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12 Free Wedding Guest List Templates

The couple decides the list of persons who will be invited to the wedding, and the names of all those persons are enlisted in the wedding guest list. This process requires good collaboration between the couple for making it with mutual understanding. The names of close relatives, friends, colleagues, etc., are mentioned in the wedding guest list and will be invited to your wedding ceremony.

A wedding guest list template provides you with all the options by which you can make sure that nobody may get skipped whom you want to invite to the wedding ceremony.

In addition, the wedding guest list templates can make your work easy by reducing the workload of making a list from scratch. You can make a wedding guest list by dividing it into different sections by using the template.

It is challenging, tricky, and tedious for couples to make the wedding guest list. Some people are inevitable without whom the event cannot be completed. Some are not as significant but are important enough to be invited to your wedding. Some people are not required to be included in the wedding guest list template. It is because there could be conflicts in the elders’ opinions and that of the couple themselves, which will make this process quite hectic for them.

Wedding Guest List Templates

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wedding guest list pdf

wedding guest list tracker

wedding guest list app

 wedding guest list excel

wedding guest list online

 wedding guest list google sheets

    Need of wedding guest list template

    Using the wedding guest list template can help you escape from many troubles and save you from seeking any sort of tension on the occasion of the wedding.

    Many of the couples may get confused about some people who invite them to their wedding ceremony or not. This problem can be solved by considering how much probability is there to meet them in the upcoming year. Otherwise, you can keep them as optional and should decide at the end that whether you are going to add their name in the wedding guest list template or not.

    Steps to Make a Wedding Guest List

    It becomes more complicated to decide the number of people you would want to invite to your wedding than just simply thinking about different people who will be invited. Every couple desires to spend less and does not want to have any persistent factor that could ruin their event. For this purpose, it is essential to carefully list all the close guests and then decide to add or remove them from that list.

    Many different factors should be brought under consideration while making the wedding guest list template. In this process, the preferences of your family members should also be considered along with that of your partner. Following steps can save you from being stressed out while making a wedding guest list template.

    Estimate the capacity

    It would help to choose your event venue according to the approximate number of guests attending that event. When you have an idea about the number of people, it becomes easy to select an appropriate venue from all the available options. On the other hand, you may choose to select the wedding venue first and then enlist the names of people in your wedding guest list template. The maximum capacity of the venue should also be kept in mind.

    It is commonly said that all the invited people will not come to the event and you should expect a lesser number of people. Still, it is not always a good idea because no one would want to spoil their special day so you should keep the actual number of guests in your mind and all the arrangements should be made accordingly.

    Consider your budget

    The number of guests attending your wedding event will have a direct relation with your budget. If you have a small budget and want a simple wedding, you should invite a few guests, and it will help you manage all the things appropriately for those limited number of guests. In this way, those people will be satisfied and happy with the arrangements made by you even on a smaller level.

    Moreover, your venue will also be decided based on your budget. However, a big budget is not always required to make your event special, you can manage things even on a smaller budget, and for that purpose, you will have to invite close relatives and some of the good friends without whom your event cannot get completed.


    You should feel comfortable talking to your partner about the rough estimate that how much many people both of you want to invite to your wedding event.

    Make three lists

    Once the number of people has been decided, and their names have been mentioned on the wedding guest list template, you should have a mutual conversation with both of your family members. It is essential to include them in deciding these things because it is the only way that both families can give their opinion, and the adjustments can then be made accordingly.

    This discussion should be done well before time to give their opinion conveniently, and there will also be the flexibility for adjusting the wedding guest list template.

    You, your partner, and all other members of both the families should be made a part of this decision and to make the process of preparing wedding guest list template easy, you can divide the main list as:

    • List A
    • List B
    • List C

    List A

    In your List A, those persons will be included, without which you and your partner cannot imagine your event to be completed. These people are already understood to be included in the wedding guest list template. This list will include:

    • Your and your partner’s immediate family members, such as grandparents, parents, siblings along with their partners, and their kids as well.
    • Other close relatives are a part of your extended family and include your aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.
    • Your closer friends will also be a part of List A because you have a special bond with them and have experienced many things with them. These friends can be from your school, college, neighbors, workplace, etc.

