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11+ Formal Meeting Agenda Samples

Formal Meeting Agenda- One of the key process of problem solving is the meeting. To capture certain opportunity, fix the issue or problem and set the agenda, a meeting is arranged where manager let the participant to share the meaningful thought, plan and execute further steps to achieve a common goal.

When and where a Formal Meeting Agenda is required?

In business world achieving targets, meeting challenges, keep team members motivated is very much needed.

A formal meeting agenda is required when you would to 

  • Give important information
  • Training 
  • Generate new ideas
  • Plan a task to achieve a important goal
  • Consult team member & getting feedback
  • Finding solutions/solving problems
  • Crisis management
  • Performance assessment

Meeting Venue

Meetings are generally take place in meeting rooms when agenda is formal and it does not need planning of venue as such. 

But in case a big agenda is going to be set as it needs lot of careful planning of venue, facilities, pre-planned resources. If big important meeting is going to take place in big hotels you must not leave any stone upturned to make it successful and unless you trust organizer implicitly you should check every facility, situation to check essentials and preparation.

Other Aspects That You Need to Check or Even Set Up Personally Are:

  • Seating layout
  • Top-table position
  • Demonstration items, paperwork, hand-outs, etc.
  • Electricity 
  • Computer / laptop software i.e. power points and extensions
  • Heating and lighting 
  • Projection
  • Flip chart position 
  • And back up resources

Formal Meeting Agenda Template for Business Organization

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Educational Formal Meeting Agenda Template Example

editable formal meeting agenda template


Non-Profit Formal Meeting Agenda Template Sample

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Residential Society Formal Meeting Agenda Template

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Board of Supervisors Formal Meeting Agenda Sample

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Sample of Formal Meeting Agenda Template

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Family Formal Meeting Agenda Template Format

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Basic Sample of Formal Meeting Agenda Template

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Business Formal Meeting Agenda Example

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 Elements of professional Formal Meeting Agenda

  • Purpose of meeting – What to be gained or achieve
  • Logistic – Offsite meeting workshop is needed often. New atmosphere can spark innovation and creativity 
  • Agenda or road map: – Agenda will be the road map. What are the objective?
  • Structure – A non-organized meeting can lose its objective and it will let people go away without proper solution. Structured and proper combination of video, interaction and presentation can set the agenda in right direction along with great impact in between the participant.
  • Participant – Who shall lead the meeting? Will it be you? 
  1. Begin on time & should end on proper note
  2. Never let the agenda go away
  3. Set some ground rules, write on board
  4. Give proper time for participant to ask and participate 
  • RSVP – Always share meeting notes with each participant 
  • Wrap Up – You can wrap up with some enlightened note, motivation points, ask them to give proper feedback, ask management to serve some energy drink and remember them to set agenda.

Let’s have a look on some example of Formal meeting agenda template

Example 1

Team Meeting
Date | time [Date | time] | Location [Location] Meeting called by [Meeting called by]

Type of meeting [Type of meeting]

Facilitator [Facilitator]

Note taker [Note taker]

Timekeeper [Timekeeper]

Attendees [Attendees] Please read [Please read] Please bring [Please bring]

Agenda Items
Topic Presenter Time allotted
[Topic] [Presenter] [Time] [Topic] [Presenter] [Time]

Other Information
Observers [Observers] Resources [Resources] Special notes [Special notes]

Example 2

Your logo here

[Sample Meeting Agenda Template]

 Pyramid Model Team Meeting





Meeting Roles






Buddy for absent members:


Meeting Objectives:


Next Meetings dates and places:



Time Item Type of Action Decision Required?


9:00 Welcome/Introductions info sharing no


9:15 Action plan updates discussion yes


10:15 Selection of Coaches discussion yes


11:15 Continued planning of train discussion yes

the trainer events

Noon complete meeting evaluation & adjourn

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