Transfer Request Letter Samples

A Transfer Request Letter is a formal document used to request the involved party to permit them to change the location, institution, organization, or department.

A transfer request letter is written by an employee, student, or church member to request a move to another location. It could be due to professional, personal, or medical reasons. This kind of letter is addressed to the relevant organization, be it a school, church, or company. A transfer request letter is important in the sense that it notifies the relevant party of the need and intention to relocate rather than quitting the role. It is also a vital document when it comes to keeping track of an employee’s records.

Finally, it gives you an opportunity to explain why your request should be granted. When writing a transfer request letter, emphasize the urgency and need for relocation. Let the manager know that your presence in the new location is urgent and unavoidable. We have provided a sample transfer request letter that you can modify to fit your situation.

How to Write a Transfer Request Letter

Several things contribute to a successful transfer request letter. This letter should always start with your contact details, the date, and the recipient’s contact information. Below are other tips you should consider.

Start by a formal greeting

You need to ensure that your letter starts with formal greetings. Follow it up with the reason for writing and the reasons your transfer request should be approved. Then, cautiously and politely request the manager’s help in landing a position in your new location. Remember to end the letter with an appropriate closing statement.

Include supporting documents

It is highly recommended that you provide a copy of your resume in the transfer request letter. This will refresh the supervisor’s memory regarding your abilities and strengths. Remember to update your CV and ensure it contains information about the current job. It is vital to match your resume to the target job description.

Refer to sample letters

By writing a highly professional letter, you increase your chances of getting the job. If you find it difficult, you can use samples of previously written letters to come up with a professional draft. You can customize the samples to fit your situation and the position you are applying for.

Uphold professional standards

Always ensure that your letter is written in a professional tone. Further, it should be written in a standard business letter format. It should be just like any other formal letter written for business purposes.

Say thank you

Always show appreciation for any help offered. If possible, include complimentary statements for your colleagues at the department you are currently working in. This does a good job and increases your chances of success.

Keep the letter free of errors

Always proofread the documents before sending them. By paying attention to smaller details, you create the impression that you are interested in doing a fantastic job. This will make your manager more likely to get you the job.

Tip: Ensure that you use a polite and humble tone throughout the letter.

Transfer Request Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Anderson,

I am writing to request a transfer from my current role at Motohub Industries to a similar position at the company’s offices in Dallas, Texas. I’m asking for a transfer because recently, my family experienced significant changes that necessitated the need for me to be closer to them.

I have enjoyed working here over the past seven years, and I fully appreciate the experience I have gained. I am proud of the several positions I held here, which enabled me to play a crucial role in running the company.

Thank you for your consideration and assistance in the matter. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Regina George.

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    Other Things to Consider

    There are always genuine reasons why employees request a transfer. When writing, remember to give the reason in the first two sentences. The request can be based on personal reasons and organizational purposes, such as changing management or filling new positions. Always use a humble approach when giving personal reasons — ensure that it gives you an upper hand. However, if you are applying for a new position, you need to format your letter to a job application format.

    Consider the Overall Position

    In this case, you are supposed to determine your position regarding the request. If you have a clear understanding of the person in charge of the whole process, you will have the best idea of how you can convince them. Furthermore, you will have a better choice of words and an approach that is more likely to succeed.

    Explain How the Transfer will be of Mutual Benefit

    It won’t be easy to get the outcome you want if the transfer only benefits you. The transfer should also be advantageous to the organization. You can mention how the transfer will motivate you to do a better job, making you a better worker. Don’t forget to promote your skills and abilities. Write a letter that will make the manager understand how the transfer will add value to your performance.

    Ensure the Clarity of Points

    A good letter should be well explained and detailed. Where possible, you can include headings and related information. Remember to attach relevant supporting documents such as your resume, character reference letters, and certificates. Always maintain a positive and courteous tone.

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