Sample Employment Verification Request Letters

As an employee, you will one time be requested proof of your employment. This is particularly true when you are seeking a loan from banks or when renting a property, among others. When such need presents themselves, you will always turn to your employer requesting them to issue you an employment verification letter. 

What is an Employment Verification Letter?

An Employment Verification Letter is simply a letter written by a company’s human resource department to a third party as proof of employment in that company. The applicant normally requests this letter for a new employer, government office, or financial institutions. These letters increase the chances of the receiver having more trust with the bearer. This kind of letter can be requested at any time by the employee. Therefore the human resource department should always be prepared with a template PDF all the time.

What to Include in an Employment Verification Letter?

The information included in this letter depends on what the applicant needs and what the state laws allow to be disclosed in the letter. An employee can also be asked to sign a release form before the letter is shared with a third party. It should be printed on the organization’s official letterhead or stationery that has the organization’s logo. It may include: 

  • Employer’s address 
  • The name and address of the recipient organization 
  • The employee’s name
  • Employment dates
  • Employee’s job title 
  • Employee’s current salary
  • Employee’s job description
  • Reason for termination if new employer requests

Before sharing this letter, one should verify if the third party wants an email or a physical letter. The letter should be as brief as possible. Use a standard business letter format.

Why Does an Employee Need the Letter?

It is usually for the following reasons:

  • When applying for a house mortgage or loan. The lender usually wants to confirm that the employee has a steady income and can afford to cover monthly installments before approving the loan.
  • For rental purposes. The property management agency or landlord may want to verify that the employee can afford to pay their rent, deposit, maintenance, and other associated costs.
  • For request of loan repayment deferral or reduction. The bank, at times, wants to see proof of current income before approving this request.  
  • For a new employer. The new organization may want to do a background check on the new employee.

Tips Managers Can Use to Write an Effective Employment Verification Letter

Writing an Employment Verification Letter requires certain tips. The letter should always serve its purpose, and one needs to understand why they are writing the letter. The following tips can aid in writing such a letter:

  • Follow A Business Format:

The letter is usually professional and is written in an official manner. The organization’s contact information writing the letter, the date, and the contact information of the recipient are typed at the top left of the document. A proper salutation is included at the beginning and a signature at the end.

  • Keep It Concise:

There is no need to compose or write an entire story about the employee or even try to evaluate the said employee. It simply requires you to be specific and straight to the point. 

  • Include All The Requested Information

The basic information of the employee, as indicated above, should be indicated in the letter. Only provide the third party’s requested information on the letter. 

  • Provide Contact Information

As the writer of the letter, you need to include your contact details also offer to provide any clarification if need be.

  • Proofread And Edit Your Letter Before Sending

It is the most important step. Always proofread your letter to correct spelling or grammatical errors. This may make the recipient not believe in its legitimacy.

Sample Employment Verification Letters

There are two main types that employees request, depending on their state of employment. Only the tenses change for former employees, and information like commencement and termination date must be included. 

Sample 1 (Current employee)

[Sender Name]

[Sender organization name]

[Sender organization address]

Date [Month, Date, Year]

[Recipient Name]

[Recipient organization name]

[Recipient organization address]

Re: Employment Verification for [Name of the Employee]

Dear Mr. /Ms. /Mrs. /Dr. [Full name of the recipient]/ To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to inform you that [name of employee] is working in our organization/company [name of employing company] as a [designation of employee]

He/ She has been working here for the past [time period] months. His gross monthly salary is [amount]

Please feel free to contact us for more details.


[Signature of authorizing person]

[Name of the authorizing person]

[Designation of the authorizing person]

Sample 2 (Previous employee)

[Employer name]

[Employer address]

[Date of writing]

RE: Employment Verification for Jane Juliette

Dear Sir/Madam,

Kindly receive this letter as a verification of employment of the above-mentioned employee. Please note that the employee, Jane Juliette, worked with us from 2010 till 2016 as an assistant human resource manager.

If you need any other additional information, please feel free to reach us through [insert your contacts].


Griffith Monroe

Managing Director,

ABC Company Limited.

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    Human resource departments are usually very busy, so they don’t have a lot of time to spend verifying that an employee worked there. This is why using a sample template is a smart idea because the person writing the letter can simply fill in the information specific to their company. Once a good sample template has been found, the company should keep it on file for future requests.

    If you need an employment verification letter sample, we provide ones that are high quality that you can use over and over again, saving you much needed time. Our samples are written by experts and are in the correct business letter format, so your letter will be professional and accurate. Whether you’re requesting a verification letter or sending one, we have you covered with our samples.

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