    List B

    After enlisting all the closer guests, there are still some people in your mind, and you want to invite them to your wedding. Those people will be included in List B. Some of the people who could be in your List B may include:

    • You can invite your colleagues to your wedding with whom you spend a significant part of your day in the office, and a sort of good working relationship has been established with them.
    • You may also plan to invite some plus-ones, including those who have a close association with your List A guests. For example, it might be in the case that if your friend cannot come to your wedding alone, then you may also invite her mother or any elder sibling to accompany your friend.
    • It would help if you also considered that your married cousins would come to your special event with their partners.
    • If you are going to arrange a small event, you may decide not to invite the kids to your wedding, and you will specify while sending the invitation card to those guests who have children.
    • You should hand over the wedding guest list template to your parents so that they can write the names of their friends whom they want to be on your wedding day.

    List C

    This list will mention those people you and your family members do not want to invite to your wedding. This list may include:

    • It is not essential to send the invitation to all the relatives, and you may choose to skip those relatives with whom you have talked to or met a long time ago because your marriage is not a sort of reunion.
    • You may include those friends in this list with whom you have had no significant contact for a long time, and you do not know what is going on in their lives.
    • You may skip the colleagues from your workplace if you have a lesser budget and arrange the wedding event at a smaller level.
    • It is common to invite those people who invited you to their wedding events, but if this happened a long time ago, you don’t need to invite them.
    • It is not necessary to invite your neighbors to your wedding unless you have friends or family relations with your neighbors as well. So it would help if you decided whether to invite them or not based on the level of friendliness between you and your neighbors.
    • If any of your friends have bad habits and it is not convenient for you to invite them to any family gathering, you can also include that particular friend in this list.
    • If you are arranging a smaller wedding setup, you can choose not to invite the kids of your friends and relatives to your wedding and convey this message to them in a kind manner.
    • It is not essential to give a plus-one to anyone who is not in a relationship with anyone else or is married. It may include such people who are a part of your friend’s or cousin’s social circle, and you do not even know them.

    Include the finalized name in the response card

    The last step in making your wedding guest list template work according to your planning is to print the names of people on the response cards before sending them to the particular persons. This step will help you specify if all family members are invited or not. And you can also specify if kids are not invited to make the wedding event smaller.


    This step might get inconvenient for some couples, but it will significantly help you manage your wedding guest list template according to your budget and plans.

    How to put together the wedding guest list template?

    Make a list of wedding guests separated into categories: family, close friends, college friends, work people, parents’ guests, etc. Therefore, when it is necessary to cut someone, it is easier to search.

    Before putting names in the categories, it is good to talk about some points: are you going to invite distant relatives? Will they include children? What about the people at work and their bosses? That way, it would be nice to talk on a case-by-case basis about these guests and be both ready to give in.

    Guestlist Worksheet Templates

    Why use a wedding guest list template? The answer to that question cannot be more direct. You can’t plan a wedding without knowing how many people are going to celebrate with you.

    Keeping all your guests in one place makes life easier when talking to suppliers, as well as confirming your presence, knowing who will be invited to the wedding, to whom the invitation has already been delivered and when it is time to thank the gifts.

    Not all lists were created equal, and we will pull the sardine to our wedding guest list templates that are complete for download, with all these topics to make your life easier.

    The wedding guest list templates that we set up, especially to help you, will be a very important tool for the proper organization of your wedding, so we are giving you a GIFT to download, which is super intuitive and easy to use.

    How Can Having a Wedding Guest List Template be Helpful?

    A wedding guest list template can help you in many ways. It can be helpful for you if you are managing any wedding event for the first time that is your special occasion and have no experience of making arrangements for any other person’s wedding. You can adequately manage your guest list by using this template in which all the checklists and sections are already available.

    Moreover, the most significant advantage of having a wedding guest list template is that your time will be saved. You will not have to review the wedding guest list template repeatedly to check if someone is missing. Instead, you will list the names according to the available checklist. It will also save you from tackling any unanticipated trouble of missing someone out from the wedding guest list.

    Getting a wedding guest list template is not an issue. Many of such templates are available online, and you can freely download them according to your ease, the number of guests, and by considering your other requirements.

    Following are free wedding guest list templates that can be downloaded for free:


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    how to cut family from wedding guest list

    who to invite to wedding

    guest list app

    wedding websites

    wedding checklist

    wedding guest list etiquette 01

      Tips to Shorten the List

      The people who will be present on the wedding day must be the ones who are special to the newlyweds, who live in their hearts, those who have daily contact and who participate in their love story.

      That way, you can build a smaller guest list template without too much guilt. Take into account the proximity, obligation, expenses, and importance of the person when making the cut decision.

      There will be a divergence of opinion between the couple – it’s normal, guys! – and when the family is involved, it can get even more complicated. Therefore, a lot of dialogue is needed. For parents, this is a very special and very proud moment, so naturally, they want to share it with their family and friends as well.

