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10 Special Mother’s Day Menu Templates – Editable

Mother’s Day is a celebration of mothers, mothers-to-be, and motherhood, as it allows people to appreciate the sacrifices of mothers and their contributions to their lives.

It is also used to celebrate the influence of mothers in people’s lives. While the modern version of this day originated in the United States, mothers and motherhood have long been celebrated in other cultures, including the Greek and the Hindu. Most Mother’s Day celebrations are marked by family spending time with the mothers, whether by cooking for them or taking them to restaurants for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This day is celebrated on different dates depending on the country.

Most countries celebrate it on the second Sunday of May. However, other countries hold their celebrations on different days:

For example:

-Albania celebrates it in March with International Women’s Day.
-In Belarus, it is celebrated on October 14.
-In Ethiopia, it is celebrated for three days at the end of the rainy season.
-In the United Kingdom and Ireland, it is celebrated on March 27,
-In Portugal, it is celebrated on May 1.
-In the United States, Mother’s Day is celebrated on May 8.

Generally, the dates and celebrations for Mother’s Day vary depending on the country and culture. However, in the United States, the most common way of celebrating it is by taking the mothers to restaurants for lunch or dinner.

This article discusses how you, as a restaurant owner, can make Mother’s Day memorable for mothers who want to take rest from their daily responsibilities. It focuses on how you can customize your menus to fit the day’s needs while maximizing profits. It discusses the options you can give, including promotions.

It also outlines how to market your offers on the day and the weekend. For example, Mother’s Day can be celebrated over the second weekend of May instead of just the second Sunday. The article also provides templates that can be used to prepare menus for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Menu Templates

Since your business has to accommodate the needs of various groups on Mother’s Day, creating a menu for each group from scratch may be challenging. Templates can help in addressing this challenge. They can guide you to make your menu quickly, which saves time. In addition, they can be edited to suit different customers’ needs allowing you to exercise your creativity without guessing what to include in the menu.

Below are free downloadable Mother’s Day menu templates you can customize to fit your restaurant’s needs:

diagram of Monther day menu card

free menu templates word

menu heading ideas

free dinner party menu template

menu choices template

lunch menu template

snack menu template

mothers day menu template free

menu choices template

free menu templates word 01

    Mother’s Day Menu

    Since Mother’s Day is a holiday, most people visit restaurants to celebrate. The National Retail Federation has found that families spend over 20 billion to celebrate Mother’s day in the US. Since the day is celebrated by entire families, including children, fathers, single people, and parents, you can capitalize on this day by offering exquisite experiences for these families.

    Moreover, you can create special menus offering different experiences, from fine dining to fast and casual eating. In addition, the families might want to celebrate differently with gifts, staycations, and greeting cards. Therefore, you can offer raffles to accommodate these different ways of celebrating. Finally, you can use different branding and marketing strategies to advertise your menus.

    Statistical insight: According to the National Restaurant Association, Mother’s Day is the most popular holiday of the year, as at least 87 million people celebrate it in restaurants.

    Dining Promotion and Menu Idea for Mother’s Day

    You can use different methods and strategies to market your Mother’s Day promotions. The most appropriate strategy will depend on your restaurant’s size and target market.

    Some of these strategies include:

    Set menu

    A set menu is a multi-course menu decided by the restaurant or its chef. The food choices are limited to what is on the menu, with one or two options. The multi-course meal is sold for a fixed price. Because Mother’s Day is often celebrated with the family, you should remember to include child-friendly options. As part of your strategy, you should research and offer popular but unique menu choices to encourage the patrons to buy.

    Statistically, 34% of mothers order steak, seafood, or barbeque, 24% order American cuisine, 21% order Italian, 19% go for buffets, and 2% go to fast food restaurants. Based on the above statistics, you can give offers on steak and seafood, which are the most popular for Mother’s Day. However, you can also cater to the other patrons by preparing a menu that offers starters, salads, and other less popular food options.

    Gift vouchers

    Gift vouchers are a popular choice for people who cannot manage to celebrate physically with their mothers. You can set two options for gift vouchers, online and in-venue. For either method, your staff has to be trained to accept and process gift cards as a payment method for their meals. In addition, the vouchers should be made accessible by offering them in categories to cater to different customers, i.e., vegans.


    Reservations help you anticipate the number of customers you will be getting. An exceptional reservation system increases the restaurant’s efficiency by increasing its table turnover. Your business should offer reservations with clear terms, such as a deposit, a set seating time limit, and a set period for holding the booking. An efficient system can help you offer an exceptional dining experience to the customers. To increase your customer base, you can partner with online reservation sites.

    Special offerings

    Special offerings include free drinks with meals or desserts. You can also offer extra incentives like half-paid spa services or flowers. These offerings should be marketed as widely as possible to attract customers. You can also partner with other hospitality-oriented businesses like spas and parlours.

    Discount on drinks

    While some mothers will often celebrate with their families, others will probably want to relax with drinks of their choice. Therefore, a discount on drinks will increase sales significantly if they are discounted in large amounts, for example, two bottles of wine for the price of one.

