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10 Free Best Job Application Templates [Free Samples]

Unemployment is one of the world’s modern problems. This is because there are more people seeking jobs than the jobs available. Job seeking can be a frustrating task. It is in your interest that you make the most of any opportunity that presents itself. There is a likelihood that the job you are applying for has a dozen more applicants, yet the hiring committee has to narrow it down to that individual they deem best suitable.

This is the purpose that a job application letter will serve.

An application letter is any letter written by a person requesting to be considered for an opportunity. Within the letter, the author makes their interest clear. An application letter can be sent by mail, hand-delivered, or emailed.

A job application letter is used by a job applicant to convince an employer of their worthiness for a job position.

It is used to reflect on the applicant’s personality more than their academic or professional experience. The letter should set you apart from the other applicants who might be equally qualified in that profession. In a job application letter, you can give events that demonstrate your traits, unlike in a resume.

You should also aim to align your interests, hobbies, or abilities with the company’s vision and mission. A job application usually precedes an interview; if at all, the employer is impressed with you as a person.

Components of a Job Application Letter

A job application letter is sub-divided into several parts that if done correctly ensure the letter serves its intended purpose. They include; heading, salutation, the body of the letter, complimentary close and the closing/signature.

Details about these parts are discussed below:


In the header, you should give your name, address information, date followed by those in charge of recruitment, job title, name of the company, and address information. Remember, this is limited to letters being sent through the mail and in-person. In some instances, you will need to gather some information about those in charge of hiring to know whom you are addressing. Where this is not possible, address the job application letter To Whom It May Concern.

If you are to include the header in an emailed letter, write only the recipient’s information. This is then followed by the subject.

Allan Hancock,
5399 W Genesse St,
Camillus NY 13031.

December 4th,20XX

Emily Sanders,
Hiring Manager,
Jale Beauty and Hair Products,
301 Falls Blvd,
Quincy, MA 2169.


Salutation is a gesture of courtesy used as a greeting or an acknowledgement. Research on who is in charge of hiring pays off when carrying out a salutation. You can then address him or her accordingly as ‘Dear Mrs Brooks,’ which makes the job application letter a bit personal for them, facilitating their conviction in hiring you. Use their surname when writing the salutation.

Dear Mrs Sanders,

Dear Hiring Manager,

Body of the letter

Your objective for writing the letter should be clearly presented in the body of the letter. In the body, you should be aiming to answer the following questions;

  1. Where did you learn of this opportunity?
  2. Which position are you applying for?
  3. What are the traits that define you, and how do they make you suitable for the job?
  4. What are your previous experiences relevant to this job?
  5. What are your talents or abilities that would benefit the company?

First paragraph

In the first paragraph, let the employer know where you learned of the position being open and which position you are applying for. Be direct to the point. For example;

 I would like to declare my interest in the Computer Analyst position advertised on February 13th, 2021, on your website.

Next paragraph(s) 

In the next paragraphs, you should aim to highlight your qualifications, personality-wise. The information you give should show your capabilities as a professional or as an employee. If you have certain interests that can prove to be beneficial to the company, outline them. Use previous events that can support this. A job application letter is not the same as a resume; therefore, can expound on these interests and traits.

I am a self-driven person who has a great interest in improving people’s lives, and I can confidently say my work in micro-finance has helped me realize that belief.

Last part of the body of the letter 

The aim here should be to demonstrate how you as a person can be an asset to the company and contribute to the company’s vision and mission. If you have attained a particular level of education, it should come out in this part of the letter. However, this is not a resume, so you should try as much as possible to be precise and concise.

I have worked in the micro-finance for a decade now, first at Benford Micro-finance, where I held Managing Director’s position and was responsible for transitioning the company from an urban-only client-based institution to a national micro-finance that cuts across borders and social classes. I have a Master’s degree in finance and a certificate in banking. It is my belief I would be an asset to your company, and this would be a good opportunity for me to use my skills to help the company vision for 2025, as published on your website. 

Complimentary close

Let the reader know of your appreciation that they reviewed your job application letter up to this point. Gratitude goes a long way to describe an individual’s personality. In formats that you did not include your contact information, you can provide it at this point.

I appreciate that you have taken the time to go through my letter. For further information, you can reach me at (220) 6611-8893. Thank you for your consideration.


This is particularly for mailed or hand-delivered job application letters. You should sign above your name. Contact information can be provided after the author’s name.

Jermaine Cargo.

Types of Job Application Letter (with Sample Letters)

There are three types of job application letters, and they differ from the method of application. It could be in-person, online, or via email. Different companies prefer different methods; therefore, it is important for you as an applicant to determine which one the target company prefers.

Online Job Applications

Online job applications are those that you apply directly on the employer’s website or through a job board. A website that posts available jobs from employers and applicants can choose a job of their liking, and they can apply via the job board, and the employer can access it for review. It acts as a medium between employers and applicants. You can send your job application letter in the same manner, which then becomes an online job application letter. Sample online job application letter is as:

Anita Barnes,
3340 Northern Ave,
Central Square, NY 13036.
Cell:(555) 887-344,
Email:[email protected].

