Free Newspaper Templates – Easy Way to Design Newspaper

First of all, choose a format for your publication. To do this, consider the circulation and quantity of content. Newsprint is suitable for large quantities (over 500 copies) and has its own formats. For smaller runs, choose sizes from the A-series, which are easier to find.

Format of Newspaper

Following are some of the standard formats of a newspaper:

Standard (600 mm x 380 mm)

This format requires a greater amount of content since the printed area is larger. It allows the separation by thematic notebooks without the risk that parts of the publication will be lost during delivery, due to its folding.

It is the format used by the mainstream media.

Tabloid (380 mm x 300 mm)

Format more practical to handle and relatively easier to diagram. Its shape makes it difficult to divide it into notebooks because one fold is not enough to join the burden.

A2 (594 mm x 420 mm)

Larger area formats are closer to official newspaper formats when folded. Its printing is more expensive to express printers because they require special printing machines for large formats.

A3 (420 mm x 297 mm)

For short-run publications, this is the best format. Its printing costs proportionally the same as an A4 print.

A4 (297mm x 210mm)

If the content is minimal, you can choose to print in A4 format. Affordable can be printed at home and photocopiers at a low cost. It does not allow grouping more than one sheet.

Free Templates

To help you out, we have created free editable newspaper layout templates that you can download and use!




newspaper template doc

newspaper template word

 old newspaper template word

newspaper template powerpoint

microsoft publisher newspaper template free download

newspaper template google slides

    Making your own newspaper

    Making your own newspaper does not have to involve the use of expensive programs in order to create the layout. If you have a word processing program, you can create a newspaper layout that will suit your needs, without the extra cost.

    You can create a professional-looking newspaper by following a few simple steps. Things you need Microsoft Word

    Fonts to use

    Basically, there are serif fonts (with serif) and sans serif (without serif). Serifs are small cuts and extensions that occur in the letters.

    They help to visually connect the letters, making the reading of long texts more fluid. For this reason, they are most recommended for newspapers.


    The spacing should be at least 1 (if the source has size 12pt, 12pt use at least spacing). The ideal is a spacing of 1.15 (14pt for font size 12).

    The letter-spacing is another parameter that can help a lot in time to save space. To work with this setting in Word or InDesign, you must create a Paragraph style and then edit it.

    In the left menu, choose the Justification option, and edit the Letter Spacing settings. The minimum spacing between letters that do not impair the fluency of the text is -16%.

    If your newspaper is funded via sponsorship, be sure to separate the advertising spaces. Dimensions close to that of a business card are recommended, as this type of art is the most common that traders have. In the case of small businesses, you can scan the card and use it instead.

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