Teacher Cover Letter (How to Write) with Examples

Teachers are arguably one of the most important members of society. They impact us with the necessary knowledge we need to be successful in life. Also, the teachers provide a source of motivation and inspiration to do well in various facets of life. But what does it take to be a teacher? Well, once trained, teachers do go through the normal hiring process, just like any other profession. Therefore, if you are planning to apply for a job as a teacher, it’s essential that you write an outstanding teacher cover letter.

What to Include in a Teacher Cover Letter?

A Teacher Cover Letter should be written in a way that reiterates your professional and academic qualifications. That being said, the following are some important components that shouldn’t miss in your cover letter:

Academic qualifications

When applying for a first-time teacher, it is recommended that you put significant emphasis on your academic qualifications rather than your teaching experience. Your academic qualification should be attached to your certificates and any other related awards.

Teaching experience

Experience plays a vital role during the application process. They help convince your recipient that you are indeed fit for the job. Therefore, you can include the number of years you’ve taught as well as your area of specialty.

Relevant soft skills

Other than the teaching skills and experience, you can include other soft skills such as patience, enthusiasm, organizational skills, to mention a few.

Any related work outside the classroom

If at all you have worked in any other place other than teaching, feel free to highlight it in your letter. This will help supplement your limited teaching experience if you are a first-time teacher.

Tips to observe when writing a teacher cover letter

Being an educator can be one of the most rewarding jobs ever. For this reason, it’s easy to find this profession attractive to many. Therefore, in order for you to stand out from the crowd, the following writing tips will be useful.

Make your introduction brief, catchy, and personalized

 Writing a concise, catchy, and personalized introduction helps attract the reader’s attention in the first place. Usually, if the reader fined your introduction too long, irrelevant, or boring, the chances are that your reader will dispose of your letter and move to the next one. In order to avoid such instances, ensure you write a brief and catchy intro. Also, make sure your letter is addressing someone specific. If you don’t know the hiring manager, you need to do a little digging online to see the person on the receiving end.

Use an official language

Be mindful of the type of language and tone you are using when writing the cover letter. As a golden rule, you should refrain from going too casual. Even if you are submitting the letters digitally, you should still address your letter with an official language. For instance, instead of saying ‘Hi Mrs. Kimberly,’ you can simply say ‘Hello Mrs. Kimberly.’ If you intend to send your letter electronically, make sure you type it using standard fonts (preferably new times roman).

Be specific

When writing your teaching cover letter, you need to avoid generalization. Instead, be specific about the position in which you are applying. Remember that there may be various teaching openings with distinct teaching roles. One advantage of being specific with your letter is that it helps you land on the right hands. For instance, if you are applying for a high school mathematics teacher, make sure you include exactly that—otherwise, your cover letter risk landing in an irrelevant category.

Proofread your work

Once you are done with the writing, don’t be lured into rushing. Take your time and go through your work once again to check for grammar errors or any other typos. Alternatively, you can give a trusted friend to have a look and make the necessary corrections. Generally, teachers are often known to have the highest standards of grammar and other written communications, regardless of your area of specialization. Therefore, try as much as possible to correct possible errors in your cover letter before submitting it.

A strong finish

Always ensure that you have a strong finish. A strong finish is that that provides room for follow-ups. In a conversational way, let your reader be moved and want to hear more from you.

Sample Letters and Examples

Teacher Cover Letter Sample

[Applicants Name]

[Applicants Address]

[Applicants Contacts]

[Date of Application]

[Recipients Name]

[Recipients Address]

Dear Mr., Mrs., Ms. [Recipients Surname]

Having learned that you are looking for a physics teacher, I am pleased to apply for the very post. I have teaching experience in 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade. My teaching experience, together with academic qualifications, makes me believe that I am the best candidate for your school.

I possess a master’s degree in education from XXX University College. Currently, I work as an enthusiastic 4th-grade physics teacher at Greenwoods Group of Schools. In this role, I am charged with the responsibility of teaching over 30 students in an inclusion classroom. Besides, I prepare my students for competitive state tests every semester. Also, I provide them with leadership and problem-solving skills, which are necessary for today’s living.

As a teacher, I am strongly committed to empowering my students to acquire new skills within their respective areas of specialization. Better yet, I am a certified teacher with various endorsements such as physics, mathematics, and technology education. Besides teaching, I also undertake further studies during part-time so as to achieve additional endorsements in space science.

Besides teaching, I also have experience in public health, a position a successfully served as a volunteer program at XXX NON-governmental organization. It’s, therefore, my pleasure to combine all my range of experience to make a positive contribution to your learning institution. Other soft skills that I demonstrate include patience, compassion, intelligence, and enthusiasm. I am highly optimistic about your feedback at your earliest convenience. Also, I welcome an interview so that I can further express my qualifications.


[Applicants Name]

[Applicants signature]




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