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9+ Business Meeting Agenda Templates

A business meeting agenda is mainly a plan that outlines the topics that will be covered during a meeting and in what order. It can be a formal outline that looks into more details or a simple outline that talk about one or two items in an allocated time. It all depends on the purpose of the business meeting. The main purpose of a business meeting agenda is to inform participants about the topics that will be discussed in the meeting.

A business meeting agenda can be used in simple staff or board meetings as well as in conferences or seminars. It is also needed in Annual Shareholders’ meeting. Any kind of meeting that concerns the mission and objectives of the 
organization requires a business meeting agenda.

Sample of Shareholders Meeting Agenda

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Directors Meeting Agenda Format

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Annual General Meeting Agenda Sample

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Church Business Meeting Agenda Example

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Business Meeting Agenda Sample

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Sample of Club Business Meeting Agenda

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Business Meeting Agenda Template Format

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Business Team Meeting Agenda Template Format

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Business Staff Meeting Agenda Format

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Elements of a Business Meeting Agenda

  • Topic or type

There are different kinds of meetings that take place. It could be Directors’ meeting, Annual Shareholders’ meeting, department meeting or any project meeting. The topic or type of meeting should be mentioned at the top of the 
agenda as a heading.

  • Date

The date the meeting is scheduled to take place should be listed as a subheading below the main heading where the topic/type is mentioned. It is important to let participants know beforehand as they might have other meetings 
or work on the scheduled day.

  • Start time

The start time of the meeting should be clearly mentioned so that participants arrive a while before the meeting is about to start. Even when it’s an online meeting, the participants should be ready by logging in and testing the sound, video quality and other essentials needed for an online meeting. The time should be mentioned beforehand.

  • End time

It is important to put an end time on the agenda as participants might have their personal work scheduled around the mentioned time. If any topic needs further discussion, mention during the meeting that the topic will be further 
discussed in the next meeting and simply put it on the agenda for the next meeting. After that, move on to the next topic in the agenda.

  • Location

Mentioning where the meeting is going to take place is essential as the participants need to know where to come for the meeting. If it’s an online meeting, access passwords and the website address should be provided. Providing a link to the location map could be useful.

  • Roles

List of the assigned roles for the meeting should be mentioned below the date and topic of the meeting. It will state the roles of all the participants. Important role assignments like who the time keeper will be, who the leader of the discussion will be, who the facilitator will be-everything should be mentioned.

  • Subtopics

This gives a brief summary of the meeting agenda. Why the participants are here, the time frame for each topic to be discussed and the name of the person to lead the discussion and so on. It gives a gist of the whole meeting agenda. 

What to avoid while writing a business meeting agenda

  1. Don’t forget to mention the start and the end time of the meeting.
  2. Don’t forget to assign roles.
  3. Don’t forget to state the main topics to be discussed.

Looking at good business meeting agenda templates before writing an agenda is useful and will help you cover everything from top to bottom. A good agenda can make meetings successful and run in an easy manner.