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Rebuttal Letter Templates & Quick Guide to Write One

A rebuttal letter is a response developed by an author to reply to reviewers/editors illustrating milestones undertaken towards improving an original publication. It can also be referred to as a response letter used to resolve misunderstandings or defending controversial aspects of any anticipated publication in a journal article. Such letters can be written from scratch or rebuttal letter templates can be used.

Manuscripts must be revised severally before accepted for publication in any journal edition. Such a process is mandatory despite the fact that authors and researchers exert significant efforts towards drafting their original manuscripts. The process of developing the rebuttal letter is associated with heightened anxiety because the authors are awaiting feedback from reviewers. However, regardless of the writer’s expectations, the author is expected to adhere towards certain protocol when generating rebuttal letters. During such a publication phase, authors are always in a dilemma on the best approach towards producing their response letter, and therefore a reply letter can be addressed in two ways:

  1. The author generates a cover letter and attaches a different document addressing reviewer comments
  2. The response message can be separated; the introductory section sent to the journal editors and the second phase detailing responses from the reviewer comments

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Generating a Rebuttal Letter

The procedure of developing a reply letter is straightforward. The author embarks on the process by mentioning the manuscript title and identification. A short paragraph should be included acknowledging reviewers for their valuable time and contributions. It is appropriate to mention how you appreciate editors/reviewers inputs towards enhancing the final version of the manuscript. Such response letters thanking the reviewers set a positive tone from the onset hence facilitating proper communication and collaboration throughout the entire process before the release of the final copy.

If the author decides to include the responses in a separate sheet, it is advisable to include a paragraph summarizing key changes from the initial document. The writer should indicate inclusion of a document illustrating point to point responses under reviewer’s comments. In case detailed responses are available in the same document, it is proper to mention that the next section contains expected responses.


Rebuttal Letter Templates

Rebuttal Letter Templates
source: ftp.ga.gov.au


Rebuttal Letter Sample With Reviewer’s Reply and Script Improvement

Rebuttal Letter Sample With Reviewer's Reply and Script Improvement
source: biomedcentral.com


Rebuttal Response Letter


Rebuttal Response Letter
source: oai.uzh.ch


Recommended Ways to Address the Reviewers Comments

All points to be discussed

It is advisable that every single point discussed by reviewers and editors should be copy pasted and responses given below. In cases when the author disagrees with certain points, they writers should elaborate their reasons.

Point to Point Response

The issues should be addressed sequentially to make it easier for the editor/reviewers to follow the changes done from the manuscript

Categorizing Reviewers Comments

During instances when several observations are available, it is proper to separate specific comments into categories. For example, comments that are related to analysis or even the methodology approach applied can be grouped. The author can add a comment indicating how they have separated the responses according to categories.

Maintain a Polite Tone

Rebuttal letters should be developed using a formal language free of grammar mistakes and punctuation errors and the language used should be officially acceptable. The author must understand that reviewers are simply critiquing their work and not their personality and should, therefore, be polite even during instances when reviewers/editors indicate conflicting views or opinions.

Proofread the Document

Immediately the author completes writing his rebuttal letter, and they should go through it once more and even consult a close friend or professional colleague to ascertain that the responses given meet envisaged standards. Aspects to consider during this particular phase are if the texts are clear and precise, friendliness of the tone and if all the editors/reviewers comments are adequately addressed. If the response given is in the affirmative, then it is time to send the revised edition to the editors.

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