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8 Best New Year Menu Templates

The New Year’s Eve supper menu may vary yearly, but some ingredients rarely stay out. And the reason is not just the taste but the meaning of each of them.

In popular culture, some foods are synonymous with prosperity and luck; therefore, if consumed during supper at the turn of the year, they can supposedly bring luck for the next 12 months.

In this article, we have provided the professionally designed New Year menu templates along with the traditional new year’s eve’s food. So let’s get into it.

Traditional Food Items for New Year

Following are a few old-fashioned yet filling foods for your new year menu:


Nuts, they say, symbolize abundance and holiness. They are not always the main star of the dish, serving more as an element of decoration, but it is worth remembering; they are also delicious ingredients. This cake-like bread takes a tanto of nuts (a cup and a half), plus a date and raisins.

Nut for New Year

Walnut Semifreddo with chocolate syrup

Cold desserts are the New Year’s face since the turn takes place in the middle of summer. How about, then, preparing this nut Semifreddo? In addition to being delicious and refreshing, it still works as plenty of bets for next year.

Walnut Semifreddo


Salmon is a fish known for swimming against the current – when returning from the sea to freshwater to breed. This act of resistance has earned salmon a place in the popular imagination: it has become synonymous with fertility, health, and, of course, strength.

Cooked Salmon for New Year


The Niagara grape (green) is the most consumed at that time, but what matters is that the fruit has seeds. Eating seven grapes and storing seven dementias yields prosperity for the whole year, they say.

Nigara grapes


The fruit entered the list because, in addition to leaving any dessert beautiful, it still symbolizes love, which can also be part of the vows for a new year. To ensure a life with more love, eat cherries at the turn, and prepare this cherry pie soon, which is also delicious.

Cherries in bowl

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How to Increase New Year Sales of Your Restaurant?

It is already near the end of the year for restaurants, and with it comes an excellent opportunity to attract more customers and increase sales. It’s time to plan to meet the demands of Christmas parties and the New year.

With that in mind, we’ve developed a list of 5 tips that will help you organize your point of sale during this seasonal period. Keep reading the material and find out what they are!

1. Select quality suppliers

Usually, the end of the year for restaurants characterize the increased movement of customers because of the period of commemorative dates. Therefore, it is important to certify in advance which suppliers will ensure the delivery of quality beverages and food, meeting the excess demand of customers.

Also, negotiating special payment prices and conditions with long-dated providers can help save in this period. The better the relationship with them, the greater the chance of obtaining discounts.

2. Calculate the stock of goods

At this time of year, it is common for restaurants to provide table reservations for festive events. This strategy makes it possible to estimate the number of goods needed to meet customer demand, avoiding financial losses with the absence or excess of products in the stock.

Another way to estimate the number of goods needed to meet year-end demand for restaurants is through a historical analysis of sales data and inventory turnover for the same period in previous years.

3. Draw up a year-end specific menu

Offering a specific menu with special promotions using combined dishes and diverse drinks is an excellent alternative to improving restaurants’ year-end sales.

Experiencing a new gastronomic experience contributes to giving an exclusive touch to the menu, arousing customers’ curiosity.

Please select the most requested dishes that bring greater profitability to your restaurant, from the entrance to the dessert, organizing them in a restricted menu.

This will help both in the kitchen’s preparation and in reducing costs for good. However, don’t forget to work on traditional seasonal recipes!

4. Prepare the internal space of the restaurant

The flow of customers of your restaurant is likely much higher in this seasonal period than on the other days of everyday life. The sooner you organize New Year dinners and holiday parties, the easier it will be to meet the demand of customers.

If your restaurant has large tables, this is the ideal time to use them! Many families prefer to enjoy the comfort and stewardship of the services offered by New Year dinner packages than to have the wear and tear and stress of organizing the party in the residence itself.

Organize the layout of your restaurant, valuing the easy locomotion of the attendants without leaving aside the well-being and comfort of customers. Remember to look at the décor of the restaurant’s environment to ensure that the experience from the entrance to the exit of your restaurant is unforgettable!

Don’t forget the old saying: the first image is the one that stays. Surprise your customers face to face, and surely they will return to your restaurant!

5. Advertise your restaurant in advance

People usually schedule themselves, at least in advance, for the holidays. Performing good disclosure in advance is essential to attract more customers and ensure full housing throughout the month of December.

Free New Year Menu Templates

The following are some of the best food menu templates for the new year:

New year menu template word
New year menu template pdf
New year menu template free download
New year menu template free
new year menu background
new years eve menu template word
New year menu template word 01
New year menu template pdf 02
New year menu template free download 01
New year menu template free 01
new year menu background 01
new years eve menu template word 01

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