/her application to rent a property has been approved. Usually, the letter notifies the tenant of the terms and conditions of the rental agreement, the amount needed as rent, payment terms, and security deposit details, among other necessary information. Normally, the letter tells the tenant that their application is successful and that both parties are now ready to enter into a rental agreement. 

There are many reasons why a Rental Application Approval Letter may be used.

These include the following:

To welcome a new tenant: The landlord can use the Rental Application Approval Letter to welcome their new tenants into the new premises. This helps establish a positive new start between the tenant and the landlord.

To provide information about the lease: A Rental Application Approval Letter can also be used to provide valuable lease information to the new tenant. These may include the monthly rent payment amount, accepted payment methods, utilities, insurance, and other general expectations about the lease. 

Lease start date and end date and contact information:  Depending on the type of property policies, a Rental Application Approval Letter may provide you with a lease start date and end date. The dates are usually determined during the decision-making and application approval process. Other important information that the letter will provide includes contact information, location of the promises, and instructions.

Free Templates

Download free rental application approval letter templates here.

Approved Tenant Letter Sample 04

Approved Tenant Letter Sample 05

Approved tenant letter 04

Approved tenant letter 09

Approved tenant letter 10

Approved tenant letter 11

Approved tenant letter 13

Approved tenant letter 15

    Writing a Rental Application Approval Letter

    Once you have assessed a tenant’s rental application letter and you are convinced they meet your required standards, you will need to draft them a rental application approval letter. Since these are official letters, you should always furnish yourself with proper guidelines to ensure they come out as expected.

    Therefore, the following are steps that will help you through:

    Prepare the header

    First, you will need to come up with a proper header or a letterhead. This will include the name of the sender (the landlord), the address of the sender, the tenant’s official names, and the address. The other crucial information to be included in this part is the date of writing. Usually, dates will help in keeping proper records, especially when the paperwork is being executed in the future. 

    Enter essential information in the body

    Once you have noted down the headings, you need to have other necessary requirements written. First, you will introduce the tenant by an official salutation. For example, Dear [Tenants surname].

    Then, you will indicate the purpose of the letter. Let the tenant know that their rental applications have been approved. Also, indicate the date on which the lease will take effect.

    Just below this, you will write the amount needed as monthly rentals. 

    Closing of the letter

    After the necessary instructions have been put down, it’s now time to execute the letter. You will first write the word ‘Sincerely.’ Then, the landlord or the agent representing the landlord will write their name and append their signature beside the name. Note that the signature will act as a binder hence officiating the form. 

    Rental Application Approval Letter Samples

    Following are a few samples for you to get a better understanding of the sentence structure and tone of the letter:

    Sample letter 1

    Landlords Name/Company

    Landlords Address

    Name of the tenant

    Current Address of the Tenant


    Dear [Name of the tenant]

    I am writing this letter to notify you that your rental application for property located at [insert the property name and address] has been approved. You will be expected to occupy the property from [insert the start date, and possibly the end date].

    In the meantime, we invite you to come to my office on [insert the appointment date] to sign up for the lease and make deposit payments of [insert deposit amount]. Note that the monthly payment will be $ [insert monthly payments]. All payments will be made through Bank slips, Account No. [Insert bank account number]. Thank you very much for your application. Looking forward to your quick response.



    [Name of the landlord/agent]

    Sample letter 2

    [Name of the company/landlord/agent]

    [Date of writing]

    Dear [Name of the tenant],

    Sub: [Property Address]

    I hereby write this letter to confirm my approval of the rental application form of Mr./Mrs. Miss [Name of the tenant] for the above-mentioned property, effective [mention the date the new tenant should preoccupy the property].

    I give my consent approval to the understanding that:

    The tenant will take full responsibility and liability to ensure the property isn’t damaged due to negligence.

    The tenant will adhere to all terms and conditions that are associated with the lease agreement.

    The tenant will make rental payments on due time and without any failure to the stated bank account.

    The tenant will notify the landlord/ agent of their intent to relocate in advance.

    The tenant is bound to the undersigned on the lease terms and conditions that, albeit such lease agreement.

    You can plan an appointment with the landlord to sign the lease agreement before [state the dates]. Should there be any question(s), don’t hesitate to reach our toll-free lines [insert your contacts] during working hours.


    [Landlords Name]


    Encl: [List any other enclosures here]


    The basis of a strong relationship between a tenant and the landlord is very important. It enables both parties to work in harmony and in respect. However, for such a relationship to occur, proper communication has to take place. This starts right after the tenant shows interest in a property by making a formal rental application. Since communication is a two-way channel, the landlord has to reply to their approval through a rental application approval letter. This is the genesis of the strong landlord-tenant relationship. Therefore, every landlord should always seek to respond to their tenant’s rental application through these formal letters

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