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13+ Weekly Meeting agenda Template Samples

Every time a meeting is held, it is a requirement to have the issues that are to be discussed in the proceedings. It is for this reason we have the weekly meeting agenda. This is basically a plan in which things that you plan to do or the events are scheduled according to the time they will occur especially once in a week. In this article we will purpose with meeting’s weekly agenda.

When and where a weekly agenda is required?

This might be what you are wondering. A weekly agenda is required when you are planning for a meeting in a business organization where some of these cannot function without a staff meeting. It is required especially when you want to monitor the progress of your program and you can do so by holding a meeting.

Now that you know the basics, here are some elements of a professional weekly agenda which must be comprised in your template. They include

  • Objectives:

This clearly outlines what the meeting is aiming at. Achievement by the end of the day. To avoid complications, objectives should be SMART, specific and direct to the point. They should not be over or underestimated. achievable means they should be in line with the business ability, realistic means they should not be just imaginable and finally time bound means that will rule the time the objectives should be achieved.

  • Time:

This guides the activities for the meeting. Enough time should be given to different agendas so that they are well discussed. In addition, time should be well allocated for each activity. Also, there should be time for interaction to make the meeting inclusive.

  • Format:

Meetings can follow different formats but the most commonly used is in the sequence of call to order, briefing of previous meeting, the day’s agenda and adjournment. Depending on the business’ activities you can choose your own format.

  • Input:

This basically means giving a chance for the team to participate and you can achieve this by sending an email to them like 8 days before the meeting. Alternatively suggests an objective to them of which you should get the feedback before the meeting is done.

Weekly Team Meeting Agenda Template Format

free print weekly Meeting Agenda template


Sample of Weekly Business Meeting Agenda Template

download free weekly meeting agenda template


Weekly Employee Meeting Agenda Template Example

weekly meeting agenda template sample


Meeting Agenda Template for Weekly Product 

printable weekly meeting agenda template


Weekly Committee Meeting Agenda Template Format

sample of weekly meeting agenda template


Meeting Agenda Template for Weekly Recruitment Committee

sample of weekly meeting agenda template


Weekly Status Meeting Agenda Format

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Weekly Staff Meeting Draft Agenda Format

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 Weekly Meeting Agenda Template of Management

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Sample of Weekly Staff  Meeting Agenda Template

Weekly Meeting agenda template sample


Weekly Meeting Agenda Sample

Weekly Meeting agenda template


Weekly Meeting agenda template format


How do you write a weekly agenda?

  1. Give a title to your agenda
  2. In the header include where? who? And when information
  3. A brief objective statement
  4. Schedule containing main elements of the meeting
  5. Allocate time for special guests
  6. Check errors in the agenda before distributing it
  7. Give extra time at the end of the meeting

Here is a sample


Date/Time:Thursday, 4TH Oct 2017,8.00AM to 10:30AM


Weekly discussions of the business performance.


8:00 to 8:30: Opening the meeting by a word of prayer-Rose Mary

8:30 to 9:00: Beginning the discussion-John Peter

9:00 to 10:00: Interaction and welcoming new guests.

10:00 to 10:30: Desserts and winding up-Lucy Immaculate


Discussion:Martin Lucas

Desserts:Lucy Claire

Try a weekly agenda template

You can download free templates for weekly agenda format and board meeting agenda templates which are supported with word processor (Microsoft Word). After downloading the template, you are required to fill the fields in your template and make some modifications so that the template can fit your requirements. Wrapping up, this article has clearly outlined how you are supposed to write a weekly agenda for your business. All the elements discussed should be incorporated but remember this is not a report so a detailed information may not be necessary.