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Free Job Application Form Templates [PDF, Word]

The job application form is submitted by an employee while applying for a particular job position. It is also known as the employment form or application for employment form. The employee enlists all the personal and professional details in it. So it is essential to list all the details correctly because after reviewing the job application form of a candidate, the employer will be able to know the following basic details:

  • Availability of the applicant.
  • Education.
  • Working experience in the past.

Some employers also require the authorization of job applications which will indicate that all the provided information is authentic.

All the candidates will fill the job application form while applying for any job position. It depends on the company and how they accept the job application, the applicant may be asked to submit it by visiting the office, or it can be sent to the company’s official email address. Some companies require the job application form to be submitted along with your resume and cover letter to keep uniformity in records throughout for all the employees. You also sign the job application form at the end, which further confirms that all the information provided by you is accurate.

The purpose of asking for a job application form may vary from company to company. It may be required to keep it in the record of all employees along with their resumes and cover letters. In this way, there will be no biasedness for any employees, and the exact data for all employees will be available. The employers also ask the employees to keep a copy of the job application form. The purpose of doing so is that all the information gets two-way authentications; any incorrect information is not written because any incorrect information can lead to the employee’s termination even if identified after the hiring.

Types of Job Application Forms

Different companies and employers require the job application form submitted through different methods. In addition, the submitting methods divide the job application forms into different types. Therefore, no matter which type of application form is accepted by the company you will apply for a particular job position, you should make sure that all the information you provide is accurate.

Following are some of the types of job application forms:

Online job application form

With the advancement in this era of technology, most companies prefer that the job application form should be filled and submitted by the candidate online. The company’s website link is provided in the job description, which can be visited by the application to apply for the job. The online job application form is divided into different sections for gathering information about the candidate from all aspects.

In-person job application form

The applicant should submit an in-person job application form by physically going to the company’s office. Some companies prefer to accept job applications by this method so that the officials may have face-to-face interaction with the candidate to judge their communication skills and confidence. In addition, the candidate may get interviewed by the employer without informing them in advance.

Email job application form

Email job application forms should be submitted following the professional way of sending emails. The email’s subject should be according to the job description. Employers can easily separate the job application emails from the rest of the emails; it is essential so that your application may not get skipped from reviewing it.

Paper job application form

Paper job application forms that will be filled by you on paper and then hard to copy will be submitted in the office by going there personally to see the company’s working environment and know about the working conditions in that company.

How to Fill a Job Application Form

A job application form requires giving all the information related to your personal and previous professional life. So it would help if you had a complete idea about how to fill the form correctly because you cannot make any mistake in this regard. Every person automatically becomes anxious while filling any form, and the same is the case with the job application form. So if they are provided with appropriate guidelines, they will feel easy while writing all the details required to be mentioned.

The detailed instructions about filling different sections of a job application form have been described below:

Personal information

Your personal information is an integral part of your job application form, and the following things are included in this section:

  • Name of candidate: First of all, you will write your full name in the specified boxes indicating “First”, “Middle”, and “Last” names. You should make sure that the name you are writing on the job application form should match the name mentioned on all other documents.
  • Date: The date you will submit the form will be written here. It helps the employers to make sure that you have applied for the particular job position within the specified deadline.
  • Address: In this part, you will provide your complete residential address. Enough space is provided for this part, so it does not matter how long your address is. However, you should write it completely.
  • Email address: The email address you regularly check should be written to get the response from the company within the time so that you might not get late in responding to the back.
  • Contact number: The contact number you actively use should be given in the job application form because the company will also call you to inform you about further proceedings and the official email sent to the email address you gave.
  • Social Security Number: The social security number is provided by the state and serves to be the identity of any person, so you should write the accurate number in the boxes provided for having this information.
  • Availability Date: If you are currently doing a job anywhere, you should mention the date from which you will be available to join the job post in the new company. It will help the company officials check whether you will be available on the date they require you to be there.
  • Desired Pay: Some companies will provide the option in their job application forms to you to mention the pay you expect from them. You should be realistic because you cannot write such a figured salary that does not match your qualification and responsibilities for the job you are applying for. You can either mention the salary per hour or every year.
  • Employment desired: If there are more than one job positions for which the company is looking for employees, you should specify the job post for which you are applying.
  • Employment status sought: In this part, you are asked to choose the employment status as “Full time”, “Part-time”, or “Seasonal,” etc. You can also choose more than options available if you have plenty of time and you are ready to work at any time of the day.


Your education will make you eligible for the job position if it matches the education requirement mentioned in the job description. So you should know that how to fill all the sections related to education in the job application form.

  • High School: The name of the high school from where you studied and the name of the city in which it is located should be written, and it is also required to choose that either your primary subject was “Science” or “Arts”.
  • Dates attended: In this part, you will write the date you started the study, and then the completion date is also mentioned.
  • Completion status: You should mark the “Yes” checkbox if you have completed your high school studies; otherwise, you will mark the “No” option.
  • College / University: The name of the college or university attended will be mentioned in this part. The name of the city in which it is located is also written.
  • Date attended: The date when you started your higher studies and completion date will be written in this part.
  • Degree status: The applicant will check the “Yes” option if he/she has completed his / her degree and has received the graduation degree; if not, then the “No” option will be checked.
  • Other Educational Facilities or Course: If you have done any course or have attended any training session, you have the option of writing it along with the other formal degrees completed by you. The name of the educational institute or training center should also be given.
  • Start Date and Final Date of Attendance: The date you started to attend the course and its completion date is essential to mention in the job application form as they will specify the course duration.
  • Degree or Certificate Granted: The certificates earned by the job applicant will be written in this part and the names of all the degrees completed by you. It will include high school degrees, graduation degree, graduation date, other certifications, skills, GPA (Grade Point Average), extracurricular activities, any leadership role you hold, and other specifications.