    Offer a free dessert

    In addition to your regular meals, you could offer free dessert with every meal. The dessert could include slices of cake, ice cream, or pie. This acts as an excellent incentive to purchase the meals. These offers can be promoted on your business’ website, especially if you offer online reservations.

    Host a cooking class

    Cooking classes are fun events where participants can share their ideas while learning. They can be offered as an activity alongside a free meal or dessert. As an incentive, you can plan an activity-filled afternoon with a free cooking class taught by your star chef.

    Create a corner for kids

    Most mothers want to rest from daily responsibilities on Mother’s Day; having a kids’ corner can reduce some of this responsibility. For example, you may offer a special kids’ menu and designate an area for children to play. The number of children expected can be anticipated by asking customers making reservations whether they will be bringing children and, if so, what their ages will be.

    Further, the activities organized for children should be age-appropriate; you can plan simple activities like colouring and drawing.

    Organize a charity drive

    While your restaurant may want to make profits, you could use Mother’s Day to organize charity drives to provide for the less fortunate. Charity drives allow participants to participate in activities outside their regular schedules. You will gain publicity and a better reputation in the surrounding community.

    For example:

    You could partner with orphanages for a charity event that allows mothers to meet the children in the orphanages. Such an event would promote harmony in the local community.

    Arrange a special take-out menu

    Not all celebrants want to go to restaurants; others may want to rest indoors. You could prepare a special take-out menu with popular foods for these individuals. These menus could have provisions for families of four or more. In addition to special menus, you could offer flowers with each delivery, offer dessert and a drink to the mothers and use artistic and colourful packaging.

    Live music

    Live music has been known to increase happiness levels in people. As such, having a live band perform at the restaurant is an excellent way of getting people to come to the restaurant. Customers will likely stay longer and order more to listen to the entertainment. Karaoke could also be included in the package allowing the participants to sing their favourite songs.

    Fact check: According to a survey by the National Restaurant Association, 47% of mums would like to celebrate their day by sharing a meal with their families, while 10% want gift cards. The most popular meal is dinner which is preferred by 50%, while only 24% prefer brunch. You may use a combination of meals and offers to attract new customers while retaining your old ones.

    Tips and Tricks to Consider

    A Mother’s Day menu must provide a fun experience to attract customers and retain those you already have. Whatever offers or promotions you schedule should include the common interests of the mothers, their children, and other family members likely to come to the restaurant.

    The following are a few tips you can use to increase your sales on Mother’s Day:

    Share your space with an artist’s market

    An artists’ market allows mothers to shop for trinkets and art they appreciate. The longer they spend shopping, the more likely they will order a meal at the restaurant. The physical exertion from shopping will increase the chances of shoppers wanting a place to eat and relax.

    Sell your menu templates on the second visit

    You may make Mother’s Day celebrations a weekend event. For example, you could offer limited coupons or meal vouchers with great offers. This way, customers will likely return for another meal to redeem their vouchers.

    Keep it casual and sweet

    Casual restaurants help customers feel relaxed. If the restaurant is casual, it offers its customers a more relaxed environment and affordable prices on meals. According to HGEM, 39% of mothers would rather eat at casual establishments because of the relaxing atmosphere.

    Be creative

    You can employ creative methods in promotions, offers, and menus. For example, you could draft artistic menus on fliers that you can hand out before Mother’s Day weekend. You could also develop fixed-price menus for three-course meals.

    Give a flower to every mom

    You can hand flowers at the door to every mom; this makes the day more special for those who receive them. However, you should buy the flowers in bulk and keep them fresh until they are handed out.

    Offer upgrades

    Upgrades are an excellent sales strategy if you want to increase your sales. The upgrades can be added as options on online sites for restaurants that allow for online booking. Some upgrade options could be flowers, extra dessert, gift cards, or even customized Mother’s Day cards on their tables.

    Share it on social media

    Social media has quickly become a marketing tool. You can create social media accounts on different sites to advertise your offers. Fliers and posters of offers can be uploaded on social media. You could also contact influential social media users to market their offers and services.

    Statistics: According to the National Restaurant Association, 34% of people celebrate mother’s day at a restaurant; 50% of these will take their mothers to dinner, 35% to lunch, 24% to brunch, and 11% to breakfast. In addition, 30% of these mothers believe being taken to a restaurant is the best gift.


    When celebrating mothers’ day, your main objective should be to give the customers a memorable experience while increasing your profits. To ensure this is achieved, you should plan appropriately for the day or weekend. Proper planning includes selecting foods that will be eaten, preparing and printing special menus, and deciding on the marketing strategy.

    You may go the extra step and research the most popular meals. Selected marketing strategies should be employed early enough, and available offers should be made known by handing out fliers and using social media networks. Your business should also have sufficient staff working during that weekend to cater to the extra number of guests visiting the restaurant. This promotes efficiency and makes it easier to provide excellent services.

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