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40+ Free Thank You Card Templates | Word, PSD, AI

More than often, people do underestimate the significance of a simple handwritten thank you card template. With the increased advancement of technology, nearly everybody is now connected to a smartphone. Therefore, it looks easy to text, email, or make a phone call to say thank you. Nonetheless, a handwritten thank you speak louder than anything else. Sending a handwritten thank you card implies that you forego your activities and take ample time to draft the card. This elevates your appreciation, making the recipient acknowledge your sincere gratitude.

Writing a thank-you note after an interview keeps your candidacy top of mind. In most cases, when there is an interview, candidates try as much as possible to win their interviewer’s mind. Therefore, after an interview, it is always best to say thank you to the interviewer. It reminds your prospective employers of your character and personality. This gives you a higher chance of securing the job.

Different occasions to send a thank you card template

Sometimes, saying the “thank you” by mouth isn’t enough. You need to handwrite it to express your gratitude better and in a more special way. But when do you send these cards? Well, thank you, cards can be sent under different circumstances, especially when showing gratitude for some good services or gifts given. Here are such occasions:

  • After receiving gifts on special occasions such as birthdays, graduation, wedding, or holidays.
  • After attending a job interview
  • After receiving condolences gifts
  • After being hosted as a guest.
  • After receiving some favors from a friend, relative, or family
  • After receiving donations
  • After attending a graduation ceremony
  • After getting a scholarship

Free Thank You Card Templates (Word)

Thank You Card Template 01

Thank You Card Template 02

Thank You Card Template 03

Thank You Card Template 04

Thank You Card Template 05

Thank You Card Template 06

Thank You Card Template 07

Thank You Card Template 08

Thank You Card Template 09

Thank You Card Template 10

Thank You Card Template 11

Thank You Card Template 12

Thank You Card Template 13

Thank You Card Template 14

Thank You Card Template 15

Thank You Card Template 16

Thank You Card Template 17

Thank You Card Template 18

Thank You Card Template 19

Thank You Card Template 20

Thank You Card Template 21

Thank You Card Template 22

Thank You Card Template 23

Thank You Card Template 24

    Thank You Card Template 25

    Thank You Card Template 26

    Thank You Card Template 27

    Thank You Card Template 28

    Thank You Card Template 29

    Thank You Card Template 30

    Thank You Card Template 31

    Thank You Card Template 32

    Thank You Card Template 33

    Thank You Card Template 34

    Thank You Card Template 35

    Thank You Card Template 36

    Thank You Card Template 37

      What to Include in a Thank You Card Template

      It shouldn’t take you too long to write a thank you card template when you have an outline with you. If you are stuck on how to start your card, read on know what to include in your card.

      Address the recipient

      Before you go into details, first start by addressing the recipient appropriately. If at all you know the person, you should always use his or her first name. Else, you should use an appropriate title such as Mr., Mrs., or Ms.

      Say thank you

      Thank the person for the gift or service they provided to you. Let them know the reason as to why you write the card. Be precise and straight to the point. Remember, a simple thank you warm a person’s heart.

      Give some specifics

      Here, you need to go into more detail to make them understand why you are thanking them. For example, if the person bought you an item, let him/her know how much the gift is of great value.

      Say thank you once again

      Before you sign off, you need to echo your gratefulness.

      Sign off

      You can then send your card using an appropriate closing clause, such as sincerely. This should be followed by your signature.

      Thank You Card Templates (PSD, AI)

      Thank You Card 01

      Thank You Card 02

      Thank You Card 03

      Thank You Card 04

      Thank You Card 05

      Thank You Card 06

      Thank You Card 07

      Thank You Card 08

      Thank You Card 09

      Thank You Card 10

      Thank You Card 11

      Thank You Card 12

      Thank You Card 13

      Thank You Card 14

      Thank You Card 15

      Thank You Card 16

      Thank You Card 17

        How to create a thank you card template ?

        • Creating a thank you card template is very useful. It provides you with the layout for your card, such as how to organize the card to look more professional.
        • It also helps you create a customized card.
        • It also provides you with ideas on how to write your card like a pro.
        • It helps you save time when drafting your card.

        Bonus: Consider sending a thank you letter

        Sending a thank you letter shows how much you exercise respect and courtesy. In our impolite and busy world, we often fail to recognize other people’s efforts. Therefore, sending the thank you letter makes people feel appreciated for their efforts, time, and resources.

        Secondly, a thank you letter creates an opportunity to reconnect with your friends, relatives, or workmates in the future. It helps both parties build a cordial relationship of support and trust towards each other.


        It is always appropriate to send a thank you card as soon as possible. After receiving the gift or service, it is always best to respond right away. The longer you wait for, the less effect it will bring to your addressee.

        However, there are some cases when late is better than never. In other words, if you feel you can’t send the thank you card template immediately, at least ensure you send it later on at your own convenience.

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