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13 Best Weekly Meeting Agenda Templates | How to Format

A weekly meeting agenda template is a list of items prepared to be discussed in the weekly meetings in an organization. The meeting agenda shows the person assigned to each task and provides a breakdown of how each task will be conducted. This helps the meeting not to veer off course. There are various types of meetings that can take place in a company. The executives, management, team members, or employees can organize a meeting for various reasons. For one to achieve the goal of their meeting, they must properly plan for the meeting by having a well-drafted meeting agenda template.

A weekly meeting agenda, unlike other meeting agendas, can be used more than once as it helps to keep a record and progress of a series of meetings. Other meeting agendas, e.g., Audit meeting agendas, can only be used once, and when you go to the next meeting, you will have to draft another meeting agenda.

When and where a weekly agenda is required?

This might be what you are wondering. A weekly meeting agenda template is required when you are planning for a meeting in a business organization where some of these cannot function without a staff meeting. It is required especially when you want to monitor the progress of your program and you can do so by holding a meeting.

Now that you know the basics, here are some elements of a professional weekly meeting agenda which must be comprised in your template. They include


This clearly outlines what the meeting is aiming at. Achievement by the end of the day. To avoid complications, objectives should be SMART, specific, and direct to the point. They should not be over or underestimated. achievable means they should be in line with the business ability, realistic means they should not be just imaginable, and finally time bound means that will rule the time the objectives should be achieved.


This guides the activities for the meeting. Enough time should be given to different agendas so that they are well discussed. In addition, time should be well allocated for each activity. Also, there should be time for interaction to make the meeting inclusive.


Meetings can follow different formats but the most commonly used is in the sequence of the call to order, briefing of the previous meeting, the day’s agenda, and adjournment. Depending on the business’s activities you can choose your own format.


This basically means giving a chance for the team to participate and you can achieve this by sending an invite email to them like 8 days before the meeting. Alternatively suggests an objective to them of which you should get the feedback before the meeting is done.

Key Elements of a Weekly Meeting Agenda Template

There are different types of weekly meeting agenda templates. However, there are specific elements that must be included on the agenda for every weekly meeting.

Purpose of the meeting: Every weekly meeting must have a goal and a genuine reason why it is being organized; otherwise, it will just be a waste of time. This purpose should be clearly outlined on the weekly meeting agenda template.

Time and venue of the meeting: Another key item that must be included in the weekly meeting agenda template is the time and the place the meeting will be taking place. The information should be precise and clear about the exact time the meeting is set to begin and where it will be held.

The name of the attendees: The chair of the meeting or the person preparing the weekly meeting agenda template should provide the details and names of all the participants expected to attend the meeting. They should also include the affirmation of the guest speakers and the host.

Discussion topics: The weekly meeting agenda template should highlight all the information related to what needs to be debated, discussed, and deliberated upon in the meeting.

Link to previous meetings: A weekly meeting agenda template avails a program for a series of weekly meetings taking place in the organization, not just one. Therefore, it should include everything that was discussed in previous related weekly meetings so that there is a good flow of discussion. It is hence advisable for the secretary to carry the minutes of the previous meetings.

Samples Weekly Meeting Agendas

Following are the weekly meeting agenda samples that can create a better sense of understanding the format and sentence structuring of a weekly meeting agenda:

Sample 1

August 31, 2020

To reinforce the initial classroom training, incorporate fieldwork experiences, and recognize the efforts of the sales representatives.


Have all the sales representatives finish customer transaction forms

Collect paperwork and money.


Do a roll call and recognize the sales representatives that had the most:

i. Number of products sold
ii. Number of clients and companies visited
iii. Manhours
iv. Total dollars sold.

Note: give an incentive to the winner of each category.

Summary of last week:

Ask the sales representatives to give a summary of their work experiences and what they learned.

Overview of the days’ meeting

4 things today:

i. Achieve upsell goals

ii. See more prospects

iii. Mapping

iv. Trial closing

Review of the meeting


i. What went well during the meeting?

ii. What needs to be changed?

iii. Upcoming events

iv. Date and venue of the next meeting?

Sample 2


Date/Time:Thursday, 4TH Oct 2017,8.00AM to 10:30AM


Weekly discussions of the business performance.


8:00 to 8:30: Opening the meeting by a word of prayer-Rose Mary

8:30 to 9:00: Beginning the discussion-John Peter

9:00 to 10:00: Interaction and welcome new guests.

10:00 to 10:30: Desserts and winding up-Lucy Immaculate


Discussion: Martin Lucas

Desserts: Lucy Claire

Free Templates

Drafting an effective weekly meeting agenda is not as easy as it sounds. However, you can take advantage of our weekly meeting agenda templates and sample to help you when drafting yours. Why should you use it? Creating a meeting agenda requires one to be focused, and with a lot of things running in your mind, you may find yourself forgetting some crucial information. By using a weekly meeting agenda template as a guide, you will be able to include all the necessary information that will help make your meeting a success. 














    Good preparation is key to spending the better part of your meeting on adjustments rather than status. You need to be able to recognize your achievements, determine what you are liable for, talk about anything that has stuck, and plan for a successful week ahead.

    One of the best ways to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your weekly meetings is to appoint a great weekly team facilitator. A meeting facilitator will help you make sure that all voices are heard during the meeting, and that action item is captured, and that the meeting stays on track. You can download our editable weekly meeting agenda templates that can be customized per meeting demands.

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