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Christmas Food Menu Templates

During Christmas, meals, family or with friends, have special prominence. That’s why making a Christmas menu is an arduous task for those who aren’t used to it. The main course of the meal is the hardest thing to choose from. Here we propose 10 alternatives with which you will be safe, not just that we are also offering the best Christmas restaurant menu templates.

For decades, expensive meat dishes have been reserved for Christmas days. Today, this tradition continues in many parts of the world: generous and satisfying menus in which sweet touches have special prominence in savory Christmas dishes.

Hunting pieces also have their privileged place at this time being the most traditional duck and turkey.

In recent years’ fish has also gained ground in the Christmas season. But not only that, pasta and vegetables can also be present on Christmas menus. The truth is that the alternatives are numerous. Try each year with a different dish and make room for imagination and aesthetics in presentations. So success is assured. Turkey and duck are two indispensable in many countries during Christmas. Roasts, stews… any way to cook them is a good alternative.

Stuffed turkey is a Christmas classic. Although filling it requires some dexterity between the stoves, with a series of practical indications, there is no possibility of failure.

Another way to take it is in a terrine filled with prunes or other ingredients such as other meat, nuts, etc.

The main dishes are the real protagonists of Christmas meals

As for the duck, it lends itself to exquisite Christmas recipes. Of French origin, magret and foie are two delicious bites. The first, lighter, and the second quite caloric can be prepared in different ways, although accompanying them with a sauce with a sweet touch will not only give distinction to your menu but will please the most demanding palates.

Thus, magret can be prepared, for example, with figs and port sauce and foie with a reduction of muscat wine.

In addition to turkey and duck, there are more recipes in which meat is the protagonist. The roasted suckling pig leg, the stuffed lamb rib, or the goat roasted to the Marciana are three possibilities with which your guests will be satisfied with a rich meal.

If you prefer a simpler dish, the veal is the meat of great flavor and very nutritious. Cook it in a different way, for example, accompanied by mushrooms, as in this beef with truffles.

If you need to prepare a lighter dish or at Christmas Eve dinner, opt for fish. Lighter lends itself to numerous combinations. Beyond the traditional seafood, you can prepare a baked bread or a roasted monkfish that you can accompany with some vegetables.

The possibilities are many. Choose what you like to a greater number of diners and do not hesitate to prepare the dishes providing your personal touch.

Best Christmas Restaurant Menu Templates

Following are some of the best Christmas restaurant menu templates:



Christmas Menu Sample

Christmas Menu Sample Editable

Christmas menu Free


Christmas Special Menu Sample

Dinner Menu  Free Sample

Editable Christmas Menu Sample

Fast Food Christmas Menu

Christmas Party Menu Simple


Free Christmas Menu Template

    Christmas Menu Template 15

    This is an elegantly designed, minimalist Christmas menu restaurant template which can include multiple options without occupying space. This kind of template is best for any middle to low- end restaurants, or a food bar.

    Christmas Menu Template 16

    This is a retro-designed Christmas themed Christmas restaurant menu. It can be used by any restaurant offering Christmas themed food; it can be used by the low end as well as medium and high-end restaurants.

    Christmas Menu Template 17

    This is a beautifully designed Christmas themed grill house single page template, but it only takes little customization to use in on other occasions. It can also be used as an ad.

    Christmas Menu Template 18

    This is a maximalist Christmas restaurant menu template, which means it can cover anything or everything you are offering. This kind of template is best for high to medium end restaurants.

    Christmas Menu Template 19

    This is a standard bi-page Christmas template with an interesting design. You can use it in almost any restaurant which is offering a special Christmas theme food. It can also be used as an ad.

    Christmas Menu Template 20

    Make an awesome slate sign with this simple and easy template! You can customize to meet your needs. Add your official Christmas menu with an editable smart object. This kind of Christmas menu template is also best for you if you are running low on budget.

      Christmas Menu Template 21

      This standard food menu is a standard mono-fold template; it can be used in a restaurant offering decent food.

      Christmas Menu Template 22

      Another bi-fold template, but it differs in design as it is an extended template which cannot just include the main course but also a beverage list, snack menu, or sandwich list with editable smart object.

      Christmas Menu Template 23

      Unlike other templates, this special Delicious Christmas Menu template is not one of those which you will see in most restaurants. This appetizing template is tailor-made for special occasions. It's single-page design makes it easy to use on your restaurant's social media handles as a promo for a special offer!

      Christmas Menu Template 24

      This special restaurant menu template can also be used as a menu card or ad. It is one of those templates which falls under "today's special" category. This kind of template is perfect for those restaurants which specialize in offering Christmas themed food, but it's not a compulsion, and it can also be used in other restaurants too.

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