How to Fill a Job Application Form (Free Templates & Examples)

Looking for how to fill out a  job application? If so, you are in the right place, and here we will inform you of everything related to this document, starting from a definition of a job application, continuing with the explanation of what it is for and some tips to fill it out correctly and even some tips for companies that are looking to make your own request.

What is a Job application, and what is it for?

The definition of a job application indicates that it is a form that collects the personal and professional information of a candidate who is applying for a job. On the other hand, it serves for the recruiter to quickly evaluate the candidate and get an idea of ​​his aptitude for the job.

This document is somewhat similar to a  curriculum vitae (CV). The difference is that the job application collects professional and personal data of the candidate, while the CV focuses more on the professional.

This application is very important to a person, as it is generally the first contact a candidate can have with the company, and therefore it is vital to fill it out correctly to make them interested and have the need to review the CV and / or quote an interview.

Characteristics of the Job Application

The job application is characterized by being a document divided into tables and sections, each of which collects specific information from the candidate to make it easier for the recruiter to view key data. The sections are as follows:

Details of the requested position

If you are applying to a specific vacancy, put the job name. In case you are interested in working in a particular company, and you do not know what vacancies it has, at least you must write the area in which you are interested in working (e.g., Sales area), never put “Whatever” because it can end up in the trash.

Please, have an idea of ​​the salary you want to receive, but be realistic; putting a very high amount will make us discard immediately, or if you put a very low amount, they may offer you less.

Personal information

These are the basic and location data. It is important that the phone number you provide is at hand, and, in case another person answers, they must be aware and prepared to take the message.


Gather all the related documents before filling the requested information, remember that an error when writing down the information may cost you not to get a job. If you do not have these documents, you can put “Does not apply”. Consider having at least your RFC

Health status and personal habits

It is only to know the health and personality of the applicant and see how he would adapt to the company.

Family data

They ask for your family information to take them into account in their benefits and internal policies.


In this section, fill in all the spaces, but the document you should have on hand is the last title or certificate you obtained.

General knowledge

Many people make the mistake of not answering this part completely because despite it seems obvious, not all people know how to do the same things, most of us may know how to use a calculator, but not everyone knows how to use specific software (such as Corel ) or a workshop tool or machinery. If you have knowledge of another language, indicate the percentage you have, if you have a document that supports it, add it to your documentation.

Current and previous employment

Ideally, you should put them in chronological order, starting with the last one. Do not speak ill of other companies, because you will speak ill of yourself.

Personal references

Include people who can provide good references for you, both personal and work, and let them know to answer what they ask.

General data

These data are of interest to apply the company’s policies.

Economic data

They are data to confirm that what they can pay you is enough.

Free Templates

To make the filling process easier, we recommend you download one of the formats that we make available to you below so that you can follow the recommendations as indicated in the text.

Application for McDonalds Employment

Burger King Application Form

CVS Employment Application

GAP Job Application Form

IHOP Application for Employment Fillable

IHOP Employment Application New Hire Information

IHOP Restaurant Employer Application for Employment

KFC Application Form 01

KFC Job Application Form 02

KFC Job Application Form Fillable 03

Kmart Job Application Form

McDonalds Application Form

Pizza Hut Employment Application 1

Pizza Hut Employment Application 2

Safeway Job Application (California Applicants ONLY)

Safeway Job Application (Non-California Applicants ONLY)

Subway Employment Application

Subway Employment Form

WalMart Application for Employment Fiilable

WalMart Application Form

WalMart Application for Employment

Wendys Job Application Form

Employment Application Template 01

Employment Application Template 02

Employment Application Template 03

Employment Application Template 04

Employment Application Template 05

Employment Application Template 06

Employment Application Template 07

Employment Application Template 08

Employment Application Template 09

Employment Application Template 10

Employment Application Template 11

Employment Application Template 12

Employment Application Template 13

Bi-Weekly Timesheet Template Form

    Tips for filling out your Employment Application:

    • Before filling out an application, find a quiet, suitable place, and read the format carefully, you may need information that you do not know at the moment.
    • Have all your documentation in order and at hand.
    • The most important thing is that all the information you provide is real, which allows recruiters to have a good image of the applicant.
    • Use a black or blue feather only, since with that you demonstrate formality. Never use a pencil, please.
    • The handwriting must be legible and legible, try to have good spelling, and for no reason should it have spots, blots, or wrinkles; the easiest way to avoid that is to use a folder.
    • Don’t leave empty spaces, fill it completely; When there is information that you cannot fill because it does not suit your case, you can use “Not Applicable”, this lets the recruiter know that you are not avoiding the answers.
    • When you make a request the first time, try to have one copy or preferably fill two, so you don’t have to go back to extract all the information again.
    • Some companies pay more attention to people’s strengths rather than college degrees, which is why their recruiting department is called “talent recruitment.” That is why you must highlight all your strengths and avoid insecurities.

    How to make a request for your company

    There are companies that prefer to make their own request, not only to unify their stationery by placing their letterhead but also to add and remove questions related to both their internal policies and what they need to know about the applicant.

    Remember that you can download the job application forms, both to fill it out and to adapt it to your company or business.

    Do you need a letter of recommendation from your previous employer or family member? Check our articles where we tell you everything about these documents.

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