Your previous experience as a professional candidate will be a plus point and will increase the significance of your job application form. Therefore, the following details are required in this section:

  • Legal Eligibility to Work: The job applicant should be legally eligible to work in any state such as the U.S (United States). It will indicate that there is no legal objection to the candidate, and if you are eligible, you should check the “Yes” option. Still, on the other hand, if the applicant is not legally eligible for working, then the “No” option will be selected.
  • Previous history with Employer: If the applicant has already worked with the employer of this job, then the “Yes” option will be chosen, and the duration of employment will also be written. Otherwise “No” option will be checked in this part.
  • Criminal Status: If the applicant has never committed any crime, the “No” option will be checked. But on the other hand, if the candidate has any criminal history, then the option of “Yes” will be marked check. In this case, the documents will have to be provided, indicating that there are no legal objections to the job applicant.

Employment history

In this section of the job application form, the applicant will have to mention all those companies in which he/she has worked previously. It will help the employer in identifying the authenticity of all the provided information:

  • Employer 1: The name of the recent company in which the applicant has worked will be written here to provide proof of previous employment.
    • Contact Information: The office address, contact number, and the company’s email address in which the applicant was previously employed will be given in this part of the job application form. It is required because if the new employer wants to contact the applicant’s previous employer, they can be contacted easily.
    • Starting and Ending Pay: The pay on which the job candidate started working for the previous job and the pay received by him/her will be specified in this part. It will help the employer in estimating your salary expectations.
    • Job Title: The post on which you were employed in your previous working area will be given in this section.
    • Responsibilities: The things under your control and were responsibly handled by you are listed here.
    • Term of Employment: The duration for which you had served the previous company will be mentioned in this part by writing your job’s starting and ending date.
    • Reason for Leaving: The reason the job applicant has left the previous job will be given here.
  • Employer 2: If the applicant has worked in any other office also, then the employer’s name and all other information will be provided in the following parts:
    • Contact information.
    • Starting and Ending Pay.
    • Job Title.
    • Responsibilities.
    • Term of Employment.
    • Reason for Leaving.

All the details will be mentioned as instructed for the ‘Employer 1’, and the same pattern will be followed for another number of employers.


In this section, you will provide the name of some professional persons from whom your new employer can get a reference letter to assure that you are a professionally suitable person for a particular job position. In this section, the following information is required:

  • Full Name and Relationship of Reference: The name of the person who will give your reference for the job is written in this part, and you will also have to specify the relation with that person. It will help the employer have an idea about your previous job nature and your performance.
  • Company and Title Head by Reference: The company’s name in which your reference person works should be written, and their job title will also be specified. This information will be written for all the persons if you are giving the names of more than one person in your reference list.
  • Contact Information: The contact number and email address of all the reference persons can be easily contacted if required.

Military services (if any)

  • Veteran Status: If the job applicant has any background experience working in any military department, then the first section will be checked for “Yes,” and if the case is not so, then the “No” will be selected.
  • Branch and Rank: If the applicant has worked in the military, then the branch they have served and the rank on which they were posted for the last time will be written in this part of the job application form.
  • Term of Service: The time they have worked in the military field will be specified in this section by mentioning the date of joining and the date of leaving.
  • Type of Discharge: This part requires why the applicant decided to leave the military service. If he/she was terminated, then an explanation letter will also be attached with the job application form.

Background check consent

The following details are required to be filled in by the applicant in the job application form:

  • Background Check: In this part, the applicant is asked for his / her consent regarding the background check. The applicant will check the “Yes” option if permission is granted. Otherwise, the applicant may select “No” if consent is not given.


It is an integral part of the job application form and is compulsory. It requires the following things:

  • Job Applicant Signature: The applicant will sign the form at the end. It ensures the job application’s validity and proves that the applicant himself provides all the required information.
  • Signature Date of Job Applicant: The date on which the applicant signed the job application form is also required to be mentioned below the candidate’s signature.
  • Printed Name: Some employers may want the applicant’s name written at the end in printed form, so you will also fulfill this requirement.

Free Templates

To make the filling process easier, we recommend you download one of the formats that we make available to you below so that you can follow the recommendations as indicated in the text.

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    Tips for Filling out the Form

    • Before filling out an application, find a quiet, suitable place, and read the format carefully, you may need information that you do not know at the moment.
    • Have all your documentation in order and at hand.
    • The most important thing is that all the information you provide is real, which allows recruiters to have a good image of the applicant.
    • Use a black or blue feather only, since with that you demonstrate formality. Never use a pencil, please.
    • The handwriting must be legible and legible, try to have good spelling, and for no reason should it have spots, blots, or wrinkles; the easiest way to avoid that is to use a folder.
    • Don’t leave empty spaces, fill it completely; When there is information that you cannot fill because it does not suit your case, you can use “Not Applicable”, this lets the recruiter know that you are not avoiding the answers.
    • When you make a request the first time, try to have one copy or preferably fill two, so you don’t have to go back to extract all the information again.
    • Some companies pay more attention to people’s strengths rather than college degrees, which is why their recruiting department is called “talent recruitment.” That is why you must highlight all your strengths and avoid insecurities.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I use a job application form?

    There are different benefits of using a job application form. It allows you to have a standard form of application in which all the data is provided in a proper sequence and systemized way. It is easy for the employers to review it, the information regarding your personal and professional lives can be easily depicted through it.

    What types of questions are on a job application form?

    The general questions in a job application are about education, experience, personal information, etc. But a company can also add other sections for more information regarding the skills, employee’s availability, expected salary, co-curricular activities, etc.

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