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7+ Free Printable Rent Receipt Templates

A rent receipt is defined as an acknowledgment of funds paid for rent.

It is issued after a tenant pays rent and indicates the name, the amount paid, balance, house description or number, date, and stamp or signature of the receiver.

A rent receipt template is defined as a table guide to preparing and completing a rent receipt quickly and efficiently.

It is usually filled in blank spaces that indicate the various sections of a rent receipt. A landlord uses a rent receipt template if a tenant has paid funds for rent. the tenant(s) are issued the receipt template after the rent has been paid and they are primarily useful for the property owner to track each of his or her tenant’s payments in particular to the living space they may have occupied. They are also used in the case of a landlord having agents or third parties that collect rent to avoid theft of funds meant for rent. A rent receipt template is addressed with a variety of names.

Alternative names for a rent receipt include the following;

  • Rent acknowledgement form
  • Tenant rent slip
  • Tenant Rent Payment Form

Free Templates

Following are some free downloadable rent receipt templates for you.

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rent receipt book

rent receipt letter

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    Rent Receipt Book vs Rent Receipt Template

    A rent receipt book vividly differs from a rent receipt template, but each format has its own advantages and disadvantages, which are as detailed below:

    Rent receipt book

    A rent receipt book collects rent receipts in a booklet format. They are usually arranged in accordance with the template of the landlord and can have as many multiple receipts as possible. They are usually distinguished using a serial number or date.


    There are several advantages to using a rent receipt book including the fact it is easy to use and does not require any technical skills to be utilized. Another common advantage that makes a receipt book favorable to most landlords is that it is affordable to be bought at retail shops ranging from as low as a dollar.


    There are significant disadvantages of using a rent receipt book, one of them being the easy loss of receipts records if the book is lost or damaged. A physical rent receipt book also limits the landlord from making any customizations like deleting unnecessary fields or adding necessary entries. Lastly, it is difficult to sort the receipts in a receipt book without having to detach the book.

    Online Receipt VS Manual Receipt

    An online rent receipt refers to a receipt that is distributed or accessed through online means alone. It is used when the landlord is not in the exact physical location as the tenants or third-party agents and wants to acknowledge payment of rent. On the other hand, a manual receipt refers to the type of receipt that is distributed through manual means. It is used when the landlord is in the exact physical location of the tenants and third-party agents and wants to acknowledge payment of rent.

    What to Include in a Rent Receipt Template

    A rent receipt template must include some essential components that ensure that the procedure of the payment is completed in a perfect manner.

    Some of these components are discussed below:

    Date of payment

    The payment date is an essential component of a rent receipt template, which shows the day that the tenant paid the funds to the landlord for rent.

    Receipt number

    The receipt number in a rent receipt template shows the serial number of the receipt for identification purposes.

    Total amount paid

    The total amount paid is part of a rent receipt template indicating the amount received from the tenant for rent on the date of payment.

    Name of landlord

    The landlord’s name section in the rent receipt shows the name of the landlord receiving the rent payment. The name of the property owner is included in a rent receipt as proof for the receiving of payment. In case of any misunderstanding, the receipt can confirm who received the payment.

    Address of the rental

    The complete address of the rental building should be included in the rent receipt to indicate the precise property a tenant paid rent for. The property address details should include the location details of the rental property such as the city name, state, ZIP.

    Tenant’s details

    The full name and contact information of a tenant are some of the essential tenant details that should be included in the template. These details show the information of the person who made the payment for the rent to the landlord, for record and evidence purposes.

    Rental period

    A rent receipt should have an entry for the rental period that the tenant hopes to stay on the premises. A rental period also informs the landlord of the time the tenant is expected to shift so that the landlord can plan for new leases to other tenants by the time the tenant moves out. This is considered a  business strategy for landlords to avoid having vacant apartments.

    Other terms

    Below are some of the additional important terms to note in a rent receipt template:

    Payment method
    The payment method section in a rent receipt template details the mode of payment used by the tenant to pay for rent. Most common payment methods include cash, cheque, or credit.

    Other fees or services
    Other fees or services are part of a rent receipt entry that explains other fees incurred in collaboration with rent. They may include plumbing fees, cleaning fees, or county fees.

    “Received by”
    A rent receipt template includes a “Received by”  entry section with the name of the actual person who directly received funds for rent from the tenant. It is beneficial if rent is being received by a third party and not the landlord.

    “Paid by”
    Paid by” is an essential part of a rent receipt that indicates the actual person’s name who paid the rent. It is especially helpful if rent is being paid by a third party apart from the tenant.

    State or country laws

    A landlord needs to check the state or country laws regarding the issuance of rent receipts to former tenants because he might be liable for an offense if he does not do so. The US requires landlords to give rent receipts to their tenants upon request, and this applies to former tenants who have moved out within a year.

    Signature of landlord or manager

    A dedicated space for the signatures of the landlord and manager in a rent receipt template is important as the signatures are supposed to validate the receipt and prove that the landlord has received the rent. A receipt without the signature of the landlord or manager is not valid enough to be used as evidence for the payment of rent.

    Benefits of a Rent Receipt Template

    Some of the benefits of preparing and issuing a rent receipt include the following:

    Verify the payment of rent

    One of the most apparent advantages of issuing a rent receipt template is to verify the payment of rent. Rent acquisition is the primary objective of a landlord in most cases, and therefore to have a way to track and verify its payment is very important.

    Rental history

    The rent receipt template also has the advantage of helping a landlord verify the rental history of a tenant. Understanding this history helps the landlord understand the statistical nature of the performance of different units in the property collectively.

    Dispute settlement

    A rent receipt template also helps the landlord settle disputes, answer queries, clear misunderstandings, and resolve conflicts concerning the rent history of a particular tenant. In addition, a rent receipt template shows the state of any rental property’s payment, and if there is a balance, it is clearly indicated, which makes it easy to track.

    Create accounts and getting loans

    Another benefit of using a rent receipt template is that it enables the landlord to provide a track record of payment to potential investors if he or she wants to build future projects relating to the owned property.

    Creating books of account

    Using a rent receipt template is also advantageous because it helps the landlord create books of account for the property collectively. In addition, it helps him or her plan their expenditure on the property and make account records since each receipt accounts for the collective figure.

    Do’s and Don’ts to Consider During the Process

    When issuing a rent receipt template to a tenant as the property owner, there are various rules to be followed for efficient delivery of service.

    Some of the do’s and don’ts of providing rent receipts to tenants include the following:


    • Always confirm the amount paid by the tenant.
    • Always confirm the rental unit that the amount is paid for.
    • Always fill in the details of the rent receipt correctly and in the presence of the tenant for verification.
    • Always have a copy of the rent receipt after it has been issued to the client.
    • Always record the details of the rent receipt in another place or book.
    • Always issue the rent receipt as soon as the tenant has paid or during the same period.


    • Do not fill any part of a rent receipt incorrectly.
    • Do not issue a rent receipt before a client has paid the rent.
    • Do not disclose the details of a rent receipt to the tenant to avoid counterfeiting.
    • Do not use the same serial number on different rent receipts.
    • Do not forget to sign/stamp the rent receipt before issuing it to the tenant.

    Final Thoughts

    Rent receipts templates are one of the most important ways of tracking rent payments for landlords and solving any rent disputes since they are used as evidence for rent payment. Therefore, as discussed in the article, their vital parts should be included in a rent receipt template, along with important points that a landlord should note before handing out a rent receipt.

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