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30 Examples of Letter of Support | How to Write (Tips)

Whether you are a student, a teacher, an administrator, or a manager, job seeker, you will at one point need support from donors or grantors. But one thing is for sure, such support doesn’t just emerge out of the blues.

You must first request them by writing a letter of support.

Other than demonstrating the credibility of the applicant, the letters of support also act as an opportunity for the applicant to convince the funding entity to approve their proposal. In this article, we will explain to you how to create an ideal letter of support that will impress your readers so as to get the necessary funding. 

Things to Remember When Writing

Everybody wants the best out of his/her doing. Similarly, when writing letters, your main intention is to have a letter that outshines others. Therefore, the following are some crucial tips to remember when drafting your letter. 

Gather adequate information

Before you start writing your letter of support, always make sure that you have a wealth of information by your side. This will help you write a detailed letter that convinces your reader in the first place. Otherwise, if you are short of points, your letter of support can be declined much easily. 

Identify the purpose of the letter

Again, before you start writing the letter, you need to ask yourself why you are writing the letter. Take some time to brainstorm your ideas before you put them in writing. Know what kind of support you need from the agency. If it is monetary support, ensure you clearly indicate the amount you would want. Also, explain the reasons why you need such an amount. 

Make the letter short and concise

According to experts, most grantors/donors dislike reading too lengthy letters as they may have no time for it. Therefore, in order to get your message home, make sure you keep your letter short and direct to the point. Avoid being wordy or using irrelevant information. Preferably, your letter of support should be one page. However, when the need arises, make sure it doesn’t go past two pages. 

Proofread your letter

Even though most people tend to ignore this part, writing your letter of support is one of the most important. Once you’ve completed the writing part, you need to have some time to go over it again. This time, pay attention to the format, sentence flow, grammar, punctuations, and spelling. Make sure the final letter is free from any typing mistakes and errors. 

Components of a Letter of Support

While the letter’s name may seem self-explanatory, the process involved in writing is often a different story. In fact, most writers do find it a difficult and effort-draining process. However, we have provided you with a guide to make your writing easy. 

Addresses And Dates: You should have the writer’s address, the date, and the recipient’s address written at the very top of your page. An official salutation should follow this.

First Paragraph: The first paragraph, also known as the introductory paragraph, should introduce the letter by mentioning the writer’s name and the letter’s intention. Also, the writer should emphasize the relationship they have with the funding entity. 

The Body Paragraph: In this section, the writer will indicate the type of support needed, the amount, and any other details relating to the proposal. Again, don’t forget to mention how the funds will be put into use. As a tip, ensure you stay credible and honest for you to convince the reader. Use facts and realistic explanations to persuade the reader. 

Last Paragraph: This paragraph summarizes why the applicant is the best fit for the support. That said, you can explain to the reader the qualifications that make you the best candidate. Also, you can offer any final endorsements and a cordial closing. Once done with this paragraph, write sincerely, followed by your name and signature. 

Letter of Support Examples

Here are a few templates and examples for better understanding:

Template 1


[Your Address]
[Address of the organization/recipient issuing the grant]

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing this letter of support for [Name of the candidate] for initiating the [Name of the project/cause]. I believe that this project/cause will create some remarkable changes in [Name of target group]. [explain how the project will benefit the target].

The [company/candidate] has done some great projects for [state the purpose of the project]. Proceed by explaining your knowledge of the candidates’ work. Back up the application by saying how beneficial the success of the funding will be for their project and the community at large.

In conclusion, I deeply support the efforts of [company/candidate] to seek funding to support [provide a brief description of the program]. Your support for this project will highly be appreciated.

[your name and signature]

Template 2


[Your official Address]
[Address of the organization/person you are writing to]

Dear Sir/Madam:

This letter of support is to confirm that I [Your Name] will be providing full financial support to [Name of the beneficiary] during [your reason for offering your support] until a time when [period], so he/she does not become a financial burden.

The support I offer may include, but is not limited to [outline the specifications of your support]

I hereby verify that I will be able to offer sufficient funds to responsibly cover his/her expenses, including any unplanned costs and any emergency funding that they may need. Please find attached my financial information, including tax returns and bank statements.

[Name and signature]

Business Letter of Support Sample

Martin Clerk
Marina Animal Sanctuary

1st Sept 2020.

Hon. Rumson Rodriguez’s
Gov. Hawaii Metropolitan

Dead Hon. Rumson,

I am writing you this letter to request your support for the renovation of Marina Animal Sanctuary. After a thorough reevaluation of the sanctuary, we, the board of directors, decided to take up the initiative of renovating the park back to its former glory. Over the recent period, the sanctuary state has structurally deteriorated to the point of potential closure if nothing is done. This has mainly been caused by the pandemic, which has crippled our current economy and tourism as a whole.

As a member of the board, I am concerned about the sanctuary more than ever. Therefore, we would like to request for your financial support to a tune of $1,000. This amount will be sufficient to reconstruct the park and pay the staff and suppliers. As part of the economic engine, tourism is one sphere that can’t be ignored in this region. 

Therefore, I respectfully request your intervention on this matter. Your support will help us conduct the necessary renovations and to run our programs hence reinstating normalcy in the sanctuary. If you have any other concerns, please reach me through [input your contacts].


[Applicants name]

[Applicants signature].

Students Letter of Support Sample

[Name of applicant]

2nd Sept 2020.

[Recipients name and address]
[Contact details]

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to request your financial support for my further studies. Having met the required qualifications to join the master’s program at Great University, I decided to take on the challenge. However, I am not in a position to meet the financial needs associated with the program.

Currently, I hold a bachelor’s degree in physics. My quest for learning is undisputed. My ambition and objective are always to attain the highest academic award possible. In order to achieve my ambition, I will need $2,000 for my master’s learning. Out of this, $500 will go to admission, $500 to fees and tuition, $600 accommodation, and the rest stationary, among other miscellaneous. 

Attached are some of my academic credentials for reference. I am highly optimistic that with your support, everything will go as planned. You can reach me through this number [insert your contacts]. 

Thank you so much for your attention and participation.


[Your name]

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    Key Takeaways

    Here are some final tips to use when writing a letter of support:

    • Before writing the letter, gather as much information as you can on the details you should include in the letter. If you look at the examples provided, you will notice that they have similar elements. There are a few important elements that you will need to put in your letter.
    • Brainstorm your ideas before writing them in your final draft. Know exactly how much money they need and the reasons why it should be granted to them
    • In terms of length, the letter should be brief and direct to the point. The recommended length is one page, but it should not exceed the two-page limit unless in special cases.
    • Before sending the letter of support, make sure that you go over it, correcting any spelling and grammar mistakes. If possible, you can ask someone to proofread it for you.

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