12+ Employee Termination Letter Samples & Templates

An employee termination letter is the inevitable result of sub-par work, often after multiple warnings. In this type of letter, the date of termination and information about last paychecks are typically included alongside the reason for termination. Of utmost importance, these termination letters are to the point, professional, and nonabrasive. Free sample templates are provided for guidance.

The decision to fire an employee for depleting quality of work is in consideration of the greater good of the company. Since the act of being fired naturally harbors a harsh reaction, the termination letter must not set any grounds for a lawsuit. Consequently, the tone cannot be personal or launch any personal attack on the employee in precaution of retaliation. The fragile nature of job termination makes it incredibly useful to use a template or observe samples before beginning to construct a termination letter. Sample letters will provide examples of the tone of voice required and what should be included within the letter.

For instance, the letter should include a simple reason for termination along the lines of consistently poor performance and lack of improvement (Related: Termination letters for poor performance). Although undoubtedly negative, it remains important to avoid excessive negativity and to end the letter with positivity for the employee’s future and thanks for their work. Once again, samples outline the necessary points to hit and demonstrate how concise a well written termination letter should be. Quite simply, the letter’s purpose is to inform the employee, not to insult.

 Sample of Employee Termination Letter:

Employee Termination Letter Sample

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Download Sample of Employee Termination Letter

Guide to Write an Employee Termination Letter Sample

Sample Employee Termination Guide

source: legalzoom.com


Employment Agreement Termination Letter Example

Employment Agreement Termination Sample

Download Employment Agreement Termination Letter


Employment Termination Due to Staff Reduction

Sample Letter of Employment Termination Due to Staff Reduction



Household Employee Termination Letter Sample

Household Employee Termination Letter Sample


Termination of Employment Letter Example

Termination of Employment Letter Sample

Download Employment of Termination Letter

Sample of Employment Contract Termination Letter

Free Employment Contract Termination Letter Sample

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Termination Agreement Sample Between Company and Employee


Employee Termination Letter Due to Poor Attendance

Sample Employee Termination Letter Due to Poor Attendance



Probationary Employee Dismissal Termination Letter Sample

Probationary Employee Dismissal Letter Sample

source: personnel.wv.gov

Download Employee Dismissal Termination Letter Sample

Letting an employee go is hard on both ends. However, the process should be clear cut and uncomplicated. A job termination letter, in addition, should reflect this as well. Its mission is to plainly and professionally explain an employee’s termination–provided samples serve as a great outline. Even in the most extenuating of circumstances, an employee termination letter must remain consistent, avoiding common mistakes and including what is integral.