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Thank You Note for Farewell Party (Sample Letters & Templates)

When you leave a job- whether it is because you have been laid off or retiring, resuming school, just moving on generally, or simply accepting a new job elsewhere, it is important that you leave behind a good impression. This is especially in the case where your employer or colleagues throw a farewell party to honor you. Most probably, this will be one of your greatest memories in life; thus, it is important to thank every concerned party with a farewell thank you letter afterward.

A letter to thank you for farewell party is written to show gratitude and appreciation for your co-workers for being thoughtful enough to organize a formal farewell send-off for you.

In doing so, you are making them feel that you cherished the moments you shared with them in the organization and that they will always be remembered by you in your heart, despite you leaving the organization.

The thank you letter for the farewell party is also a gesture of gratitude to the concerned people for the knowledge and skills you have gathered during your time in an organization.

Free Templates

Leaving your co-workers behind for another organization is a tough decision to make, and bidding them farewell is even tougher and sad. However, at some point in life, this decision is inevitable. If you are stuck on how to write a thank you note for a farewell party; you can download our free thank you for farewell party templates, which will guide you to professionally design your letter.

Following are the free editable farewell party thank yu letter templates that can be customized as the needs:




    Essential Elements to Include

    Usually, a thank you letter for a farewell party is addressed to your fellow workmates. Therefore, it need not be formal. Instead, write an informal letter to them, which will make them feel more connected with you and your memories anytime they go through it. However, if the letter is addressed to your employer, you may resolve to write either a formal or informal letter depending on your relationship with them.

    Regardless of the reason for your leaving the organization, here is what to include in your thank you for farewell party message:

    Appreciation and a thank you

    Whether or not you were happy in the organization with each person you worked with, it is considered courteous and polite to express gratitude and thankfulness to your co-workers. This is a sign that you cherish them, and they will most likely keep in touch with you in the future, thus becoming your long-term links for personal development and professional growth.

    Where you are going next

    This information is usually not absolutely necessary, but if you feel comfortable sharing it with your former colleagues, it is good. Naturally, people will be curious when they see you leave, and providing them with a brief description of your future career plans will go a long way in diffusing unnecessary workplace gossip and provide closure to your team members. While doing so, remember to keep the tone positive and straightforward and avoid creating negative comparisons between your future and current working environments.

    Include your contact information

    Don’t forget to include your home address or if your will be moving the one that you will be moving to and contact information so that your co-workers can easily keep in touch with you in the future. You might also want to include links to your social pages or even CC your email address in your thank you note to make it easy for them to reach you.

    Writing the Thank You Letter

    A written thank you letter for a farewell party addressed to either your colleagues or former employer should capture all the memories and moments you enjoyed while working in the organization and how each of the moments has impacted any part of your life in terms of knowledge gained or skills developed while working within the organization.

    Here is how to write a good thank you letter for a farewell party to co-workers:

    The letter should not be necessarily a formal letter

    A thank you letter for a farewell party should not be formal. It should be informal with a warm appreciation message from your side. However, if you want, you can write it formally based on your relationship with your colleagues. Traditionally, the salutation tag is “dear fellow workers,” but you can address it as “hello colleagues” or “hello team.” Again, how you address it is entirely dependent on your previous working relationship.

    Address all the people

    When writing the letter, bear in mind that you are addressing a team and not a single person. Start the letter by saying that you have enjoyed your time working with the whole team. Talk about the good memories and the bad times, and a memory that you will never forget. Remember to add an element of humor in the letter so that your co-workers will always remember you every time they read the letter.

    Introduce your thank you for farewell party note

    In the third section of your farewell party thank you letter, I appreciate every team member for their efforts to host the farewell party. Talk about how successful the event was, praise it unconditionally and mention the memorable moments. To add to that, write about how you will always hold the special moments dearly in your life and that you will never find such great colleagues anywhere else.


    Conclude your letter to thank you for farewell party by wishing your co-workers the best of luck in their future activities and hope to keep in touch with them in the future.

    Thank You Letter for a Farewell Party Samples

    Here are some farewell party thank you letter samples that will help you understand the sentence structure better:

    Thank You Letter for a Farewell Party Sample


    Mr. David,

    Chief Executive Officer, Caldera Technology Firm.

    New York.

    June 10th, 2015


    Saini Fidel

    Marketing manager, Caldera Technology Firm

    New York.

    Subject: Thanks for a great Farewell party

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to thank you and everyone who took part in planning such a lovely farewell party. I enjoyed each and event moment we spent with you, and that guarantees you a special place in my heart. I had a wonderful time with all of you, and it was a great honor working in this organization. You have contributed greatly to my personal development. Before I leave, I would like to hand over my responsibilities to my successor officially.

    Thank you for the love and support you have accorded me. I hope that we will keep in touch, you can contact me via phone or email. I will be happy if you contact me. I wish you all the best in life.

    Yours truly,

    Saini Fidel.

    Thank You Letter for a Farewell Party – Email Version

    Dear Sir/Madam

    My sincere gratitude to you and everyone who planned for such an amazing farewell party. I would like to let you know my stay at your firm has been one of the best things. Working with you in this organization is one of the things that I will remember as it has greatly contributed to the kind of person I am today. I hope that the people who will come after me will fill the gap, work better, and surpass what I did.

    I would like to appreciate all the efforts you have shown and the support that you have given me. Please keep in touch with me, don’t hesitate to contact me via mobile phone or email.

    I wish you all the best.

    Must-to-Remember Tips

    There are a few tips that you must keep in mind while writing a thank you for a farewell party thank you letter.

    These include;

    • Firstly, it is important that you address the letter to the employer and copy it to all the colleagues to show respect for your employer and authority.
    • While writing the thank you for farewell party letter, express your most genuine gratitude and gratefulness towards your colleagues for their efforts to honor you.
    • Always remember to talk about those special and memorable moments that you enjoyed while working with your co-workers and the organization at large for allowing you such an opportunity.
    • Proofread your thank you for farewell party letter before sending it off to ensure no spelling or grammar mistakes.


    Your Thank you note for the farewell party note is the perfect place for you to appreciate your colleagues for all the changes you have had to work together. It is also the best place to share every good or bad moment or experience you have shared together while working, and it is a perfect opportunity to share your contact information with them. You should note that these same people form the bedrock of your professional network; therefore, it is good to part ways in a good way and makes it easy for them to keep in touch with you for future career growth and development.

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