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10 FREE Delivery Receipt Templates (Word | Excel | PDF)

Whether you are selling a product, offering services, accepting payments, or receiving donations, it’s always important to track the flow of the goods/service with ease. Companies, whether big or small, are always expected to issue their customers with a receipt after every transaction. This helps them get information about the transaction that just took place. In the same way, when a delivery has been successfully made, the recipient should send a delivery receipt to the sender.

A delivery receipt template, therefore, refers to a fillable document that confirms or acknowledges the delivery of an object, message, or order.

Often times, the document does contain the descriptions of goods an individual buys as well as their corresponding price tags. While some companies prefer attaching the delivery receipts with the goods in transit, others simply send it upon delivery.

What to Include in a Delivery Receipt?

When sending an order or service to the buyer, the company should always ensure that all the necessary information is included in their delivery receipt. This is because missing out on any important information can cause inconvenience.

Therefore, a standard delivery receipt should contain the following components:

  • The name of the company or individual sending out the delivery.
  • A receipt number that is unique for every receipt.
  • The address and the contact information of the sender.
  • A detailed description of products/services being delivered.
  • The cost of each product/service being rendered out.
  • The date in which the delivery is to take place.
  • Signature of both the selling company and the buyer.

Different Types of Delivery Receipts

Well, you need to know that there is more than one type of delivery receipt. Each type varies mainly due to the type of goods/services delivered.

Again, the different types of receipts contain different types of information, as discussed below:

Food delivery receipts

The food delivery receipts are those receipts that are delivered by food industries. If, for instance, an individual orders for a given quantity of food, he or she will be served with a food delivery receipt. Usually, these cases are more common when one throws a party and wants a banquet for a special event.

It often contains information such as:

  • The names of different foods and drinks ordered and their corresponding prices.
  • The amount of each meal ordered.
  • The name of the company
  • The time of food delivery

As a general rule, individuals ordering food should confirm the delivery receipt to ascertain that the ordered foods are the exact ones.

Goods delivery receipt

This type of delivery receipt is the most common among many business people. This is because when transacting, people often want to be sure that the type of materials they are receiving are the rightful ones. Also, they want to be sure that the delivery is of top quality and not counterfeit or substandard in any way.

Generally, it works with all types of goods and may contain the following information:

  • The details of the delivery company/individual.
  • The make, model, or details of the goods being delivered.
  • The date of delivery
  • The details of the recipient.

Glasses delivery receipt

Glasses are highly fragile. Therefore, they need to be transported with the utmost care and diligence. 

Whether you are expecting a new pair of glasses or lens, you must receive glass in its rightful type and condition. If you receive your glasses with cracks or inconsistencies, you will have to decline the delivery immediately.

Generally, this type of delivery receipt should contain the following information:

  • The feature of the glass
  • The shape of the glass
  • The grade of the glass
  • Type of lens and frame, among others.

How to Write a Perfect Delivery Receipt?

Now that you know what to include in your delivery receipt, writing one shouldn’t be difficult. If you want a ready-made receipt, you can go ahead and download our free Delivery Receipt templates here. Our templates are flexible and easily customizable.

If you want to write a receipt from scratch, the following guides will help you:


At the top of your document, you need to write the company name, address, phone number, and website. This should then be followed by the date and the receipt number for record-keeping purposes. Note that the receipt number is often unique with each item.

Delivery details

This section will contain all the information concerning the delivered goods or services. Describe every item while including their cost. Also, include the names, addresses, and contacts of the recipients of the goods.

Summary of charges

Here, you will clearly state the summary of all the costs that will be/were made. Note that the payment terms should be made clear and agreed on by both parties. Payments can either be made through credit cards, checks, or hard cash, among other options.

Space for comments

Make sure you leave some blank space for additional comments either by the buyer or the seller.


At the end of your delivery receipt, you need to leave space for the delivery person and the recipient to append their signature. This will acknowledge that the rightful person has received the delivery. More importantly, the signatures are legal proof that both parties (buyer and seller) have finalized the transactions.

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Free Templates

Following are some free delivery templates that you can edit as per your choice:

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    Uses of a Delivery Receipt

    One of the main uses of the delivery receipt is tracking. With the receipts, most companies find tracking various transactions through their history easy.

    The other important use of delivery receipts is that they provide clear evidence of transactions. Therefore, they can be used to settle any problem that would erupt from a transaction.

    Lastly, it is used to acknowledge a successful delivery formally.

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