(RV) Bill of Sale Forms

The term ‘RV’ stands for a recreational vehicle. It is a large utility vehicle that is used as a ‘home away from home.’ In many instances, it is employed in campsites and other remote facilities. Under such circumstances, it is used to provide shelter and accommodation to the campers.

A ‘recreational vehicle’ bill of sale form is a document that is used to dispose of the said vehicle from a present owner to a new buyer. The document also plays the secondary role of transferring the title of the said vehicle from one claimant to another one.

When do you need a “(RV) Bill of Sale Form”?

Disposing of a recreational vehicleIts primary purpose is to eliminate this vehicle from a present owner to a new owner. It does principally by identifying the two parties involved in the dispute and the roles they assume altogether.

Transferring the title of the vehicleAfter a car has been successfully transferred from one owner to another, the document yet again comes in to aid with the transfer of the tile. In doing this, it facilitates the settlements of any disputes.

Vouching for OwnershipThough not a title in its own right, this document may also be used to confirm for the ownership of the said vehicle altogether. It is a role it assumes mainly if no title exists to that effect for the time being.

Litigations and DisputesThe document may also serve to facilitate lawsuits and disputes. It is especially if those disputes emanate from ownership of the stated recreational vehicle.

Valuations:  If you are assessing the vehicle to ascertain its value, the bill of sale form yet again comes into aid with just that. Reason? It contains the value of the car engraved in the way of a price.

List of things that should be included in the (RV) Bill of Sale Form.

  • The price to be paid for the vehicle by the buyer
  • Any necessary inspections before the disposal of the document
  • Security deposits or payments made to those effects
  • Notary public or witness signatures
  • Type of the recreational vehicle such as the travel trailer, camper or the motorhome
  • Name and address of the seller and his signature
  • Name and address of the buyer and his signature
  • Time and date of the transaction
  • Year, make and the model of the recreational vehicle
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Manufacturer of the vehicle
  • Body style – how the body looks like or is configured
  • As-is clause –Stipulates that the buyer assumes the ownership of the car in the manner shape or form that it is in. The seller will not be held responsible for any errors or mishaps that arise after that.
  • Price of the RV
  • Odometer readings – The expression of the outstanding total distance covered by the vehicle.
  • Date of the signing the agreement
  • Place of the transaction – Finer details of the state, city, and zip code wherein the sale took place.

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Recreational Vehicle (RV) Bill of Sale Form


Alight! You now know how to make use of the bill of sale. With this firm knowledge at your fingertips, we now trust that you can do a comparatively good job. Why not move on with confidence and make the most of the form? Never gamble with your sale of the recreational vehicle.

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