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While traveling, it is usually highly likely that you might overlook certain items or forget to pack them altogether. To avoid this from happening, you have to make use of a suitable packing list template. It will guide you in such a way as to avoid overlooking any of your crucial gears.

What is called a good packing list?

A good packing list has to possess a number of features and characteristics. Below are the key traits which a list of that kind must have:


The list has to incorporate all gears and essentials you need while on the go. You have to craft a list of the things which you have in mind and must carry around. These will act as the guide when placing them in the suitcase.


Different means of transportation are governed by unique rules and regulations. It is also necessary that the list you have in mind captures this reality and conforms to it strictly. For instance, air travels do restrict what may be carried on board or not.


Obviously, the list has to be relevant to the purpose of your trip. You cannot pack items required for a wedding ceremony while going for funeral, for instance. This calls for you to ascertain your own intentions before setting out.


A good list has to be highly adaptable. This means it should be easier to modify to be able to serve other kinds of trips than the one for which it is originally intended. You want this badly while planning for many trips.


It is one thing to craft a list. It is yet another thing for that list to be understood by another person. To ward off any ambiguities, you want yours to be very simple and easier to understand. Use simple language which is followed easily.

Free packing list templates

Travel Packing Lists

This is the list you craft while intending to go for a journey. It contains all the details of the items you plan to carry along with you.

Alex Tilley's Checklist for Packing

Holding Packing List

Interpid's Ultimate Packing List

Packing List for The Bahamas

Packing List PDF Template

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Packing PDF Checklist

Packing PDF List Template

Printable Travel Packing List

Printable Travel PDF Checklist

The Packing List Template

The Travel Packing List

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The Ultimate Packing List 01

The Ultimate Packing List

Travel Essential Packing List

Travel Packing List Template

Travel Packing List

Travelling Packing Excel Checklist

Universal Packing List

Vacation Travel Packing List

    Cruise Packing Lists

    Planning to take a cruise ship. Well, you have to rely on a cruise packing list. Be sure to note those items which are barred and those which are admissible.

    Packing List Template

    Travel Cruise Packing List

    Women's Cruise Clothing Packing List

      Vacation Packing Lists

      Holidays and vacations, especially those attended by whole families, are generally complicated. You cannot plan for a good one without making do with a good vacation packing list.

      Checlist of Things to Pack on a Holiday

      Disney Vacation Ultimate Packing List

      Family Travel Check List

      Master Packing List for Vacation Rentals

      The Vacation Packing List

      Vacation Packing List Essential

      Vacation Packing List

        Camping Packing Lists

        Outdoor activities, much like the vacations, are also strenuous to plan and facilitate. That is why you have to rely extensively on a suitable camping packing list. You want to prevent any confusions as much as possible.

        Camping Packing Checklist

        Camping Packing List

        Packing List Template 02

          Beach Packing Lists

          Beaches are unique in that there are so many items you will use here which you do not apply elsewhere. Only by placing your bet on a good beach packing list will be able to make yours a success.

          Beach Holiday Packing List

          Travel Packing List to the Beach

            College Packing Lists

            Are you a college student? You will require a comprehensive college packing list to ensure that you do not leave any item unpacked. Pay attention specifically to the various items which only a college student makes use of.

            Semester Abroad Packing List

            Student Checklist for International Program

              Hostel Packing Lists

              Wishing to spend some of your time at a hostel? See to it that you pack everything you need while at the facility. This way, you will avoid any possibility of forgetting anything which might compromise your experience.

                Hotel Packing Lists

                When utilizing the hotel room facilities, it is not uncommon for you to forget to carry some things or leave them behind after you check out. The list is intended to prevent either eventuality from occurring and is hence a ‘must have.’

                  Trip Packing Lists

                  Traveling out for too long is also prone to some dangers and issues. Chief among these are forgetfulness and the possibility of overlooking any item. Prevent either from arising by incorporating a trip packing list.

                    When should you start packing?

                    Generally speaking, you are advised to start packing around 4 weeks to the actual day of travel. This is to give you ample time to gather all the essential supplies. It also prevents you from forgetting anything which you might find essential in your trip.

                    How to organize your bags?

                    If it so happens that you have to carry more than one bag, you will have to organize them accordingly. The best way to do so is to assign numbers or labels to each bag depending on what exactly you package in them. This helps with the identifications later.