Wedding Guest List: Learn How to Make Yours!

The wedding guest list is a sensitive subject, but it is extremely necessary. This decision is one of the first things you two will have to do when planning your wedding.

See here the tips we have separated on how to make the guest list stress free, and download our free guest list specially prepared for you!

The wedding guest list is the beginning of EVERYTHING! You need to know how many guests will have to close the place, hire the buffet, in short, to set the budget as a whole. Any supplier will need to know this number in order to be able to pass a correct quote.

However, if the matter is not discussed openly between the two of you, with diplomacy and patience, some fights and disagreements can happen.

Tip: Don’t get too stressed with the list at the beginning, we can say, from our experience, that it will be remade many times.

How to put together the wedding guest list?

Make a list of wedding guests separated into categories: family, close friends, college friends, work people, parents’ guests, etc. Therefore, when it is necessary to cut someone, it is easier to search.

Before putting names in the categories, it is good to talk about some points: are you going to invite distant relatives? Will they include children? What about the people at work and their bosses? That way, it would be nice to talk on a case-by-case basis about these guests and be both ready to give in.

Who to invite to your wedding?

The first step is to make a complete wedding guest list of all the family, acquaintances, and friends that you would like to invite. Include everyone in this first phase.  The list will be huge, but that’s okay!

The second step is to edit this list:

Some people you can remove from the guest list  include:

  • Distant friends and relatives:  people you haven’t met for eternity and just chat on social media.
  • Friends of relatives: you know that friend of your mother’s course, that you meet once a year? It’s a time to celebrate, and the family can get excited, it’s natural. Explain fondly to them that it will not work.
  • Exs and the like:  can be crossed off the list without guilt unless you are good friends.
  • Virtual friends:  best to leave these friendships only on social networks.
  • Neighbors and co-workers:  if they are close friends, invite, of course. Nowadays, there is no longer an obligation to invite colleagues that you only have a working relationship with.

Tip: the ideal is to have 10% more of the planned amount of guests. For example, marriage for 150 guests can have 200 people on the list.

Guestlist Worksheet

Why use a guest list spreadsheet? The answer to that question cannot be more direct: why don’t? You want to go crazy! You can’t plan a wedding without knowing how many people are going to celebrate with you.

Keeping all your guests in one place makes life easier when talking to suppliers, as well as confirming your presence, knowing who will be invited to the wedding, to whom the invitation has already been delivered and when it is time to thank the gifts.

Not all lists were created equal, and we will pull the sardine to our list templates of wedding guests that are SUPER complete for download, with all these topics to make your life easier.

The list templates of wedding guests that we set up, especially to help you, will be a very important tool for proper organization of your wedding, so we are giving you a GIFT to download, which is super intuitive and easy to use.

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    Tips for reducing the list of wedding guests

    The people who will be present on the wedding day must be the ones who are special to the newlyweds, who live in their hearts, those who have daily contact and who participate in their love story.

    That way, you can build a smaller guest list without too much guilt. Take into account the proximity, obligation, expenses, and importance of the person when making the cut decision.

    There will be a divergence of opinion between the couple – it’s normal, guys! – and when the family is involved, it can get even more complicated. Therefore, a lot of dialogue is needed. For parents, this is a very special and very proud moment, so naturally, they want to share it with their family and friends as well.

    And the kids?

    Definitely another subject that shows how the guest list is a sensitive topic. To include children in your marriage or not?

    First of all, you need to decide if you want their presence. It’s okay not to want, see? The choice is up to the couple, and they don’t really need to feel guilty.

    If you are thinking about it, it is good to know some details, and they can help with the decision.

    • Make a list with the separated children, so you can know the approximate number of how many will go on the wedding day.
    • Talk to the buffet to find out if, for children, nothing will be charged, if half or full will be charged.
    • Children usually go with companions, and the nanny incurs an extra guest charge.
    • Will it be necessary to hire some type of entertainment for the little ones? Plus, an extra cost.

    RSVP – Attendance confirmation

    There are a few ways to do RSVP (confirmation of attendance):

    •  Phone or email in the invitation: the bride and groom can put a phone or email for the guests to send confirmation until the day specified in the text.
    • Wedding website: the vast majority of wedding websites have this function. The bride and groom add the website URL  for the guests to access and confirm their presence, so the bride and groom can control everything in real-time.
    • QR Code: it is the famous square image where the guest takes a picture and is directed to a website, where he can do the RSVP.
    •  RSVP active: as there is a great possibility that people will not access the site or call for confirmation, at first, a solution is to hire an active RSVP to contact each one by phone. That way, it is guaranteed that a more assertive list is achieved.

    Last Tip: After you hit the hammer, leave the list quiet. In the same way, do not suffer any more for the people who were cut off, do not dwell on numbers, and worry about the other aspects of your marriage. In short, this stage is over.

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