Goods Return Receipt Templates for Excel

A receipt is a proof of purchase. When you purchase a good or service, you get a receipt which details the transaction. Receipts are legal documents and have many different types. The return receipt accompanies the purchase of goods which can be returned under certain conditions.

Return receipts are used in almost all business establishments where money exchanges hands for a good or service. This is useful in case the product is defective or the service received did not live up to the contract or what was promised the purchaser. For example, if you purchased a towel rack, but upon opening you found it was defective, you could use the return receipt as proof of your purchase and get your money back or an even exchange.

Elements of a Return Receipt

Layout and design of the return receipt will vary from establishment to establishment. However, as return receipts are seen as a legal document, certain elements will remain constant. These elements are:

  • Date and Time of Transaction
  • Contact Information of Seller
  • Amount of Transaction
  • Details of Purchase
  • Conditions of Product Return

Elements of a return receipt for small businesses often have areas for handwritten detailed description of goods and/or services as well as fields for authorized signatures.

The Benefits of Using Return Receipt Templates

There are many benefits to using return receipt templates for your business. First and foremost, these templates are easy to customize. Simply download the template of your choice, and tailor it to your particular needs. If you have a dog grooming business, where you perform both a service as well as selling items, you can have the option of creating individual return receipt, one for the products, and one used to describe the service rendered.

Templates are also easy to obtain and use and very cost effective. With a template there is no need to run to an office supply store for a book of return receipts which you cannot customize. Also, there is no need to spend money on specialized graphic software in order to design your own.

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Goods Return Receipt Templates

Goods Return Receipt Templates


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