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Shipping Packing List Template and Samples

Production of commodities is not complete until these goods are delivered to the final consumer. This is why multinational corporations produce their products to the different parts of the world. With the shipping packing list template, all is arranged and organized and thus goods in transit are compounded for. This has been helpful in the modern world and has become the order of the day. Whether a country in interconnected with the sea or land rocked shipping has been effective. It has helped in delivering products from one economic block to another.

What the shipping packing list entails

  1. It contains the date of the shipments and the expected period on transit. This date is important because goods in transit should be corresponding with the dates manufactured to restrict importing and exporting faulty products.
  2. The particular product name. This help in the clearing and forwarding at the various channels that help in permitting in the genuine products
  3. It contains the clearance form from the exporter and the invoice confirming to the buyer that he acknowledged the money and still indicating the quantities paid for.
  4. The period the whole process will take is also indicated and should not be short of the required time spell nor should it be more to derail the consumer or the buyer.
  5. It categorically specifies the particulars of the sender and the buyer as it may be specified. Giving particulars of the quantity price and country of export.


The shipping packing list template has become one of the effective document in the modern trade because they have eased the clearing and forwarding helped states to curb importing outlawed products and other necessarily evils that come with it. Adding to the technology the sender can send the same to the buyer and it will help in confirming the particular contained in.


Shipping Packing list Template Word

Shipping Packing List Template Word


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