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12 Sample Thank You Emails to Send After an Interview

After the job interview, it is advisable for the candidate to send a thank you email to the organization for conducting the job interview. Most job seekers put a lot of effort into writing a resume and preparing for a job interview.

But they omit an equally important aspect: sending a thank you email after an interview.

It is a simple measure that sets you apart from other candidates who are just as qualified as you but who do not send a thank you email after an interview.

On one hand, if the company has doubts about your final selection, the thank you email after an interview could highlight your interest and motivation for the position. On the other hand, if the interview turns out to be satisfactory, the thank you email after an interview will reinforce that good impression with the interviewers.

Whatever the interview outcome, it is recommended that you send a thank you email after an interview to thank the recruiters for the attention received and explain any aspect that you think might not have been clear during the conversation.

Suppose you forgot to mention any crucial points during the interviews or made a mistake in answering any of those common questions of selection processes. In that case, your message of thanks is the perfect time to do this reflection.

Free Templates

Using our free professional thank you email after an interview template you can write a thank you email efficiently and without going through a lot of trouble as they are free of cost and fully customizable.







    When to Send the Email?

    Ideally, you should send your email of thanks as soon as possible, if possible, on the day of your last interview or the day after. Putting together the thank you email after an interview is usually the best practice. You will still have all the details of what worked or not during your interview fresh and can take advantage of the message to reflect on it. The best practice is usually to send your message within 24 hours after the end of the interview. Postponing sending the email will usually make you forget to send the message or interview details. Even worse, the company may have already decided to recruit some other candidates.


    In the digital age, it no longer makes sense to send handwritten emails. The best option is to send an email, as recommended by the experts. It is a way of ensuring that you do not get lost on the way. What matters is the content of the email, not how it reaches the recipient.

    Components of a Thank You Email After an Interview

    As it is a thank you email after an interview with a specific purpose, it is essential to know what to include in it before writing it.

    These are some of these components;

    Your details

    Your name and surnames must be included in the upper right part of the email, in addition to your current address, postal code, and town. Also, provide a contact phone number and your email address so that the organization may be able to recognize or respond to the email easily.

    Recipient information  

    Address your email to the person who interviewed you. Do not forget to include your name and surname under the corresponding title (Mr./Mrs. / Dr. ), the position and the department for which you are applying, as well as the full address of the company in the thank you email after an interview.


     We advise you to write a greeting according to the degree of formality that you used during the interview,

    such as:

    Dear Mr. Albert (in a formal case)

    Dear Lindsay  (in an informal case)

    Introduction and greetings

     Dedicate the first paragraph of the email to remind the interviewer of your candidacy, along with your name and some brief indications about your experience, so that they know who is writing to them. Also, take the opportunity to thank him for the time he dedicated to you.

    For instance:

    • “I hereby write to you to express my appreciation for the interview held last Friday regarding my candidacy for the position of Chief Financial Officer of your company.”
    • “Thank you for the interview we held on April 4 for the position of Receptionist in your company.”

    The core of the email

    Highlight your enthusiasm and interest in the job and the company in question, as well as being able to convey the positive impressions you had during the interview in the body section of the thank you email after an interview. Reaffirm your abilities to assume the position’s responsibilities and take the opportunity to remind the interviewer of your experience and skills.

    “This position seems to be a perfect match for the type of job I am looking for. I believe that my experience in [accounts receivable / Java programming / managing a team] would allow me to achieve my career aspirations.”

    Extra information

    In this section, you can provide extra information you were unable to discuss in the interview.

    Such as;

    “The position you are offering would allow me to evolve in a sector that is familiar to me, working in project mode, which corresponds both to my training and to my vision of work organization and management. My regular practice of English in a professional context and my expatriation experience as part of (reminder of the experience and the name of the company) fully correspond to the skills of the professional you are looking for.”


     Express that you remain at their disposal for any questions they need to clarify about your candidacy. Again thanks the interviewer for the opportunity offered it helps create an emotional bond. Write that you can’t wait to hear them.

    “I look forward to hearing from you on the next steps in the interview process and will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding my application for this position.”


    It reflects your name, your surnames, and the date of sending of the face typewritten, but remember that it must also contain your handwritten signature on the left side of the email.

