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FREE Biography Templates & Examples

A biography is a written account of a person’s life story, career, or expertise in a particular field or industry. It is factual and focuses on major professional accomplishments and goals, academic achievements, work experience, and skills. It is commonly used in various professional contexts, such as websites, resumes, social media profiles, conference programs, or business introductions. It is written in a storytelling format to make it exciting and engaging to the audience, which can be employers, clients, and collaborators. It can be one page or multiple pages.

Did you know? A study by TheLadders determined that, on average, recruiters spend 6 seconds reviewing a resume before deciding whether to assess it further. This emphasizes the need for a brief, concise, and engaging bio.

While traditional biographies are popular among popular personalities like world leaders, artists, actors, and people with remarkable contributions to society, anyone can write a professional biography. The goal of having professional bios is to increase the author’s visibility and credibility.

Also, it is a tool to market their expertise in a particular field and introduce themselves to prospective clients, employers, and collaborators. Additionally, it can indicate the author’s values, mission, and value to gain the reader’s trust and attract like-minded individuals and entities. These are elements that can give professionals a competitive edge over their peers.  

Statistical Insight: According to a survey by CareerBuilder, 57% of employers are less likely to interview an applicant if they do not have an online presence. This illustrates the importance of a bio on social platforms.

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Following are the biography templates:

Free Professional Biography template in ms word
Personal biography template in ms word format

    First-Person Bio Vs. Third-Person Bio

    This article will explain what information to include in a professional bio and provide a Biography template and free examplethat readers can reference to ensure they write effective biographies that benefit their careers and help them expand their professional network.

    A first-person bio is written in the first person, and thus uses the pronouns I and me. Such a bio is typically more personal and conversational and is thus meant for informal platforms such as social media profiles and personal websites.

    A third-person bio is written in the third person, so the pronouns he, she, or they are used. It is more objective and formal and is used in formal and professional contexts such as job applications and company websites. As a result, determining which type of biography to use requires assessing the situation and context.   

    What are Biography Templates?

    A biography template is a pre-designed document outlining the format and structure of a biography.

    It contains headings and sections of key components of a bio, such as major life events, educational background, expertise, career achievements, and skills. There are multiple benefits to using templates to create professional biographies. Because they are pre-formatted, information can be presented in a professional and logical manner, ensuring that readers do not miss any important details.

    When used as guides, they are useful and time-saving tools that help individuals create biographies easily. Templates can also be personalized to add unique components, such as any special skills, certifications, or experiences. 

    Essential Components of a Professional Bio

    This section delves into the vital components of a professional bio, exploring how each element contributes to presenting a strong professional identity and capturing the attention of the intended audience.


    • Name: Start with your full name.
    • Current role or professional tagline: Identify your current position or what your expertise is.
    • Location: Mention where you are based.


    Jane Doe is a leading cybersecurity expert based in San Francisco, California.


    • Origin: Give details about your upbringing, origins, or cultural background if they are important to understanding who you are.
    • Education: Discuss any educational credentials that are important to your bio.


    Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Jane holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from MIT.

    Career Journey and Achievements

    • Career progression: Talk about your journey—how you started, how you got where you are, and any pivotal moments.
    • Achievements: Highlight key accomplishments in your career, major projects, or notable clients. Emphasize the results.


    Jane started her career as an intern at XYZ Corp., rapidly advancing to a team lead position due to her innovative thinking and exceptional problem-solving skills. Under her leadership, her team successfully thwarted a series of potential cyberattacks.

    Current Role

    • Position and responsibilities: Explain your current role, what you do, and perhaps any special projects you’re working on.
    • Skills and strengths: Highlight your unique skills, talents, or experiences that make you stand out.


    Currently, as a cybersecurity consultant at ABC Solutions, Jane oversees the security policies of numerous high-profile organizations, ensuring their systems are impenetrable to threats. She stands out in the field due to her expertise in encryption and intrusion detection systems.

