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15 Free Performance Evaluation Forms (Word | PDF)

Performance evaluation forms are documents that are used in measuring the employee’s work performance. A major key element to the success of any business performance is a good employee evaluation. However, this can only be possible with the right approaches in place, including using a performance evaluation form.

How to use a Performance Evaluation

To further the employee’s professional and personal development, the management has to provide proper growth and feedback opportunities. The feedback can be provided frequently through email or one on one conversation, with a formal approach being through performance review meetings. Such meetings usually focus specifically on the employee’s general performance and his or her role within the business. Different methods can be used in a performance evaluation method including;

  • The human resource accounting method
  • Psychological appraisals
  • BARS which stand for behaviorally anchored rating scales
  • Assessment center approach
  • Client or customer reviews
  • SAM standing for subordinates appraising managers
  • Managerial reviews
  • Self-appraisals

Picking the right performance evaluation approach is critical since it reflects what is in your mind regarding your employees and how caring you are to the employee’s morale. Once you settle on the right approach, you should ensure it is properly implemented to eliminate the possibility of critical performance gaps.

How to Create a Performance Evaluation Form

A performance evaluation form aims at ensuring you can collect all the vital information using a single easy to comprehend sheet. Therefore, you need to figure out the essential performance aspects and ensure they are well represented in the form. You can choose to use numerical scales or an open-end form for better and elaborate feedback. Smart-Draw helps by making the creation of the forms easy since it includes different employee performance evaluation templates. All you need to do is to open the model and customize it to suit your evaluation needs. This includes adding your company logo and changing two or three performance metrics and then printing it.

Appropriate Practices when Creating a Performance Evaluation Form

  • Make it simple and clear. Make certain the information the form seeks is very concise and clear. Therefore, it needs to provide a smooth and understandable instruction to employees or managers when completing the form. It should also provide the executives and HR with the necessary details when making proper and strategic decisions regarding the workforce. You can decide to encourage your managers to make use of the S.M.A.R.T approach. This entails the specifics, measurable, achievable, and time-bound adjective methodology when defining and evaluating performance.
  • Determine the objective of the performance form. The form must have a clear purpose. It has to include well-understood guidelines so that the employees can easily understand what information is needed.
  • Establish a defined rating scale. Ensure your performance rating is fair, objective, and consistent. Using an even-numbered rating approach will help your managers rate the employee as above average or below average.

The Basics of a Performance Evaluation Form

A performance evaluation form is normally directed on three essential functions:

  • It aims at providing enough feedback to every person regarding his or her performance and working hours.
  • It serves as the basis for changing and modifying the employee’s behavior towards a more productive working custom.
  • It provides data to business managers, which can be used in judging future work assignments.

Employee Performance Evaluation Forms




 Performance Evaluation Form



Employee Performance Evaluation Form Doc

Employee Evaluation Form Pdf Free

Annual Performance Appraisal Form Sample

Employee Performance Evaluation Form

Performance Evaluation Form Pdf

Performance Evaluation Form Pdf

Employee Self Performance Template WORD

Employee Evaluation Form Pdf Free


    The Benefits of Using a Performance Evaluation Form

    • It can be used in measuring the overall performance of your employees.
    • It helps in identifying different areas of commendation and those that need remediation.
    • It makes it easy for an employer to rate his or her employees, dependent on their total percentage score.
    • Performance evaluation offers both positive and negative feedback, which the employee can use in improving his or her work skills.
    • Motivates employees, when supported by proper merit-based compensation systems.
    • It provides a structured process on how to approach the management when you want to identify problems and clarify the expectations and plans.
    • The collected detail can be used to measure and monitor the success of your business and the induction practices.
    • It makes it possible to identify under-performers and decide whether to keep them with hopes of improvement or let them go.
    • It makes it easy for record-keeping where you can review any changes at any time in the future.
    • The performance form has an important role, especially when deciding who to promote, reward, or transfer.

    Summerizing All

    Using a performance evaluation form correctly will ensure you get to monitor your employees’ performance in a better way. This is because the acquired details offer enough information for your company on the employees’ work progress. It also provides efficiency in any working environment. Using performance evaluation forms also help in making sure there is progress within the business in terms of production and service delivery.

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