January 3rd, 2021

Steve Harrison,
Human Resource Manager,
Merry Bakers Ltd,
3949 Route 31,
Clay, NY 13041.

Dear Mrs Harrison,

I am writing this letter to apply for the Assistant Manager position advertised on December 26th,2020, on the company’s website.

I have acquired excellent communication and leadership skills from my extensive community service involvement with the Fresh Start Foundation. As the chairperson, I am required to address the audience from time to time. I have a Bachelor,s degree in Business Administration and am a holder of a CPA certificate, as required in your advertisement.

I am eager to work and learn at Merry Bakers, and I look forward to hearing from you. For further questions, contact me through the provided contact information.

Yours Faithfully,
Anita Barnes

In-Person Job Applications

In-person job applications are those that require your physical presence for application. In such a scenario, the applicant is sometimes given a form(s) with questions that the employers consider important to fill. You could be requested to hand in the necessary documents, such as a resume. If you are to write an application job for such an application, it would be best to hand it in in person. It should be typed and signed at the bottom. Placing it in an envelope and stating to whom it is addressed would go a long way to show your professionalism. Here is a In-person job application letter sample:

Adam Kane,
5618 South Ave,
Central Square, NY 13036.
Cell:+441 7556 555.
Email:[email protected].

January 30th, 2021

Elizabeth Day,
Human Resource Manager,
Jewel Supermarket,
3949 Route 31,
Clay NY 13041.

Dear Mrs Day,

I want to express my interest in the warehouse supervisor position as advertised on the supermarket notice board. I have been working as a storekeeper at a local retail shop, and I believe I am ready for a new challenge.

My responsibilities include; keeping a record of sales, restocking the store, organizing the store and maintaining inventories. I am a devoted employee, and I ensure my ethics are reflected in the work I do. The supermarket is ten minutes away from my place of residence.

I am available to work on either the day or night shift. Do not hesitate to reach out in case you have any pending questions. Thank you for your consideration.

Adam Bravo

Email Job Applications

These are applications that are sent via email. In a world where companies are migrating most of their activities online, sometimes you will be required to apply for a position via email. This is usually prevalent within small companies that do not have the capabilities to invest in software and hardware necessary for online applications. In such cases, if you are to use a job application letter, the company would most likely request you send it via email. Email job application letter sample is given below:

To: [email protected]

Subject: Human Resource Manager position

Dear sir/madam,

With reference to the Human Resource Manager position advert made on The People’s Daily, I am writing this letter to show my interest in the position.

I am a practising HR manager at JD Printers company for four years. I have fulfilled my responsibilities with diligence and accountability. However, I believe it is my time to seek a new challenge in a larger organization like your company.

I believe I would be well-suited for this job as I am a very social person and have a good understanding of cultures from my passion for travelling which has seen me interact with different cultures around the world.

I have a master’s degree in Human resources and a bachelor’s degree in psychology. I have attached my resume, which can provide further information.

I would be honoured to work in your company, and it is my hope you will take my application into consideration. For any questions, contact me through the number provided below.


Abel Moore

Cell:(111) 4921-003

Job Application Letter Template

[Your name]

[Your address]

[Your email address]

[Your phone number]


Name of hiring manager]

[Title of hiring manager]

Name of company]

[Company address]

Dear [Mr./Mrs.]

I write this letter in regards to the position] position advertised on your company’s official website, [company’s website]. I am interested in the position and would appreciate your consideration for the same.

I have worked for [Indicate previous job experiences] and a Bachelor’s in [Profession] degree/master’s/PhD holder. [Include any other qualifications or experience].

I am passionate about… [Passion/interests that demonstrate your personality and abilities that would benefit the company’s vision and mission].

Show your appreciation to [whoever is concerned] for taking the time to review your letter.


[Your signature]

[Your name]

Job Application Letter Sample

Michael Smith,

3018 East Ave,

Central Square, NY 13036.

January 30th, 2021

Gary May,

Human Resource Manager,

Gerich Electronics,

3949 Route 31,

Clay NY 13041.

Dear Mr May,

I write this letter to declare my interest in the Sales and Marketing Manager position advertised in the New York Gazette in the January 25th issue.

I have seven years of experience in sales and marketing, which has seen my work for companies such as Holla Telecommunications Company for five years and J&R Mobile Company for two years. At Holla Telecommunications, as a sales and marketing manager, I led a team responsible for increasing the sales by sevenfold, which saw the company grow from a small to a medium-sized enterprise. I am a Bachelor’s in marketing degree holder from The University of Preston.

