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10 Free Goods Return Receipt Templates (Word | Excel)

A receipt is one of the most significant documents in any transaction. It acts as legal proof of payment for the goods or services offered. However, due to the advancement of technology in business spheres, transactions are becoming much easier and convenient. For instance, one can purchase goods either online or from a far located store just by a phone call or email. Upon making an order, the seller/vendor will send the deliveries right to the buyer.

In return, the buyer should notify the seller (sender) that the delivery has been successfully received through a Return Receipt. But one might ask, what is a Return Receipt? In a nutshell, a Return Receipt refers to a document or mail that acknowledges the delivery of goods or messages.

What to Include

The components of a return receipt will vary from one establishment to the other. Nonetheless, since they are legal documents, there are some crucial components that cut across the various return receipt. As such, the following are some basic elements each receipt should have:

  • The date and time the transaction was made
  • The details of the seller
  • The details of the buyer
  • The transaction amount incurred
  • The descriptions of items or services purchased.
  • The number of items purchased.
  • The condition of the product return.

Why is it so important?

Return Receipt is very important for various reasons. First, it helps protect the company’s reputation. On many occasions, buyers do send money in advance while buying goods. And therefore, the company selling the products is always concerned about the state of delivery. Just in case the buyer doesn’t receive the items already purchased, he or she will take the company as spam. However, upon receiving this receipt from the buyer, the company will almost be certain that the delivery reached the intended destination.

Secondly, the return receipt can be used to keep a record of the purchase. Also, the sender can use this to do purchase follow-ups and other evaluations.

It also helps solve issues that are related to the transactions. For instance, the buyer may claim a refund or exchange for a faulty product sold. In such cases, this receipt can be used either by both parties to clarify themselves.

Types of Return Receipt

An expert will tell you that there are two types of Return Receipts. These include the physical Return Receipt and the electronic Return Receipt.

Physical return receipt

A physical Return Receipt is either printed or handwritten. This type of return receipt is often delivered through the postal address or hand delivery. The recipient and the sender are often expected to append their signature in order to make them binding. It’s important to note that once the receipt is signed, it becomes admissible in court.

Electronic return receipt

This is a type of return receipt that is sent electronically through email, messages, or any other online platform. Just like the former one, electronic receipts can also be admissible in a court of law. Comparatively, electronic receipts are often less costly than physical receipts. Also, they can be sent just by the click of a button, making them faster and convenient. For this reason, most businesses prefer the electronic return receipt over the physical one.

The electronic return receipt uses two types of notification services. These include the Delivery Status Notification (DSN) and the Message Disposition Notification (MDN). The use of these notification systems greatly depends on the software configuration of the recipient. Let’s take a deeper look at each of these notification services.

  • Delivery Status Notification: The Delivery Status Notification (DSN) uses a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol to deliver the message to the sender indicating successful delivery. The DSN is always designed in a way that it automatically notifies the goods/service sender when there is a failure in delivery. However, if the delivery is successful, it can only notify the sender upon request.
  • Message Disposition Notification: The Message Disposition Notification (MDN) provides a message disposition notification. For instance, if the recipient read the message or discarded it before reading it. This notification system is usually discouraged due to privacy reasons.

Receipt Templates

Here are free editable templates that can be customized as per needs:

Goods Return Receipt Template 01

Goods Return Receipt Template 02

Acknowledge Receipt of Goods Template

Delivery Receipt Template Example 01

Delivery Receipt Template Example 02

Delivery Receipt Template Example 03

Exception SO Confirmation Receipt Goods PDF

Food Delivery Receipt PDF

Glasses Delivery Receipt Word Free Template

Goods Delivery Receipt Template

Petty Cash Voucher Receipt

Return Receipt Delivery Excel

Simple Delivery Receipt


    There are many benefits to using templates for your business. First and foremost, these templates are easy to customize. Simply download the template of your choice, and tailor it to your particular needs. If you have a dog grooming business, where you perform both a service as well as selling items, you can have the option of creating individual receipts, one for the products, and one used to describe the service rendered.

    Templates are also easy to obtain and use and very cost-effective. With a template, there is no need to run to an office supply store for a book of return receipts that you cannot customize. Also, there is no need to spend money on specialized graphic software in order to design your own.

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