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17 Simple Hospitality Resume Examples | Format & Templates

The tourism industry always needs professionals who can meet the requirements of hospitality. If you are interested in this area and want to know how to write a hospitality resume for hospitality, then this post is for you!

Things to Mention in Hospitality Resume

What not to miss on your hospitality resume:

Personal data

Personal data includes first name, last name, mobile phone, and email address. You can also put more personal information into account, but consider the job discrimination you may experience, so rate the information you provide in this section very well.


Take advantage of this section to comment on why you are interested in hospitality and which types of work best suit your skills, interests, and/or needs. Try to summarize all this information in 2-3 lines of the objective.


Write what type of training you have, including the name of the institution, the time you were studying, and the degree you received. This information should appear in descending chronological order.


This section shows all your previous jobs in the same way as in the previous section.

Continuous training

If you have any courses related to hospitality, now is the time to show them.

Personal achievements

Although many candidates attach little importance to this category, the Human Resources teams review it carefully to find out what kind of personality the candidate has. You can include data on scholarships, reportable sports results, or volunteer programs.


You need not include all the data of your references as you will bring with you your reference letters during the personal interview. However, show that you will offer referrals if the recruiter needs them.

List your skills

  • Make a list of your hospitality skills and add them to your hospitality resume, compare them to the
  • work requirements listed in the job ad.
  • The closer you get to your skills, even using the same language as your employer,
  • the more likely you are to get an interview.

Highlight your communication skills

Work in hospitality, or any tourist activity, implies exclusive communication development. Attention, good diction, and language are some communicative skills you require applying for a job in this category. In your Curriculum Vitae, you must highlight your communication skills and show credentials that certify the language domain. The power of understanding and communication is very important.


It is indispensable to present a clean, concrete, and orderly hospitality resume. The information written in the curriculum should be understandable and accurate because of what Your writing will speak of you, both professional and personal.

Presenting a messy hospitality resume will give a grim picture of you, and it’s an important reference for getting the job. Remember that your hospitality resume is the first cover letter to your future employer.

Best Hospitality Resume Examples

The following are some of the best hospitality resume examples:

CV for Hospitality Administration Jobs 13

This is a neat hospitality administration resume template against a white background. Unlike other neat templates, you can add your photo. This template is best for all kinds of hospitality-related positions!

CV for Hospitality Administration Jobs 14

This is another maximalist hospitality accountant resume template with an elegant, functional design against a white background. This kind of template is best for a Hospitality Administrator position!

CV for Hospitality Administration Jobs 15

This hospitality administration template is simplistic in its design, with no flashy colors or infographics. Unlike some other simple resume templates, you can add a photo to it!

CV for Hospitality Administration Jobs 16

This is a functional accountant resume template with a beautiful design against a clean background. Like other functional accountant resume templates, you can also add a photo to it!

    CV for Hospitality Administration Jobs 08

    This is a maximalist hospitality administration resume template with beautiful design and infographic objects. It has a simple white background, which makes the text and infographic objects are visible!

    CV for Hospitality Administration Jobs 09

    This is a clean, functional hospitality administration resume template with a catchy design. Unlike other clean templates, you cannot add your photo. This kind of template is best-suited for this position.

    CV for Hospitality Administration Jobs 10

    This is a clean chronological hospitality administration resume template. All the critical information is mentioned in chronological order against a white background with the option to add a photo to it!

    CV for Hospitality Administration Jobs 11

    This is a clean hospitality administrator resume template with a simple design against a clear background, but like most other clean resume templates, you cannot add a photo to it!

    CV for Hospitality Administration Jobs 12

    This is a simple maximalist hospitality administration resume template. Unlike some other simple templates in this resume, not that you cannot add a photo but that you can add all your details to it!




      Hospitality Cv Sample


      Resume For Hotel Job With No Experience

      Hospitality Cv Sample Pdf

        How being well-formatted helps you in getting a hospitality administration position ?

        It is very important to create a well-formatted and legible font character, which appears to be what’s where. You should prepare your interview ticket properly, as the employer will interview your face-to-face by looking at your hospitality resume. This allows recruiters to browse through your resume and quickly scan your resume.

        According to many studies, an expert makes the first impression usually in 6 seconds. It is not possible to examine dozens of resumes for full details. That is why they do a quick scan and examine the highlights at first glance. Keep in mind that you’re not doing this to help HR but to get your hospitality resume properly evaluated.


        Creating a good resume for a hospitality administration position, as you may have seen, is not just a matter of form, but rather the direction you give your career from the beginning. We hope and our guidance and templates will help you. Do check out our other resources to excel in your career.

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