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20 Excellent Web Developer Resume Examples (Free Templates)

As a promising new web developer, it’s difficult to attract customers or get hired by an agency. A good web developer resume can make the difference between capturing the attention of a customer or company and, as it’s the first impression you’ll see, creating a web development resume isn’t easy because it needs to be visually pleasing and interesting at the same time.

Recruitment managers and HR specialists review dozens of web developer resumes and are already too familiar with the cliches that job seekers fill out their resumes with. To gain a competitive advantage, you need to learn to stay away from these cliches and compose a web development resume that is memorable and attention-worthy.

The most important advice for anyone who starts a resume is to carefully fill it out with details relevant to their leads rather than filling the page with details that don’t matter.

Keep in mind that your resume is the key to your success. A broken key won’t get you anywhere, so you must get it right from the start. It must fit into the lock before it opens, which is represented by HR specialists and employers who want to hire the best among the best.

What is the Best Format for a Web Developer Resume?

The format you choose can cause the person reading your web development resume to go ahead or stop immediately after the introduction. The best design for a resume should be:

  • Concise
  • Conservative
  • Impact
  • Innovative

Because web development is a creative field, we recommend it to unleash your imagination and create a unique design that no one has ever seen before. This is a good way to get the attention of an employer or client from the moment they set their eyes on their resume. Use carefully selected colors, bold font, headers, and visuals. However, you won’t want to overwhelm the reader, so keep it minimal and clear! Keep the design functional but not adorned

Professional advice

PDFs are best but make sure the job description doesn’t belittle them. Some job offers do not accept PDFs from web development resumes.

Use a combination of white space, clear fonts, and proper headers to help recruiters read your information. Finally, save your web development resume in PDF format. Web design resumes in Word format can degrade ungratefully once you submit them.

Web Designer Resume Samples



Web Developer Resume Examples 2019

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Web Developer Resume Website

Editable Web Developer Resume Examples 2019

Web Developer Resume Doc Format Download

Resume For Web Developer Fresher

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Sample of Developer Resume Template

    What Items Should a Web Developer Resume Contain?

    For the details you should include in your web developer resume, things get a little more complicated. You’ll be tempted to include everything related to your previous work on your resume, but this isn’t a good idea. Falling into the trap of over-complicating, your resume can end up killing your job opportunities.

    You must include details related to your past career in a well-written and concise way. Adding screenshots of your previous work will not do the job; that’s what portfolios are for. Use your web development resume to link people to your online portfolio instead.

    The major sections of your web developer resume should be:

    Contact details

    Let the person reading your resume know where they can contact you if they hire you. Provide your full name, address, email address, telephone number, website, or any other relevant information that you may include in the contact section.


    This summary should not be over 3-4 sentences and is intended to be described in nut words. Include relevant information such as how much experience you have in web development and what big names you’ve worked with in the past.


    Your core skills should be listed at the top of the resume so you can take a quick look at what you’re able to do. Instead of writing a block of text to tell people what you’re good at, list the skills you consider important in the website design niche. Don’t forget to also mention which software programs you master.


    List all of your previous work and include details about what your responsibilities were in each of them. Showing your employment history concisely is mandatory for a good web developer resume. Don’t forget to add dates and keep the list in chronological order.


    As in the previous case, you must show your educational history. Mention if you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree and list the subjects in which you specialize. You can also list other courses you’ve completed in the past, but preferably only if they apply to web development.

    Other information

    If you think there’s something else you need to include in your web development resume and think it might make a difference, find a place for it. Membership in community roles, references, or voluntary positions is usually appreciated in resumes. Electronic resumes should include niche-relevant keywords, so employers can quickly find you based on certain community skills, experience, or contributions.

    Best Web Designer Resume Templates

    Following are some of the best web designer resumes:

    Functional Web Designer Resume Template

    This is a functional web designer resume template with a beautiful design against a white background. Like other functional web designer resume templates, you can also add photos to it!

    Web Designer and Developer Resume 22

    This is a clean web designer resume template with a simple design against a white background, but unlike most other clean resume templates, you can add a photo to it!

    Web Designer and Developer Resume 23

    This is another clean web designer resume template with a simple design against a white background. This clean web designer resume template is best for a web designer position!

    Web Designer and Developer Resume 24

    This web design template is simplistic in its design, with no flashy colors or infographics. Unlike some other simple resume templates, you can add photos to it!

      Maximalist Web Designer Resume Template

      This is a maximalist web designer resume template with beautiful design and icons. It has a simple white background, which makes the texts and icons visible! Like all other maximalist templates, you can add your photo to it.

      Stylish Designer Resume Template

      This is a simple maximalist web designer resume template. Unlike some other simple templates in this resume, not only can you add a photo, but you can add all your details to it!

      Clean Chronological Web Designer Resume Template

      This is a clean chronological financial web designer resume template. You can mention all the critical information in chronological order against a white background with the option to add a photo to it!

      Neat Maximist Web Designer Resume Template

      This is a neat web designer resume template against a white background. Unlike other neat templates, you can add your photo. This template is best for all kinds of web design-related positions!

        Key Takeaways

        Now you know how to write a web designer resume way above the crease. Remember these key tips for more interviews:

        • Summarize your big hits that show the busy manager that he will have to give a careful reading to his resume for web design.
        • Please read the job description carefully. Match your points to it, such as Metro’s design with Windows 10.
        • Show your creativity in your portfolio!
        • Questions about writing a great resume for a web designer or developer? Not sure how to describe your skills or accomplishments? Scream in the comments! Let’s get the conversation going.

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