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28 Free Editable Newspaper Templates (Word | PSD | PDF)

Newspaper consists of different sheets of paper in which different pieces of news are written in the form of articles, advertisements, features, and other corresponding publications. Newspapers help provide information related to all the events in different parts of the world.

The newspaper templates will ease the publication of news. Reading the news will also increase your general knowledge regarding different aspects of life and change your outlook on life. Despite giving information of the entire world, a newspaper template focuses explicitly on listing the situation of different departments of a particular country such as:

  • Economy.
  • Sports and games.
  • Politics.
  • Trade.
  • Entertainment.
  • Commerce etc.

The publication company should focus that newspaper template is written from such a perspective that it should be helpful for all the people belonging to any age group and associated with any of the professional fields. Because newspapers are almost read by all the people working in various institutions such as:

  • Students.
  • Teachers.
  • Journalists.
  • Offices.
  • Hospitals.
  • Households.
  • Other workplaces
  • etc.

Although it is the age of technology, the importance of reading newspapers cannot be denied and has not been reduced over time. Newspapers still carry the same significance because the words can create a more significant impact on society. It is because newspapers are easily accessible by the common public compared to the content available on other websites. However, the formats and layouts of newspapers have also evolved with time to withstand this modern age of society.

Several newspaper templates are available for using them. A template can be helpful for a newspaper publishing company that is going to start its new setup. It will help them in the sense that they will not have to think about formatting their newspaper from scratch. Moreover, the blank newspaper template can assist them in making it according to the type of format they want to use in their newspapers.

Free newspaper templates can be downloaded from our website, where several blank newspaper templates are available, and you can decide the layout and format by yourself. On the other hand, other newspaper templates with different layouts can also save your time deciding the layout. Furthermore, you can edit it according to the information you want to mention in the newspaper after downloading the template.

The visual appearance is as important as the information provided through it, so you should choose an appropriate template for the newspaper. It should be visually appealing for the audience so that they will get attracted to reading it automatically as a newspaper is accessible by everyone that’s why its template should be accordingly decided that should not be too costly.


The number of words in a sentence should not be more than 25 because elongated sentences may create confusion in readers’ minds, and they might not get the proper understanding of it.

A newspaper template can be helpful for you in changing the perspective of people that it is boring to read it. If you are trying to introduce a unique and creative way of printing newspapers, blank newspaper templates will benefit you. One thing that should be considered is that the symbol of professionalism should always remain there even if you are using any template for publishing the newspapers.

Newspapers provide us with complete information regarding a particular event along with the opinions and statements of great journalists. In this way, we can easily observe different aspects of a particular event, which will widen our outlook regarding different matters of our daily lives. Therefore, you should focus on delivering all the details so that the public can comprehend them easily.

Free Newspaper Templates

Ad-Newspaper-Template free download in ms word
Beige Newspaper Template in ms word free download
Broadsheet Newspaper Template in ms word free download in ms word
Modern Newspaper Template in ms word free download in ms word
Classic Newspaper Template Free Download in Ms Word
Tabloid Newspaper Template Free download in ms word

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    Exclusive Newspaper Template - Editable PDF and Word Formats
    Premium Newspaper Template for Adobe Illustrator - Customizable and Exclusive
    High-Quality Editable Newspaper Template - Adobe Illustrator and PDF
    Professional Newspaper Template - Exclusive and Editable Design
    Customizable Newspaper Template in Adobe Illustrator - Exclusive Design

    Editable Newspaper Template for Word and PDF - Exclusive Layout

    Exclusive Newspaper Template - Editable in Adobe Illustrator
    Adobe Illustrator Newspaper Template - Exclusive and Customizable
    Exclusive Newspaper Template - Editable Design for PDF and Word
    Modern Newspaper Template - Editable in Adobe Illustrator
    Editable Newspaper Template - Adobe Illustrator and PDF Included
    Exclusive Newspaper Template - Customizable in Word and PDF

      Format of Newspaper Template

      First of all, choose a format for your publication. To do this, consider the circulation and quantity of content. Newsprint is suitable for large quantities (over 500 copies) and has its own formats. For smaller runs, choose sizes from the A-series, which are easier to find.

      Following are some of the standard formats of a newspaper template:

      Standard (600 mm x 380 mm)

      This format requires a greater amount of content since the printed area is larger. It allows the separation by thematic notebooks without the risk that parts of the publication will be lost during delivery, due to its folding.

      It is the format used by the mainstream media.

      Tabloid (380 mm x 300 mm)

      The format is more practical to handle and relatively easier to diagram. Its shape makes it difficult to divide it into notebooks because one fold is not enough to join the burden.

      A2 (594 mm x 420 mm)

      Larger area formats are closer to official newspaper formats when folded. Its printing is more expensive to express printers because they require special printing machines for large formats.

