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18+ Financial Accountant Resume Templates

A financial accountant’s resume should highlight those sections or skills of the candidate that may be useful for a position that involves maintaining and making financial accounting records, and that is related to the financial sector. The profile of a good financial accountant must be that of an organized person, able to manage his time well, coordinate tasks, maintain good communication with clients, and of course with knowledge of financial accounting and the financial and tax system.

Therefore, to make a good financial accountant resume in addition to following the general advice to make a resume, it should be highlighted the qualities and skills that make the subject a good candidate for jobs in the finance and the financial accounting sector. For example, the tasks performed and the tools and programs used in previous jobs, such as: preparation of tax returns.

What to Include?

As essential advice, the resume of a financial accountant must be very well organized and must preferably follow a classic structure.

If the candidate has no professional experience as a financial accountant, it is important to detail the curriculum their training and skills. Companies also value candidates with good training and up-to-date software and financial accounting tools, so it is advisable that the resume collect this information in detail.

In the section on skills of the experienced curriculum vitae, you can mention the strengths or character traits of the candidate that adapt to the requirements of the position: organized, efficient. In the case of writing an inexperienced financial accountant resume, it is a good idea to accompany it with a cover letter detailing all this information.

Computer skills on the financial accountant’s resume

It should not be forgotten that when writing a financial accountant resume, you must demonstrate knowledge of financial accounting software. Mention all specific software and tools you master or have used. For example: ContaPlus,

SeniorConta, Conta.Net, OfiPro, A3 Software…

Professional competencies of the financial accountant

A financial accountant’s job skills can be very broad and are especially related to strong analytical and organizational capacity.

Key competencies of a financial accountant:

  • Target orientation
  • Organization
  • Critical and self-reflective capacity
  • Ability to analyze and synthesize
  • Ability to understand the economic environment and extrapolate data
  • Good planning and time organization
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Decision-making ability
  • Motivation for quality
  • Ability to design and manage projects

Other professional skills valued in financial accounting:

  • Good mastery of ICT and ability to adapt new technologies to the professional
  • Environment
  • Perseverance
  • Logical and methodical approach
  • Good communicative ability to convey ideas and concepts

What does a financial accountant do?

Although financial accountants are not a protected term, there is a general understanding of the tasks in this position: as a central part of operational accounting, financial accounting serves as the basis for external accounting and internal accounting.

Accounting is regulated by law because it is addressed to external parties (owners, employees, creditors, suppliers, customers, the state, and other stakeholders). It shall inform and report on the use of the funds. In internal accounting, companies have more freedom of design, as it follows internal company purposes, the determination of operational profitability, and the management of different business units.

In every country, external accounting is based on the Commercial Code and the principles of sound accounting. Accounting aims to correctly present the financial the situation of the company, i.e., the income, assets and financial situation, on the basis of the balance sheet, the annual financial statements, and the income statement (profit and loss account).

The financial accountant records all monetary transactions objectively and chronologically and posts them to the corresponding accounts. It is governed by the rules of sound accounting. The transactions are mainly incoming invoices (vendors), outgoing invoices (customers), and other payment documents, so deeper knowledge of the local Commercial Code or tax laws is necessary.

Best Financial Accountant Resume Templates

Following are some of the best financial accountant resume templates:








    Financial Accountant Resume Template 08

    This is a 2-page financial accountant resume template with an elegant, functional design against a white background. This kind of template is best for the financial accountant position!

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    Financial Accountant Resume Template 09

    This is a 2-page functional accountant resume template with beautiful design against a white background. Like other functional accountant resume templates you can also add a photo in it!

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    Financial Accountant Resume Template 10

    This is a clean chronological financial accountant resume template. All the critical information is mentioned in chronological order against a white background with option to add a photo in it!


    Financial Accountant Resume Template 11

    This is a maximalist financial accountant resume template with beautiful design and infographic objects. It has a simple white background, which makes the texts and infographic objects visible!


    Financial Accountant Resume Template 12

    This is another clean, combined financial accountant resume template with a simple design against a white background. This type of clean accountant resume template is best for a financial accountant position!

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    Financial Accountant Resume Template 13

    This is a 2-page functional financial accountant resume template with a catchy design. You can add your all information in it without having to worry about the space and that too without compromising the photo!

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    Financial Accountant Resume Template 14

    This is a simple financial accountant resume template. This kind of financial accountant resume is best not only for financial accountant positions but all kinds of accounts related positions!

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      Financial Accountant Resume Template 15

      This is a neat financial accountant resume template against a white background. Unlike other neat templates, you can actually add your photo. This type of template is best for all kinds of finance-related positions!

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      Financial Accountant Resume Template 16

      This is a simple maximalist financial accountant resume template. Unlike some other simple templates, in this resume, not only you can add a photo but you can add all your details in it!

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      Financial Accountant Resume Template 17

      This is a clean financial accountant resume template with simple design against white background but unlike the majority of other clean resume templates you can add a photo in it!

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      Financial Accountant Resume Template 18

      This is a clean financial accountant resume template with simple design against white background but like the majority of other clean resume templates you cannot add a photo in it!

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      Financial Accountant Resume Template 19

      This financial accountant template is simplistic in its design without any flashy colors or infographics. Unlike some of the other simple resume templates, you can add a photo to it!


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