Tractor Bill of Sale Forms

A Tractor Bill of Sale Form, like any other Bill of Sale, serves as a receipt for both the seller and the buyer. This can be used to verify the transfer of ownership. This is a legal document that says the current owner of the Tractor is relinquishing the rights to the tractor as the seller to you, the purchaser. This Bill of Sale will usually consist of the year, make, model, accessories or attachments that are included in the sale. It will usually have a written description of the condition that it is being sold in, as well as any other identifying information that will be needed to legalize it for operation.

Most used Tractor sales will have an “as is” clause included in the sales description. This means that what you see is what you get and the seller is relinquishing all responsibility for what is or could be wrong with the machinery. As with most mechanical sales, you have the right and responsibility to have a licensed professional inspect the machinery before you agree to the purchase. If you fail to exercise this responsibility or chose not to utilize this right, then you have no legal recourse, should the machinery have any mechanical issues.

What should be included?

  • A clear title to the document stating that is a “Tractor Bill of Sale.”
  • Names of both parties (i.e., buyer and seller)
  • Agreed price or trade used as payment for the purchase
  • Dated
  • Make, Model, Color, Year, VIN and any other identifiable information needed to transfer ownership and operate legally
  • The condition of the tractor should be spelled out
  • Signatures of both parties acknowledging the sale and transfer
  • Any other pertinent information or agreement stipulations.
  • It is recommended that a Notary Public Certify the document

Bill of Sale Form

Farm Tractor Bill of Sale Form

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