Complaint Letter (Samples & Examples)

We are all familiar with the feeling associated with buying a substandard product, receiving a poor customer service experience, or snubbed at work. Truth be said, such a feeling can be disappointing, awful, and frustrating. But how do you ensure you get the rightful justice and fairness? Well, when you are dissatisfied with the product or service from either retail, seller, or any other service delivery agent, don’t just let it go. You can express your dissatisfaction by writing them a complaint letter to help resolve the problem.

What is a Complaint Letter?

A complaint letter is a formal document used by the complainant to address the grievance, dissatisfaction, or any other type of resentment arising out of a product or service. Alternatively, you can look at it as a document that helps you air out your dissatisfaction or unfair service delivery. The complaint letter helps put your complaints on record. In some cases, companies will tend to ignore your complaints. However, upon writing a complaint letter, they will see some seriousness and take action promptly. Remember that the document can be used to advocate for your legal rights in a court of law, if necessary. If you are unfamiliar with how to write the complaint letter, read on and realize some useful tips necessary for drafting a letter that works.

When to write a complaint letter

There are various circumstances under which a complaint letter may be written. These includes:

  • When an individual is unfairly treated in a workplace
  • When a person is sexually harassed or bullied in a workplace
  • When a person buys a substandard or malfunctioning product
  • When a person receives poor customer service

How to write a Complaint Letter

As mentioned above, writing a complaint letter isn’t a much difficult task. Before we look into how to write one, there are some critical things you need to do. First, make sure you record the events as they will be used as backup evidence to your claims. Also, ensure you find the proper names and address of recipients. Remember that your complaints will be best addressed if they land the rightful ears. With that in mind, here is how to write your letter:

  • Start by the date of writing, then address of the relevant recipient.
  • Mention the subject line then followed by a salutation.
  • Introduce your letter by getting into the main point of your letter.
  • State the outcome or remedy you would want to be presented
  • Attach all the relevant copies of supporting documents
  • Provide a timeline in which you would want the matter resolved
  • Conclude your letter in a respectful manner.

Complaint Letter Template

[Date of Writing]

[Recipients Name]

[Recipients Address]

[Recipients Contacts]

SUBJECT: Complaint Letter for Poor services

Dear Mr./ Mrs./ Miss. [Last Name]

I am writing this letter to show my dissatisfaction with the home theatre I bought at your shops located on Greenspace Avenue on 20th July 2020. Upon reaching home, I noticed that the home theatre had a lot of defects. First, there was a missing adapter cable. Alongside with that, there left speaker wasn’t functioning properly as the right counterpart.

The home theatre doesn’t produce the acceptable quality and therefore, faulty. This system doesn’t match the one I was shown on display. One of the display was fully functional, and that convinced me to buy the system. I, therefore, saw it good to write this letter to reinforce our previous conversation from the phone.

I would like to have a replacement of the entire home theatre. Besides, I am giving you a period of 14 days to get the issue solved. Upon the expiry of the timeline, I will take further action by lodging formal complaints with the consumer affairs in my respective state.

Feel free to contact me through my phone number +1 626 43434343 or my email I am ready and willing to discuss the issue further. Attached are the photocopies of the receipt for proof of purchase.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]


Sample Complaint Letters








    Tips for writing an Effective Complaint Letter

    • Make the letter specific, clear and concise

    When writing your letter, always ensure that you are precise, clear, and understandable. Avoid unnecessary or bulky information that would cause further misunderstanding or misinterpretations. That being said, ensure you describe the problem, include the serial number, and the location in which you bought the product or services.

    • Mention what you need to be done

    While addressing your complaints, you need to let the reader know how best you want the issue to get resolved. Again, mention how long you expect the solution. Here, you need to provide a reasonable timeline that will make the offender respond without much strain.

    • Attach relevant evidence

    In order to make your complaint strong and tangible, be sure to attach any available copies of evidence. These may include the receipts, warranties or work orders, among others. In case you talked over the email or online platforms, you can print them and have them attached.

    • Use a polite language

    In as much as you are angered or dissatisfied with the occurrence, the last thing you should do is to use a threatening or abusive language. Instead, use a polite, considerate and complimentary language to prevent the issue from escalating further. Note that if you use a threatening language, you risk being handed over to a law enforcement agency.

    • Be factual

    This is one area most companies will look into when addressing your complaint letter. Are you factual enough? Are the evidence presented solid or manufactured? In order to get your issue solved, make sure your claims are nothing but the truth.

    • Explain the problem

    The other thing you need to focus on is the problem. Make sure the reader realize that indeed there is a problem on the product or service you were rendered. You need not beat around the bush. Rather, be straightforward to the point. Explain yourself properly and in a way that grabs the reader’s attention.

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