6+ Free Church Newsletter Templates

Online church services, app groups, and the search of channels to provide municipality members and others with information present the Church with new challenges. Creating an online newsletter is also part of this. How do you create a digital newsletter, and where do you start? Ten tips for a good start.

1. Target group

A newsletter for the own (active) municipality members will look different than a newsletter for the inhabitants of the village. Weigh what the various target groups want to read and make various newsletters for that. Avoid ecclesiastical language in a newsletter.

2. Content

It’s easy to say, ‘we’re going to create a newsletter’. But what are you going to send around? Collect all the topics you want to highlight. It is in line with what the target group of the newsletter wants to read. Make sure the content is newsworthy. Respond to current and important events.

3. Concept

Think of two or three fixed categories based on which you will send a newsletter regularly. They provide variety and recognition. The other classes may vary according to what is occurring.

4. Planning

Create a calendar with the scheduled shipping dates. Add ideas to each shipping date in the calendar. For example, follow the church year (public holidays) or the seasons.

5. Relevance

Remember that the newsletter is one of the many sources of information that people get to attend every day. Think carefully about the message the newsletter wants to convey, and especially what readers are looking for and expecting.

6. Registrations

You can request email addresses directly from their members of the congregation (via a filling slip) or via a registration form on the website. For people outside the municipality, the question ‘may we send you an update now and then’ can be linked to the registration for an activity.

7. Personal data

The starting point is that the Church handles personal data with integrity and that it is necessary to prevent the Church from being considered a spammer by the villagers. People outside the municipality must sign up specifically for the newsletter and should also be able to opt-out. Members of the congregation do not need to be authorized: the Church has a legitimate interest in informing them of its activities via a newsletter. However, members must be able to opt-out of the newsletter.

8. Tracking and design subscribers

An email program that tracks subscribers and offers standard forms for it saves a lot of time. Most applications have a free subscription, such as Mailchimp, Hubspot, and Laporta: all free-up to a certain limit of newsletter subscribers.

9. Images

A newsletter becomes more attractive when it contains beautiful footage. Online are several sites that offer royalty-free photos such as pexels.com and unsplash.com, and pixabay.com. Also, photo editing programs like canva.com offer many possibilities.

10. Use links

Is there a lot of text to share with readers? See if it is possible to click through to the website from the newsletter and just include an introduction to the newsletter. The newsletter can also be redirected to social media and its website, making more information available.

Church Newsletter Templates

Creating a Church newsletter is an easy but time-consuming process, so to make it even more comfortable and less time-consuming, you can download our free Church newsletter templates and customize them according to your needs!

We hope that our tips and templates will help you. Do check out our other free resources!

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