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10 Free Temporary Appointment Letter Examples | Templates

A temporary appointment letter is a document that offers employment on an ephemeral basis. It is different from permanent employment in that it allows an employee to function under certain terms and conditions.

The purposes of a temporary appointment vary. The need to reduce the cost of running an organization, the replacement of a permanent worker who just earned a promotion, and more are attributable factors.

Since the contract is not a permanent one, it is important to include information such as the date of employment, salary, position in the organization, duration of employment, the task involved, terms and conditions unique to the organization, and more. These components have been described in the article in detail.

Crafting a Temporary Appointment Letter

The terms and conditions stated in a temporary appointment letter make it important to address every section carefully and correctly. This is because your employee would take his or her time to read and confirm if every section aligns with the job offer he or she applied for.

The employer reserves the right to terminate the employment at any time with and without your consent.

 A temporary appointment letter must be crafted such;

Name of employee

As an employer, you must ensure that the letter is addressed to the successful candidate(s). The best practice remains including the first and last name of the employee(s).

Rank offered

The rank offered section of the temporary appointment letter provides your employee with a clear understanding of his or her position. Stating your employee’s position is very crucial because every rank is linked with roles or responsibilities.

Date of employment

The date of employment declares the date the recipient becomes your employee (a temporary one)/starts working for your company.


The salary offered section of the temporary appointment letter must outline your employee’s salary during active employment and all other conditions (tax inclusive) associated with it. It helps proper; flawless transactions to be made on payday.

Employment period

This section confirms the length or duration of which the recipient would remain an employee in your organization. The employment period provides the date of commencement and termination date. Hence, your employee already understands when his contract is over even before he accepts the offer of an appointment.

Duties and responsibilities

This is where you state the duties and responsibilities expected of the employee within the period of the contract. The section also reveals the special conditions and penalties attached to flaws during assignment execution. It helps him evaluate himself and decide if he is a good fit for you (the employer).

Date of termination

The date of termination is the day an employee’s contract comes to an end in your organization. As an employer, you reserve every right to modify the date of termination at your discretion.

Details of employer

This is the portion where you provide your details to your new employee (if he accepts all the terms and conditions). Information such as your position in the organization, your contact number, email and, other means of communication should be provided in the details of the employer section.

Important Note

Unlike a work contract, a temporary appointment letter does not guarantee job security. Dismissal or any form of suspension right belongs to the organization. This is also a major reason why a temporary appointment is different from a probationary offer.

Temporary Appointment Letter Template

Name: SSN:

The intent of [Name of organization] is to employ you, on a Contract basis upon the following terms and conditions, and following the below-listed Personnel Policy:

Employment Category – Temporary: Individuals under this classification are not official employees. They are regarded as independent contractors. This implies that the Leave and fringe benefit programs of this policy do not concern them. These issues would be addressed separately in their contractual agreements. Nevertheless, the remaining section of the policy might serve as a guide in dealing with these employees.

This letter of temporary appointment is for services rendered from 12/10/19 to 11/9/20.

All tasks executed During this period are performed tagged as “needed”.

The total wage for rendering the above services shall be based upon [include your rate here]

[Name of Organization] reserves the right to cancel or revise your position due to insufficient funding, the poor performance of duties or other reasonable issues deemed fit by the organization.

This letter of appointment may be revised, extended, or waived in any manner except both parties agree.

All matters relating to this temporary appointment should be handled by the law of [insert your state].

This letter of appointment entails the entire agreement of all parties concerned.

Employee Date

Director Date

Temporary Appointment Letter Sample


Dear Mike,

Re: Contract for Services

I am pleased to confirm that you have been selected as one of our temporary employees.

Here are the conditions under which we may be able to employ your service:

Type of Engagement

Work will be offered to you on a “needed” basis as and when there is a need for work to be done. You are at liberty to accept or decline any offer. There is no guarantee for continuous work and shortage of work means we reserve the right to cease payment.

Ensure you notify us about your other engagements so that we can deliberate on any potential implications involved.

Based on the agreed attendance period, you might get to work on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. Failure to show up during work hours attracts a penalty. Hence tube us a heads up in the case of emergencies

Notification requirement to end a contract

The company reserves the right to end a contract at any time and without prior notification. You may also terminate your contract by contacting the company first about your motive.


Payment will be made based on an initial agreement. It could be a weekly or monthly thing after the submission of a flawless timesheet.

Fundamental deductions such as income tax and NI contributions would be automatically dedicated to your payment unless you prove to us that you have other arrangements with those bodies. Submitting wrong or unverified documents can lead to a delayed payment.

Any problem regarding payment should be directed towards your manager.


The employee is to deliver to the company a timesheet detailing the number of hours worked during the week before the end of the coming week or that very week. The inventory must be signed by an official representative of the company.

If the temporary worker fails to submit a verified timesheet, the company must investigate the legitimacy of hours worked by the employee. Paying for only the hours worked and delayed payments is usually the outcome.

Working hours that count include the period allocated to executing an assignment for the company, hours spent on traveling for the assignment, and more. Unpaid breaks do not count.


Failure to be present upon request or during work hours should be communicated to your manager as fast as possible to avoid tampering with the timesheet.

Statutory Annual Leave

Based on statutory requirements, you are worthy of a paid annual leave. However, if a contract is not up to the one-year margin, paid leave will be calculated accordingly. There is no room for a bank or public holidays unless stated otherwise by your employee.

Holiday payments are drafted on a separate slip. It would be wise to save them, especially for holiday seasons.

Uniforms and Property

All properties including official uniforms, materials, etc. Must be returned at the end of each assignment’s completion. Uniforms must be worn as directed by the company. All confusing issues as regards company property should be directed to the company.

Health & Safety at Work

All matters regarding health and safety should be issued to your manager as soon it arises.

Equal Opportunities

We are committed to providing equal opportunities regardless of race, origin, color, ethnic group, gender, marital status, to name a few. In terms of skills and abilities, our metrics and analytical approach are unbiased.


You are expected to maintain good work. Failure to do so attracts suspension or potential termination of the contract. During the assignment, period ensures there is no breach in conduct or contract of service coming from your end.


All temporary workers must agree to not divulge confidential information from the company during and after the period of the contract.

If you agree to the above terms and conditions, kindly sign and date these letters. Keep one for reference sake and return the other copy to me.

Yours Sincerely,

[For and on behalf of Helena Productions Limited]

Signature: ………………………………………………………. Date: …………………………………………………

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    Final Words

    When drafting a temporary job appointment letter, employers ensure they are accurate and precise with every bit of information. This prevents confusion or the possibility of facing any legal action. In other words, it is important to make the appointment letter easy to understand. The use of a readable font, proper formatting is advised and as always, gives no room for poor sentence structure or jargon.

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