      Definitely another subject that shows how the wedding guest list template is a sensitive topic. To include children in your marriage or not?

      It is a fact that when you list down the number of guests and review the list, it will be more than your expectation. So, at this point, you will need to remove some of the guests from your wedding guest list template to make the number of people reasonable who will attend your marriage.

      During the first review, you will realize how many people are unimportant and should not be invited to the wedding, and it will help you in trimming down your list consequently. It is essential to trim down the list by mutual consent of your elder family members to avoid conflict on the day of the event. You can save your time by using the wedding guest list templates.

      Following are some of the tips that might help you in managing your wedding guest list template:

      Invite adults only

      The best way to shorten your wedding guest list template is to invite adult members to your wedding occasion. It is suitable when your wedding budget is low and cannot arrange your wedding at a more significant setup level.


      You can write down exciting phrases on your invitation cards, such as “All the parents have a chance of enjoying a kid-free event!”

      Divide the groups

      You can arrange your main list by dividing it into different groups such as parents, relatives, friends, etc. These categories should be made for both families. You can choose to make half a list for your family guests and a half for your partner’s family guests. On the other hand, you can also choose to make a half list by collaborating with your partner, and the rest of the half wedding guest list can be made by your and your partner’s parents.

      When it comes to inviting your friends, there could be different groups of friends such as school friends, college friends, university fellows, colleagues from the workplace, etc. You can list down your friends in these categories, and then if you would need, you might choose not to invite a whole particular group depending on your guests’ number and wedding budget. It will significantly help you in trimming down your wedding guest list template.

      Create a kid’s policy

      You and your partner might choose to have a policy related to kids. For example, you can mention that children above a certain age are invited to the wedding. You should not feel embarrassed about mentioning this statement because only you have an idea about your resources. You will take this step to make your special event memorable by managing all the things while staying within your budget allocations.

      If you are thinking about it, it is good to know some details, and they can help with the decision.

      • Make a wedding guest list template with the separated children, so you can know the approximate number of how many will go on the wedding day.
      • Talk to the buffet to find out if, for children, nothing will be charged, if half or full will be charged.
      • Children usually go with companions, and the nanny incurs an extra guest charge.
      • Will it be necessary to hire some type of entertainment for the little ones? Plus, an extra cost.

      Set a deadline

      You should provide a deadline to your guests to inform you that whether they will come to your wedding or not. It is essential to get saved from overspending. It will also help you give detailed information to your caterer well before the time.

      RSVP – Attendance Confirmation

      There are a few ways to do RSVP (confirmation of attendance):

      •  Phone or email in the invitation: the bride and groom can put a phone or email for the guests to send confirmation until the day specified in the text.
      • Wedding website: the vast majority of wedding websites have this function. The bride and groom add the website URL  for the guests to access and confirm their presence, so the bride and groom can control everything in real-time.
      • QR Code: it is the famous square image where the guest takes a picture and is directed to a website, where he can do the RSVP.
      •  RSVP active: as there is a great possibility that people will not access the site or call for confirmation, at first, a solution is to hire an active RSVP to contact each one by phone. That way, it is guaranteed that a more assertive list is achieved.

      Last Tip

      After you hit the hammer, leave the wedding guest list template quiet. In the same way, do not suffer any more for the people who were cut off, do not dwell on numbers, and worry about the other aspects of your marriage. In short, this stage is over.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Do you have to invite your boss to your wedding?

      To make this decision, you should consider the working environment of your office and your working relations with your boss. If the work environment is quite friendly and everyone seems to be like a family, then you can choose to invite your boss to your wedding. However, this decision will also depend on the level of setup you and your partner because if it is only a small family function, you may not require inviting your boss.

      If someone sent you a gift, do you have to invite them?

      It is not always necessary that you will be obligated to invite that person to your wedding who has sent you a wedding gift before the event. It is just a message from that person that he/she is happy for both of you, and you are essential to them. You may receive the gift after sending the invitation cards to other guests, and now you have the plan to invite that particular person also, then you should make sure that he/she is informed about her invitation soon.

      Is it rude to eliminate an estranged guest from the list?

      If somethings go wrong with a particular guest or with their family members, then it is not a good idea to take away the invitation from them. In this case, you should consider the level of a dispute with them and talk with your parents about what to do now. Your decision will depend on the message you want to convey to them. For example, if you do not want to solve the matter, you may ask them not to attend your marriage ceremony. But on the other hand, if you want to solve things, you may choose to keep things regular and leave the final decision of attending the marriage or not on them.

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