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Recommendation Letter for Internship (Templates & Samples)

A recommendation letter for internship is a letter written by a past teacher or employer referencing the character of an applicant applying for an internship position in a company or organization.

The recommendation letter for internship offers insight into the applicant’s character and helps the hiring manager/employer decide on whether the applicant would make a great fit for the internship position.

Importance of an Internship Recommendation Letter

Since most internships are unpaid, they can be relatively easy to obtain and may not require a recommendation letter for internship.

However, when entering the realms of a paid internship or an internship position at a prominent organization, the application process can become extremely competitive. It is best to have a few compelling reference letters at hand when applying for such positions.

This is because a recommendation letter for internship can help in the following ways:

  1. The letter will serve as an important testament to the applicants’ skills and their abilities to do the activities that will be assigned to them during the internship period.
  2. The internship letter of recommendation will help the employer/hiring manager verify and assess the applicants’ skills, previous positions held, if any, and their personal character.
  3. By reviewing a reference letter, the hiring manager/employer will be able to see if the applicant is a great fit for the internship position and whether they will be able to bring in new ideas and contribute to lively discussions.

Requesting the Letter

Some learning institutions usually have internships as part of their learning curriculum and require that each student completes an internship program for them to graduate. Some, however, do not have such requirements, and students applying for internships only do so to gain on-the-job experience.

Having some level of experience can give an applicant a competitive edge when applying for a job. Some organizations also do hire interns who perform exemplary well during the internship period.

However, for one to get an internship position, especially in very competitive job sectors, it is important to have a recommendation letter for internship.

Here are things to consider when requesting an recommendation letter for internship :

Choose wisely

Recommendation letters can make or break the chances of an applicant securing an internship. Therefore, the applicant needs to choose someone who will be able to comment on their character, personality, and work ethic. Preferably someone who knows them well, such as their teacher, professor, or employer.

Although anyone can write recommendation letters, the applicant needs to look for someone who has a title to show the employer/hiring manager that they are serious about the internship position and they have people who can vouch for them.

Ask politely

When requesting someone to write you a recommendation letter for internship, it is imperative to factor in various key aspects such as their availability and when such recommendation letters are to be submitted.

As an applicant, it is important to ask them politely and give enough time to enable them to craft a great internship recommendation letter.

Provide background information

To make sure that your recommendation letter for internship doesn’t sound generic or have any misleading information, it is recommended to provide the writer with background information.

This will help them provide a more personalized letter that will help the employer know who you are and possibly give you an edge in the selection process.

To help make the process much faster, make sure to furnish the writer with a copy of your resume.

Free Templates

To Whom It May Concern:

I am _ [your name] a [position] at [company/institution]. I ardently write this letter of recommendation for _ [applicant’s name] for the ________ [name of internship] at _____ [organization/institution’s name] I have found _ [him/her] to be creative and industrious and has been able to show a natural flair for both ____ [mention some of the best areas’s the applicant has excelled in]

I understand that the internship your organization/institution offers is responsible for ____ [mention how the internship position will equip the applicant].

Students are usually tasked with tackling new and exotic ideas in my class, relying on different databases, and collaborating with their peers to handle challenging content. _ [applicant’s name] exhibits expert-level skills and can manage all tasks assigned to him/her with ease.

Whilst I have taught thousands of students in my class- most of whom are now _ [mention some of the titles]. I can only remember a few who were as talented as ___ [Applicant’s name].

Should you need further information on [applicant’s name], please do not hesitate to contact me at ___ [contact information].


_ [Your name]

__ [Title]

__ [Company/Organization name]

Following are some more free recommendation letter for internship downloadable templates to help you;

Recommendation Letter for Internship 01
Recommendation Letter for Internship 02
Recommendation Letter for Internship 03
Recommendation Letter for Internship 04

    Sample Recommendation Letter for Internship

    Below is a sample internship letter of recommendation that one can use to draw inspiration from when crafting one.

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am writing in support of John Doe for an internship. I have known John since he was a student in my class at ABC academy last summer. John distinguished himself in my class by receiving the highest grades in the class. But this accomplishment only nicks the surface of his ability, drive, and character.

    John is the type of person who loves learning new things. He is one of those rare people who work hard and diligently but does so with a smile on his face. He constantly strives for excellence in everything he does but does not let himself thirst for knowledge rule his life. He is a great business-oriented person with a genuine caring for others. It should come as no surprise at all that John is well-liked and equally admire by his peers.

    Johns’ knowledge of the financial markets and rands was unrivaled in my class, allowing him to win a competitive financial market state contest easily. John is also a Leader, holding a position in school as the head student.

    I know first-hand that Johns performs with aplomb in tough situations. He handles himself with polished confidence and can speak up for himself and his peers whenever called upon to do so.

    In short, John’s high caliber of character and keen business-oriented mind sets him well above others at his level of education. I believe that these attributes and so much more will make John an ideal candidate for your organization. I highly recommend him for an internship.


    Paul Mac Cathey

    John’s teacher

    ABC school

    Final Words

    When requesting a recommendation letter for internship, it is important to choose your recommender wisely, ask them politely to write you a recommendation letter, and provide enough background information to ensure that they capture your best qualities in the letter. It is recommended that you meet with them in person or give them a copy of your resume to help them understand some of your achievements and what you are hoping to achieve.

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