    Personal Life (optional)

    • Hobbies or interests: If it is appropriate and adds something to the bio, do not hesitate to include some personal details about your life outside of work.


    When she is not safeguarding networks, Jane enjoys exploring the Californian wilderness and volunteering at her local animal shelter.

    Contact Information or Next Steps

    • Contact: Tell the reader how they can contact you or learn more about your work.
    • Call-to-action: Call-to-action might involve looking at your most recent project, reading your blog, setting up a consultation, etc.


    To learn more about Jane’s work or schedule a consultation, please visit her website at www.website.com.

    Third Person Pronouns

    Remember to use the third person when writing your bio. It makes it easier for others to use your bio in a professional context, and it allows the text to speak for you rather than appearing as though you are speaking about yourself.

    Make sure it is a bio that you believe accurately represents who you are and what you have accomplished thus far in your life and career.

    Professional Biography Template

    A professional biography needs to concisely convey your skills, experiences, and accomplishments in a way that showcases your expertise and personality. Here is a simple template to guide you:

    [Your Name]: Professional Biography

    1. Opening Statement

    Start with your current role and the name of your organization. It is often most effective to write in the third person.


    “[First name] [Last name] is currently the [Job Title] at [Company Name]…”

    2. Professional Background and Achievements

    Describe your work history and most notable accomplishments in reverse chronological order. You may want to include:

    The name and type of organizations you have worked for (industry, public/private, size)

    The roles you have held and your main responsibilities

    Key achievements or projects you have worked on

    Any promotions or recognitions you have received


    “Prior to [Current Company], [First Name] worked at [Previous Company] as a [Previous Job Title], where she spearheaded… Her efforts led to…”

    3. Education and Credentials

    List any relevant degrees or certifications you hold. This could include:

    Undergraduate/graduate degrees and the schools you attended

    Continuing education courses or certifications

    Any professional designations you have earned


    “[First name] holds a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in [field] from [University Name]. Additionally, she has attained certification in…”

    4. Skills and Specializations

    Highlight the skills and areas of expertise that distinguish you from others. These might include:

    Technical skills or tools you have mastered

    Languages you speak fluently

    Specialized knowledge or expertise you have


    “[First name] is proficient in… She has an in-depth knowledge of… Her specialized skills include…”

    5. Personal Details and Hobbies (Optional)

    If appropriate, you may want to share some details about your life outside of work. This could help make your bio more relatable and engaging. 


    “When not at work, [First name] enjoys… She also devotes time to…”

    6. Contact Information

    Finally, include the best way to contact or connect with you.


    “For further information or to connect, you can reach [First name] at [Email Address] or find her on [LinkedIn/Twitter/other professional platforms].”

    Please keep in mind that a professional biography should be updated regularly, especially as your roles, responsibilities, and achievements evolve over time.

    Biography Examples

    Examples of biography are given below:

    Personal biography example

    Let us imagine a fictional character named John Smith, a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker. A sample bio of this individual is provided below:

    John Smith is a renowned entrepreneur and motivational speaker based in New York City, NY.

    Raised in a small town in Texas, John received his MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, setting the foundation for his innovative journey into entrepreneurship.

    John’s business career began in the heart of Silicon Valley, where he led a fledgling tech start-up from a five-person team to a multinational corporation in less than a decade. His visionary approach and relentless dedication led his company, TechInnovate, to be named Forbes’ “Fastest Growing Tech Company” in 2021.

    Currently, John serves as the CEO of TechInnovate, where he oversees strategic growth initiatives and continues to foster a culture of innovation. His distinctive leadership style and expertise in business strategy have been recognized in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, and Harvard Business Review.

    Aside from his career, John is a dedicated triathlete and an avid reader, believing that a strong body and a keen mind are essential for maintaining his fast paced lifestyle. He actively supports several charities, including Education for All, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational resources for underprivileged children.

    Visit www.johnsmith.com to learn more about John’s work, to attend one of his motivational talks, or to explore potential collaboration opportunities.