I am a founding member and chairman of The Feel Home Foundation, a community-based organization that raises money to help assimilate children with disabilities into the community. A position I took as I enjoy interpersonal socialization as well as community-based activities. Through the foundation, I have interacted with people from different backgrounds, which have equipped me with an in-depth understanding of different cultures and skills that have proven quite helpful in my marketing career.

I am competent in digital marketing, a skill I learned so as to adapt to the new way of advertising and marketing. I am also a good orator and fluent in English and Spanish.

I want to express my gratitude for you taking the time to review this letter, and it is my hope you will consider my application for the position. I am available for an interview and if you have any queries, kindly contact me through any of the provided contact information.


Michael Smith

Free Templates

At one point in their lives, a great number of people have had to apply for a job; as nerve-wracking as this process can be, following the points addressed in this article can go a long way in simplifying your approach towards writing your application letter. With ever-increasing competition in the job market, learning how to write a good job application letter can prove advantageous; hence it is important to equip yourself with the necessary skills to draft one. Stand out!

We understand writing an up to standard job application letter is not an easy task; you must present it formally and professionally. To ease the hustle of coming up with your job application letter, we have provided job application templates free to download. Once you download it, you can use it as a guide to draft yours or customize it as you see fit. All this is available on our website, just for you!









    Things to Consider When Writing a Job Application Letter

    before crafting a job application letter, there are some key points we would recommend you put into consideration. They improve the quality of your job application letter and therefore increase your chances of securing that job you desire.

    Review information about the company and position

    As an applicant, you should extensively research for information about the company and the open position. You should be able to have an idea of the company’s goals, vision, and mission, and core values. This helps you narrow down on what exactly the employer is looking for and forms a basis of self-evaluation on your suitability for that position.

    Emphasize your skills and abilities

    A job application letter is an opportunity for you to market yourself to the employer, take it. You should major in your strengths in terms of personal traits, skills, and any other valuable quality.

    Use a professional format

    A job application cover letter is an official document and hence should be written as one.

    Characteristics of a professional format include;

    • Single spacing
    • One-inch margins
    • It should be aligned to the left
    •  Fonts like Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri are recommended.
    • Font size- between 10 and 12

    You should give enough details but in a few words. A job application should be one page long at most. All the relevant information should be given within that allowance.

    Create the heading

    The professional format of writing a header should be used, starting with the sender’s information, followed by the date, then the recipient’s information. Your name, address, and contact information should appear unless the job application letter is sent via email, where it should be placed at the bottom after the signature.

    Address the letter to the hiring manager

    The job application should be addressed to the hiring manager/committee. You should put in the effort to find their actual names but where that information is not available, address it to the hiring manager or Whom It May Concern.

    Open the letter by describing your interest

    You should start by making your intentions, which is an interest in a specific job opportunity. Remember you want to be upfront about the reason for writing the job application letter. It introduces the reader to the writer’s subject matter

    Outline your experience and qualifications

    Since the application letter aims to try and convince the employer whom you deserve to be hired, give him or her reasons to. This you can do by highlighting your previous work experience, academic qualifications, and skills. These should be reflective of your capabilities as an employee.

    Include aspects of your personality

    A job application letter should give the employer an idea of who you are as a person and what personality traits you possess. This helps the employer relate with you on a personal level.

    Express appreciation

    At the end of the letter, you should include a statement of appreciation to the hiring manager. Courtesy can go a long way in influencing their decision.

    Close the letter

    Ensure you close the letter using any of the professional sign-offs. If the letter is to be hand-delivered or by mail, remember to sign above your name. If it is by email, insert your contact information.

    Proofread the letter

    Always go through your letter before printing and before sending. You should go through the letter before printing to check for spelling and grammatical errors and before sending to check for printing errors.

    Review the job listing keywords

    Before crafting the letter, you should go through the job listing and note down or highlight keywords that the employer might have emphasized. This helps you be intentional in your content and word selection throughout the letter.

    Send the letter to apply for the job

    It is advisable that you also send an application letter whenever you apply for a job as this can go a long way in marketing yourself.

    Sending Your Job Application Letter

    How you are to send a job application determines the format which you are to use when crafting the letter. Letters sent by either mail or hand-delivered usually have the same format; however, this changes if they are to be emailed.

    When sending the letter via mail and in person, consider placing it in an envelope and stating to whom it should be delivered, for example, ‘To Human Resources’. Neatness should be a priority when sending the letter. The letter should be typed, and at the bottom, you should sign.

    If you are to send the letter via email, your contact information should not appear at the top of the letter but in the conclusion or at the bottom. You should ensure that the subject of the email is attention-grabbing by being specific and creative in your choice of words. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long should my job Application letter be?

    A job application letter should not be longer than one page under the professional format.

    Do job applications ask for SSN?

    Yes. This is important for employers to attain an applicant’s records, background checks, and any other information as allowed by the law.

    Is it illegal to ask for a picture with a job application?

    Yes. This is because a photo contains information such as the race and ethnicity of the applicant, which should not be a basis for hiring an individual according to the law.

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