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Free Transition Plan Templates (for Job Shift and Employee)

‘Change is the only constant, everything else is a variable,’ goes the saying. Indeed, transitions are part and parcel of our lives. That is why it is only fair that you not only accept this reality but also prepare for it appropriately. Our discussions below will go a long way in helping you manage your transitions well.

In this article, we have provided an idea about what a transition plan is, transition plan templates, and its contents.

What is a transition plan?

For a start, a transition plan is a detailed proposal that sets out how you intend to tackle an upcoming transition. Like any other plan, it offers appropriate guidance and lays out clear steps which are to be taken to affect the transition. It varies greatly from one undertaking to another as you are about to see.

What is included in a transition plan template?

The transition plan template contains the following sections and information:

Intended date of transition

This is the exact date when you intend to start the transition process. In some cases, it also indicates the date when the transition is to come to completion. This detail gives a rough picture of the duration of time that the planned transition is to consume too.

How the transition will be affected

Transitions vary from undertaking to undertaking. A job transition, for instance, differs markedly from a project transition and so on. This portion of the information endeavors to provide finer details of the specific kind of transition at hand. In particular, it spells out the steps you plan to take in pursuance of that transition.

Who takes over?

Definitely, after transitioning, a void is often left behind. It may be a job vacancy, tenant vacancy, or skill gap, depending on the exact type of transition we are looking at. Yet again, this information leaves out suggestions as to how the void will likely be filled. It need not necessarily be specified in the transition plan template.

Costs Implications

Obviously, any undertaking is accompanied by some cost implications. The transition is not an exception to this rule. The cost implication will highlight the amount of money that is most likely to be spent in handling the transition. It is detailed enough to leave out any ambiguities at all.

Transition Plan Templates (Word)

Transition Plan Template 15

Transition Plan Template 14

Transition Plan Template 13

Transition Plan Template 12

Transition Plan Template 11

Transition Plan Template 10

Transition Plan Template 09

Transition Plan Template 08

Transition Plan Template 07

Transition Plan Template 06

Transition Plan Template 05

Transition Plan Template 04

Transition Plan Template 02

Transition Plan Template 01

    Transition Plan Templates (Excel)

    Transition Plan Excel Sheet Template 01

    Transition Plan Excel Sheet Template 02

    Transition Plan Excel Sheet Template 03

    Transition Plan Excel Sheet Template 04

    Transition Plan Excel Sheet Template 05

    Transition Plan Excel Sheet Template 06

      Components of a Transition Plan Template

      Transition plan templates come in various shapes and forms as has already been hinted at above. Regardless of those variations, they all exhibit some core characteristics. Below are those characteristics.

      Transition Team

      This is the body of persons who are charged with the responsibility of overseeing the transition. The size and composition of the team vary greatly from one transition to another. Similarly, the duties and responsibilities of the members also vary mainly with the scope of the transition.


      Other than the human team, the plan also spells out the tools of charge likely to be required to manage the transition. Alongside this is the methodology to be employed to actualize the transition. Like the team, this tools-of-trade also vary significantly mostly with the kind of transition in question.

      Contingency Plan

      Not all transitions may go on as planned. In some instances, things may go south. The aim of the contingency plan is to anticipate these issues and make provisions for them appropriately. Also part of this plan is the risk mitigation which lays bare the steps taken to prevent the risks from occurring in the first place.

      Impact Assessment

      Each transition will definitely impact an organization somehow. The impact assessment anticipates these likely adverse impacts and the extent to which they might severely affect the organization. This way, it prepares the organization psychologically in readiness for any such issues.

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        What is a transition plan in a project?

        With regards to matters projects, a transition plan lays out the activities and specific tasks to be undertaken throughout the lifetime of a project. This starts from the conception to the implementation and finally the maintenance phase. It goes deeper to break down the costs and activities alongside the timelines in each phase.

        What is a job transition plan?

        The job transition plan is a detailed breakdown of how an employee’s exit from a firm is to be handled. It is drafted by the supervisor in conjunction with the employee in question. It spells out the exact date, time, and manner in which the current employee is to leave the company.

        What is a transition plan in business?

        Lastly, a business transition plan is a framework against which companies handle resignations, retirements, mergers, leadership roles, and other structural changes in the organization. In most cases, it is generalized and mostly employed when the actual issue arises. Unlike other transitions, this one is prepared beforehand and hardly amended.

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