    Writing a Thank You Email (Format)

    A phone interview thank you email must be sent on the interview day for the recruiter to remember the candidate. A thank you email after an interview over a call must be formal and demonstrate that the candidate can fit its culture and expected job. You can add some information that was not given during the interview, continuing some incomplete answers. Finally, you can ask for information about the next phase of the recruitment process, highlighting the company’s willingness to work.

    Essential components of writing a thank you email after an interview on phone include:

    Subject field

    Acknowledge the recruiter for considering your profile for the vacancy “X.” Address the person by name and use the appropriate vocation whenever possible.


    Show genuine thanks for the recruiter’s time and remind them of the date and time when you participated in the interview and put it in the email; after all, you have no way of knowing how many recruiting candidates you should have found since then. Make it easier for her to remember you more quickly.


    Reinforce your enthusiasm for the opportunity and, if possible, add something else that you have learned about the company at that time. Show that you didn’t get them out of your head, and in doing so, they can be compelled to at least give more personalized feedback, where you can learn more about how and where to improve for the following selection processes. Take the opportunity to complement the interview with some more critical information that you forgot to comment on the moment’s nervousness or reinforce your conversation’s key points.


    In this section of the email, once again, make yourself available for further clarification, placing your phone and times when you can speak more easily.

    “If you had the opportunity to speak with several people from the company and from different areas during the interview process, you should send a personalized thank you note to each one of them. To make sure you have the email of everyone who interviewed you, ask for contact details at the end of each interview.”

    Important Tips to Consider

    There are a few tips, following which in the process of writing your thank you email after an interview can ensure success in attaining your purpose for writing it.

    These tips include;

    Short and to the point

    Avoid very long messages. Opt for a message of a maximum of 2 or 3 paragraphs. Most of the time, this is more than enough to reinforce your interest and cover any other relevant point. Very long messages will generally not be read and can give an impression of inexperience or immaturity.

    Restate that you’re interested in the job

    You should reinforce your interest in the vacancy you applied for and thank you for the interviewer’s time in the email. Re-emphasize your most outstanding qualities and skills, and don’t forget: highlight the topic that most interested you during the interview. At the end of the email, write down one or two events in your life that helped you prepare for the job.

    Use personal speech

    Your email should always be addressed to the person who invited you to the interview. You should also speak to the other participants in the conversation if you have memorized their names. However, make sure that you spell the names of everyone involved in the conversation correctly. It is how you would not step on anyone’s feet.

    Give your writing a clear structure

    Make it clear in your email of thanks what it is about right from the start: You would like to express your appreciation for the opportunity that you were able to introduce yourself to your future employer. Thank your interlocutors for their time and attention. Pick up one or two points that were important in the conversation.

    Emphasize your qualifications

    A thank you email is your opportunity to emphasize your qualifications again. It is instrumental if you have the impression that some “persuasion” is still needed. At the end of your email, you should emphasize how much you would like to be invited to a second interview.

    Pay attention to spelling and grammar

    If you choose to give thanks, make sure you use correct grammar and spelling. Read your thank you email after an interview several times before sending it because the addressee should not get a negative impression when reading your email.

    Refer to something specific and make an offer

    Thank you email after an interview is an opportunity to demonstrate that you were attentive during the interview. If you want to go a little further than the introductory thank-you email, you can mention something you learned during the interview; mention some particularity of yours that is fundamental to the position; include links or samples of your work that you mentioned during the interview; remember and highlight details mentioned by the interviewee; clarify any issue that you consider to have been poorly explained; and add something you forgot to mention.

    Take notes

    To make sure you can remember all the details, take notes as soon as you leave the interview. A candidate who expresses great enthusiasm for the possibility is always attractive to an organization, so it is essential not to be afraid to show some personality. In addition to wanting to be a memorable candidate, you must clarify why you are the right candidate for the job in question. Reinforce your interest and your differentials for the opportunity in question and take advantage of all the information you collected during the selection process to send an even more powerful message.

    Do not wait too long

    It is unnecessary to send the thank you email and the interview, but you shouldn’t let too much time pass. The ideal is to send during the 24 hours and 48 hours after the interview.

    Verify and review

    A sloppy thanks email may be enough not to be chosen, so always do a review, but you should also verify if the interviewer’s email is correct and you are not sending it to the wrong person.