    Remember that your personal biography should be an accurate reflection of you, your experiences, and your professional journey. Feel free to adjust the template as needed based on your specific needs and context.

    Personal bio (brief version)

    I am Mary Riley, a human resources manager at Farewell Freight and Cargo. I have been in the HR sector for eight years. I enjoy using my human resource management, conflict resolution, and active listening skills to provide and maintain a healthy and productive workplace. I have a master’s degree in psychology from the University of Columbia. I have received the company’s Employee of the Year honors two years in a row, which I am very proud of.  

    From a young age, I always exhibited good management skills. I remember being the football team’s captain in middle school. I enjoyed managing the players and motivating them to succeed. I strongly believe in working to realize my full potential in any field. As a result, I aim to run my own travel company. This is because I enjoy traveling and have come to appreciate the learning opportunities realized when traveling. I would like to help others come across such opportunities. I always engage with people through my email ([email protected]) and do not shy from reaching out. 

    Professional Bio Example

    John Smith: Professional Biography

    Opening Statement

    John Smith is currently the Chief Technology Officer at TechFirm Innovations, a leading tech company specializing in software development and cybersecurity solutions.

    Professional Background and Achievements

    Prior to joining TechFirm Innovations, John served as the Senior Software Developer at DataFlow Networks, where he led a team responsible for developing and maintaining major components of the company’s product suite. His innovative strategies contributed to a 30% improvement in product performance, earning him the ‘Employee of the Year’ award in 2021. Earlier in his career, John was a Junior Software Engineer at Systems Pro, where he refined his skills in coding and debugging.

    Education and Credentials

    John holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Stanford University. In addition, he is a certified Scrum Master and has earned a Professional Certification in Machine Learning from Coursera.

    Skills and Specializations

    John is proficient in a variety of programming languages, including Python, Java, and C++. He has in-depth knowledge of machine learning algorithms, agile methodologies, and cybersecurity protocols. His specialized skills include data analysis, system architecture design, and project management.

    Personal Details and Hobbies

    Outside of his professional life, John is an avid reader, with a keen interest in science fiction and technology-focused literature. He also enjoys hiking and photography, often merging his passions by documenting his various wilderness expeditions.

    Contact Information

    For further information or to connect, you can reach John at [email address] or find him on LinkedIn at [link].

    This example biography gives a comprehensive view of John Smith’s professional journey, highlighting his skills, achievements, and personal interests in a clear and engaging manner.

    Professional bio (biref example)

    James Sutton Professional Bio

    James Sutton is an experienced physics teacher with 10 years of active teaching in high school. Currently, he teaches at Richmond High School in Mystic City, Arkansas. More than 1200 students have passed through his guidance. He is qualified to create engaging and productive lesson plans and assessments and coach students on the various principles of physics. He is an active listener and a social person. These skills have helped him build beneficial rapport with his students throughout the years. He has an undergraduate degree in math and physics. He has a master’s in physics from the University of Princeton in London. 

    His dream was to study in Europe. A dream he came to achieve during his college education. His life has been greatly influenced by this because it showed him that goals can be achieved if they are pursued and that dreams are legitimate. He values learning and believes that information should be shared with everyone without limitations. To address this, he operates a website (www.learnall.com) where he publishes his curriculum and notes for learners to access for free. He urges anyone interested in and willing to learn physics and math to visit the site. 

    Key Takeaways

    • You can write a personal or professional biography to provide insight into who you are as a person and summarize your professional achievements and goals. 
    • A biography can be written from a first-person or third-person perspective, depending on its objective and use. 
    • You can use a template to write a biography to ensure you capture all the key information and ensure it is professionally presented. 
    • The key elements of any bio are the introduction, professional experience, educational background, personal background, values, passions, interests, and a call to action. 
    • Bios are uploaded to a person’s professional portfolio, social media profiles, personal website, or for a job application. 
    • It is important to update your bio regularly to ensure it contains current and accurate information. 

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