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20 Best Agricultural Resume Examples and Templates

Are you looking for a job in the agriculture sector right now, or are you going to do it soon?

If this is the case, you’re more than likely to need an agricultural resume to apply for a job offer. To do this, we have arranged this page with everything you need so that you can make your resume for the agriculture sector, including an agricultural resume and CV template.

Formatting Your Agricultural Resume

This fundamental part of creating your agricultural resume will vary depending on your needs. However, we show you which resume template is most recommended based on your experiences and skills:

  • Reverse chronological format: Ideal if you have worked in different places and want to organize them on your resume from the latest to the oldest.
  • Functional format: This model prioritizes the skills of the candidate and is perfect when you have little experience or want to enhance the qualities above previous work.
  • Combined format: The agricultural resume that brings together the main characteristics of chronological and functional. Highly recommended if you have a lot of experience and weight skills for the position.

Without a doubt, a good way to prove that you are a perfect candidate for a position in the agriculture sector is by describing your professional skills and abilities. In this way, the recruiter will be able to make a simple check with the requirements of the offer and get a first idea about whether or not you are eligible for the position offered.

When it comes to capturing your skills as an agriculture sector worker, you can do so by listing them in your own section, and by including them in the description of other aspects. For example, when describing old jobs in the work experience section.

What to Include

Information that you should include in your Agricultural CV will vary slightly depending on the specific position you are applying for. However, below is a list of basic information required for your CV:

  • Professional Experience
  • Skill sets
  • Educational Background
  • Achievements
  • Published papers
  • Recommendations (If required)

The Importance of Keywords

Due to the high level of agricultural resumes a company receives, they use Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) to pre-filter the resumes. If resumes do not contain keywords or phrases, the resumes are rejected. No matter how beautifully laid out your resume is, if the tracking does not detect keywords or phrases, your resume will not see a hiring manager.

Keywords for Agricultural CV will differ slightly depending on the exact position you are looking for. Basic examples of keywords for an agricultural resume are:

  • Environment
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Weather analysis
  • Agricultural research,
  • Plantation management
  • Operations
  • Projects coordinator


Proofread your Agricultural CV for errors. No matter how well your CV is formatted, errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling will be an instant turnoff. Feel free to run your CV through one of the many online grammar, spelling, and punctuation checkers to look for errors. Also, make sure that your formatting is correct.

Best Agricultural Resume and CV Templates

Following are some of the best agricultural resume and CV templates:





















    Agricultural CV and Resume Templates 21

    5 Creative resumes sample

    Agricultural CV and Resume Templates 22

    This is clean in design resume and CV template for anyone looking for a job in the agricultural sector.

    Clean Resume Template for Job

    Agricultural CV and Resume Templates 23

    This is clean in design premium CV and resume set for agricultural sector white neat background.

    Modern Resume Set Sample

    Agricultural CV and Resume Templates 24

    SCRESUME agriculture template is a simple and clean resume with a cover letter. It has an elegant design!

    Simple and Clean Resume with Cover Letter Template

    Agricultural CV and Resume Templates 25

    You do not always need an edgy resume; sometimes, a resume with clean design does the work for you in securing a job in the agricultural sector!


    Agricultural CV and Resume Templates 26

    This is a simple yet elegant resume and CV templates for anyone applying for a  job in the agriculture sector. Its simple design makes it look professional.


      Agricultural CV and Resume Templates 27

      This is a 5-in-1 simple CV and resumes for a job position in the agriculture sector. This kind of template is equally well-suited for all kinds of jobs in the agriculture sector.


      Agricultural CV and Resume Templates 28

      This is one of the standalone three-piece modern agriculture CV and resume template. It is one of those templates which helps you solve all of your problems


      Agricultural CV and Resume Templates 29

      This is a traditional single page agriculture CV and resumes with a simple yet elegant design!


      Agricultural CV and Resume Templates 30


        Final Words

        If you are looking for a job, an internship, or an internship, then the resume is one of your most valuable tools. It is the one that will allow you to shine with your employers, and get a job interview. The agricultural resume is a document that gives the person who reads it a quick overview of your skills, your experience, and the logic of your journey. It has only one goal: to make sure that you get an interview.

        You know everything! Learning how to make an agricultural resume is not rocket science, and it does not take much time with the above-listed templates, and above all, be as consistent as possible.

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