      A3 (420 mm x 297 mm)

      For short-run publications, this is the best format. Its printing costs proportionally the same as an A4 print.

      A4 (297mm x 210mm)

      If the content is minimal, you can choose to print in A4 format. Affordable can be printed at home and photocopiers at a low cost. It does not allow grouping more than one sheet.

      Blank Newspaper Templates

      To help you out, we have created free editable newspaper templates that you can download and use!




      newspaper template doc

      newspaper template word

       old newspaper template word

      newspaper template powerpoint

      microsoft publisher newspaper template free download

      newspaper template google slides

        Steps for Making your Own Newspaper

        Making your own newspaper does not have to involve the use of expensive programs in order to create the layout. If you have a word processing program, you can create a newspaper layout that will suit your needs, without the extra cost.

        You can create a professional-looking newspaper by following a few simple steps. Things you need Microsoft Word

        Fonts to use

        Basically, there are serif fonts (with serif) and sans serif (without serif). Serifs are small cuts and extensions that occur in the letters.


        There are many writing styles in which news can be written. A narration of an accident should be written in the narrative style, and there should be no deviation from that.

        They help to visually connect the letters, making the reading of long texts more fluid. For this reason, they are most recommended for newspapers.


        The spacing should be at least 1 (if the source has size 12pt, 12pt use at least spacing). The ideal is a spacing of 1.15 (14pt for font size 12).

        The letter-spacing is another parameter that can help a lot in time to save space. To work with this setting in Word or InDesign, you must create a paragraph style and then edit it.

        In the left menu, choose the justification option, and edit the letter-spacing settings. The minimum spacing between letters that do not impair the fluency of the text is -16%.

        If your newspaper is funded via sponsorship, be sure to separate the advertising spaces. Dimensions close to that of a business card are recommended, as this type of art is the most common that traders have. In the case of small businesses, you can scan the card and use it instead.

        Tips for Writing News

        Lead is the essential element of any narrated news. The news should be written so that the reader will get interested in reading the details of particular news after reading the starting lines. If the information does not interest the reader while reading the initial lines, the reader will not read its details.

        For developing the lead in the news written in your newspaper template, you should have to follow some additional important points. Some of those points have been described below as the tips for making your reader pursue reading the entire news for getting all the information regarding it:

        Focus on the main idea

        You should ensure that your writing should stick to the main point of the news and do not deviate from the main point by including information that is not related to the actual incident. For this purpose, you should have complete and accurate information regarding that event described through the news.

        Be clear about the story

        Write all the details related to that particular event clearly so that there is no confusion left behind in the reader’s mind. No part of the information should be missing, and any wrong piece of information should not be mentioned. Moreover, it will help the reader in developing trust that the news read from your newspaper are always authentic otherwise, if the reader will read some other facts from another newspaper that will be contrasting with those written in your newspaper template, then the reader might not prefer to read your newspaper as a consequence.

        Note That

        A lot of numerical digits should not be included in a single sentence.

        Grab the attention

        You can grab the reader’s attention by making the headline worth noticing by highlighting it and making its font size and style different from the rest of the news. Once the reader is attracted to the headline, they will read the rest of the news.

        Keep the wording clear

        Be precise during the selection of words. All the ordinary people read newspapers to use simple sentences and easy words. Therefore, write the information entirely but try to use short, interconnected sentences to avoid misconceptions in the reader’s mind while reading the news. Paragraphs should also be kept short. Also, write the sentences in active voice, and it will help the readers understand the information quickly.

        Include surprise news

        News should be written through such a perspective like a journalist was also present at the spot and witnessed everything there. It will make the reader trust the information being mentioned in your newspaper template. The surprising factor can be incorporated in the headline by writing it to develop suspense in the reader’s mind to read the full news.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        What does a newspaper include?

        A newspaper covers almost all the aspects and events that range from a commoner’s daily life to all the activities being happened at the global level. It includes politics, crime, education, health, sports and games, economy, defense, weather conditions, etc. Some stories for children are also published in the newspapers once a week. It also provides information regarding the entertainment industry. And some exciting things such as crosswords, horoscopes, etc., are also included in it.

        What are the different types of newspapers?

        There are two different types of newspapers which include:

        -Tabloids: The standard size for this type of newspaper template is 11 by 17 inches and is comparatively more minor in size. Minimum five numbers of columns are there in it.

        -Broadsheet: This newspaper template is most commonly used, and different types of information regarding different fields of life are mentioned in it.

        What paper is used to print a newspaper?

        A non-archival paper having lesser cost is used for printing the newspaper. This paper is made up of wood pulp, and it is commonly used for newspapers and other advertisements also. It is off-white and different from other kinds of paper sheets. It is made up of recycled paper, that’s why it is also sustainable for our environment as it saves the new papers and ultimately the wood.

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