Interview Evaluation Forms & Templates (For Manager, Candidate, Etc.)

Where you need to objectively assess staff for promotion or conduct recruits, an interview evaluation form is an excellent tool to help compare the performance between applicants.

What is an interview evaluation?

An interview is a conversation between the investigator/ recruiter and the respondent, where asking questions is the order of obtaining information. Evaluation is the assessment of the applicant’s knowledge and skills compared to the position applied. Therefore, interview evaluation is getting to the core of finding a successful recruit.

Standard features of an interview evaluation form

The above varies between different fields and positions example some of the skills that a respondent is judged on, varies between levels example manager’s questions differ from front office staff. However, there exist common elements;

  • Applicant’s name
  • Interviewer
  • Date and time of the event
  • Position applied
  • Rating of the applicant example 0-3(not selected), 3-6 (to be considered) and 6-10 (superior or chosen)
  • Sections of assessment example if it is a new staff, most common; technical skills, education, work experience, organizational skill, communication, knowledge of the job, confidence, leadership skills, dressing code, friendliness, team skills among others.
  • Some questions that range from simpler ones to complex.
  • An overall rating backed up with the final recommendation (selected/to be considered/ not elected), comments (overview about the respondent and the reason why they may or may not fit vacancy)

Interview Evaluation Form Samples & Examples

Administrative Interview Evaluation Form Template

Candidate Evaluation Form Sample

Candidate Evaluation Form Template

Complex Interview Evaluation Form Template


Interview Evaluation Form for Manager

Interview Evaluation Form PDF 01

Example Interview Evaluation Form

Interview Evaluation Form Template

Job Interview Evaluation Form

Manager Interview Evaluation Form Template

Project Management Interview Evaluation Form Template

Retail Interview Evaluation Form Template

Simple Interview Evaluation Form Template

Technical Interview Evaluation Form

Technical Interview Evaluation Form Template

How to conduct an interview evaluation

Follow the below easy steps;

  • Start with interview preparation such as finding the location with less or no interruption.
  • Second, distribute the evaluation forms to all evaluators.
  • Ask questions as structured in the form
  • Close the meeting by allowing the applicant also to ask questions
  • Assessment of candidates through the rating on each category and overall performance
  • After the evaluation, there should be a formal group debriefing where each interviewer reveals their thoughts and comments.
  • Discussion and making the final decision.

What to include and not to add in an interview evaluation form?

To know what to include, use the above-outlined features as the guideline as well as download samples of this form. Should not include the following; the applicants;

  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Age or date of birth
  • Disability or pregnancy
  • Race, ethnic or religious background.

Is it essential to have the evaluation sheet?

Not everyone who applies for a specific position suits the reward, scrutinizing is essential in this world of competition thus, yes, it is necessary to have the form to help find a suitable candidate.

Other benefits include;

  • It aids to determine how much training may be required of one for a particular task. Those who have worked in similar position save the company both time and money.
  • It may also aid to determine candidates who are likely to provide long-term commitments based on their resumes thus, helps the interviewer to avoid picking those who are likely to leave the job a few months later after hire for a higher paying one.
  • Finally, it enables the recruiter to hire someone who matches the company needs.

Interview Evaluation Form Templates (Word, PDF)





How Does an Interview Evaluation Form Works?

When you are interviewing individuals, you are looking for someone who will work for your business in a way that will be good. You are looking for someone who is going to be a good help to your business. You need to be careful who you turn to in such a time. When you are interviewing someone, you need to know what you should ask them, and you need to know how to evaluate all that you find out and how to determine just how qualified they are for the job. You will find that an Interview Evaluation Form can help you with all of that.

Through the help of an Interview Evaluation Form, you will be able to evaluate the information that you receive in regard to your potential employee. The Evaluation Form that you use will give you help in figuring out just how qualified your potential employee is in regard to the education that they have received. You will be able to rate such information on the form. You will find that this form allows you to rate how ready your employee is for the job in regard to the experience that they have. An Interview Evaluation Form will help you to make the most of the interview that you complete with your potential employee.

You would like to stay professional through the hiring process and you would like to hire only those who will help your business to succeed. You will find that an Interview Evaluation Form can help with that. Through the help of such a form, you will be careful in the hiring that you do. You will find that an Interview Evaluation Form can help you to look into each interviewee in a careful manner and to consider all that they have to offer.

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