    What Not to Include

    So far, it has been mentioned what to include in a thank you email after an interview, but the following are the things that you should avoid in the email at all costs:

    Requests and favors

    Asking for a second interview or any favors detracts from your thank you message. It makes you look desperate and pushy.

    Mistakes and justifications

    Mistakes and anything that you did during the interview to make it unsatisfactory must not be highlighted in the email, as doing so might turn to adversely impact the rapport established.

    Keep your positive note and don’t use it to justify or redeem yourself after an unsatisfactory interview

    Scott Led bury, co-founder of Slinky Productions

    Instead of refocusing your awkward answers, follow this :

    Using this opportunity to fill in any gaps in the interview, such as coming up with an answer you later made for a better answer

    Led bury

    Generic compliments

    Is the interviewer friendly or These compliments are vague and won’t earn you points. Compliment something specific, a tip they gave you, or an aspect of the conversation you enjoyed.

    Salary and monetary expectations

    You just had an interview. Still unsure if the job is yours, so don’t use the thank you note to bring up your salary expectations. Don’t mention incoming vacation requests or health package questions.

    Apologies for lack of skills or certifications

    Did the job mention a skill or certification you don’t have? Did the interviewer call you about this? Okay, you still have an interview. Whether or not they score against you, it’s out of your control. The best you can do is avoid highlighting them.

    Thank You Email After an Interview Samples

    Following are professionally crafted thank you email samples for different situations:

    Short Thank-you After an Interview Email

    “Dear (name of the recruiter),

    I thank you in advance for the job interview opportunity. It was a pleasure to be able to be at the company and better understand how it works.

    I am very excited about the possibility of joining the company and being able to make my contribution. I look forward to a new contact, leaving this email available for future correspondence.



    (Full name)”

    Detailed Thank you Email After an Interview

    “Dear Mr. / Ms. [name of your leading interview partner],

    I want to take this opportunity to thank you for our conversation on [time]. I am pleased that I had the opportunity to introduce myself to you and get an impression of your company. Our conversation left a very positive impression on me. I was particularly impressed [taking up a general aspect here, such as the pleasant atmosphere for discussions, the working atmosphere] in your company.

    I hope that in the future, you will use my [list here qualifications and skills, language proficiency, knowledge of specific software relevant to the position] to support you in your work. Based on my experience in the field [list previous experience and knowledge here, for example, project management, SEO knowledge], I am the perfect fit for you as a [job title].

    In our conversation, we also have the issue [here aspect of the conversation pick up of you is particularly important or where you have the impression that he has not found enough attention in the conversation about your expertise in a field relevant to the pit area] cut. With [state qualifications here], I am particularly well suited for the position you have advertised. The [bring in the aspect of the company you liked] convinced me and reinforced my desire to support you as a [job title].

    I am very much looking forward to hearing from you again and arranging a new meeting with you.

    Best regards,

    [Your name]”

    Informal Thank you Email After an Interview

    “Hello [name of person],

    I had a great time talking to you about the [position you applied for] at [company name]. This position seems to be a perfect match for the type of job I am looking for. I believe that my experience in [accounts receivable / Java programming / managing a team] would allow me to achieve my career aspirations.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions. Thank you once again for agreeing to meet with me to discuss this exciting job offer.


    [your name]”

    Formal Thank you Email After an Interview

    “Dear[name of person],

    Thank you very much for meeting with me on [insert day] to discuss the exciting job offer at [company name].

    Know that this position interests me a lot. My [two / five / ten] years of experience in [copywriting, managing a sales team / web design] is an asset to your business looking to [reposition its brand / attract new customers ].

    As you mentioned that your team is in the midst of [expanding/migrating to the cloud], I wanted to offer you some ideas that I think might help you [briefly explain your ideas].

    You will find links to my [work on brand repositioning/website redesign] at the bottom of this email.

    I look forward to hearing from you on the next steps in the interview process and will be happy to answer any questions regarding my application for this position.


    [your name]

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is sending a thank you email after an interview desperate?

    No, sending a thank you email after an interview shows gratitude for the opportunity, something many candidates forget. Not sending one causes hiring managers to think you missed a follow-up.

    Is it okay to send a thank you Letter two days after the interview?

    It is okay to write the letter after two days, but it may be too late in some cases, so try to write it in two days.

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